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eBook Force Recon Command: A Special Marine Unit in Vietnam, 1969-1970 (Naval Institue Special Warfare) ePub

by Alex Lee

eBook Force Recon Command: A Special Marine Unit in Vietnam, 1969-1970 (Naval Institue Special Warfare) ePub
Author: Alex Lee
Language: English
ISBN: 1557505136
ISBN13: 978-1557505132
Publisher: Naval Inst Pr (September 1, 1995)
Pages: 296
Category: Engineering
Subcategory: Building
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 851
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Force Recon Command book Other books in the series. Naval Institute Special Warfare Series (1 - 10 of 20 books). Books by Alex Lee. More.

Force Recon Command book. Other books in the series.

Force Recon Command: A Special Marine Unit in Vietnam, 1969-1970 (Naval Institue Special Warfare). If you are a student of special warfare, or a United States Marine; I highly recommend this book for both education and entertainment. If you are looking for stories of knife fights, machine-guns and snake-eaters, I recommend you go back to watching "The A-Team. Semper Fidelis, Colonel Meyers.

Force Recon Command: A Special Marine Unit in Vietnam,19691970. Naval Institute Press, 1995

Force Recon Command: A Special Marine Unit in Vietnam,19691970. Annapolis, M. Naval Institute Press, 1995. Throughout its history, the Marine Corps has prided itself on being an elite fighting organization within the American armed forces. Lieutenant Colonel Lee's book is an insightful, hard-hitting memoir of his experiences as the commanding officer of the Third Force Reconnaissance Company during its combat operations in the northern I Corps area of Vietnam from 1969 to 1970.

Naval Institute Special Warfare SeriesAlex Lee. Feet to the Fire: CIA Covert Operations in Indonesia, 1957-1958 (Special Warfare Series). LtCol Lee's willingness to highlight not only what he and his unit achieved but also what could have done diffently seperates this book from being just another "I was there" book full of sea stories. I encourage any Marine or Army NCO or officer to pick this book up.

Force Reconnaissance Company, 3rd, Vietnam War, 1961-1975, Vietnam War, 1961-1975, Vietnam War, 1961-1975. New York : Ivy Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by AltheaB on May 11, 2010. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

The United States Naval Special Warfare Command (NAVSPECWARCOM), also known as NSWC or WARCOM is the Naval component of United States Special Operations Command.

The United States Naval Special Warfare Command (NAVSPECWARCOM), also known as NSWC or WARCOM is the Naval component of United States Special Operations Command, the unified command responsible for overseeing and conducting the nation's special operations and missions. Originating in the unconventional naval units formed during the Second World War, NSWC was established on April 16, 1987 at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado in San Diego, California.

United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance.

Format Hardback 308 pages. Dimensions 157 x 234 x 2. mm 590g. Publication date 01 Nov 1995. Publisher Naval Institute Press. Publication City/Country Annopolis, United States.

This is the only book to describe a Marine Force Recon COmpany from the point of view of a commander. The a shau valleywhere the nva was king. forces as they were pulling out of Vietnam, someone had to be able to pinpoint the NVA's movements. That dangerous job was the assignment of then-major Alex Lee and the Marines of the 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company when he assumed command in late 1969. They became the tip of the spear for Lt. Gen.

Author Alex Lee commanded the Third Force Reconnaissance Company in Vietnam from 1969 to 1970. Made up of small units of specially trained U.S. Marines, that company conducted long-range patrols deep in Northern I Corps - including the infamous Ashau Valley - to gather intelligence about the North Vietnamese Army. An intelligent, effective operator who led by example, Lee was also brash and excruciatingly honest, and in this controversial, no-holds-barred account, he takes the wraps off this select group of courageous and intrepid Marines.
I was in the 3rd Recon when Maj. Lee took over as the company commander in 1969. He was a totally self centered officer who seemed to be mainly interested in the aggrandizement of himself. Many if not most of the items he claims he created for 3rd Force Company were already being used by the 5 letter companies include team ground sensors that detected NVA coming into our Harborsites at night. We used starlight equipment and had a Recon Radio Relay on top of Rockpile Mountain in the northern end of the Ashau Valley serving all of our recon teams, manned by two teams rotating thru every week (a mini in-country R&R.
A quote (clean up) from my 3rd Recon Company Gunny Sergeant is most fitting: You probably don't remember Major Lee. He was a real piece of work. He mistakenly believed he and only he knew anything about recon. When he joined the battalion he demanded everyone jump qualified be transferred to 3rd Force. When they were transferred into Force Co. he screamed that we dumped all the shit birds on him. Our Company CO physically threw him out of Bravo company's office. He was their demanding to screen our record books so he could Shanghai our Marines into 3rd Force. He brought some new toys from the states like PSIDS (which we already had) and maps that glowed in the dark. If you look at the cover of his book you will see him in mufti with his foot on a box trying to look like a bad ass. Look closely and you will see he is wearing stateside boots and the brass hooks are shined, something we never allowed when in full mission camouflage. He was a phony.
A hard-hitting, truth-telling Marine Corps Officer's diary, if you will, of combining knowledge, experimentation, leadership and the determination to ensure success for his Marines in conducting extremely dangerous and difficult missions in reconnaissance warfare. From the beginning as an officer detailed to try new techniques for success in long-range reconnaissance at the Marine Corps Development Center, to leading Marines in application of these techniques along with his on-the-ground participation, the Third Force Recon Company provided on-going tactical information about the North Vietnamese Army units' movements and strengths of those units in South Vietnam. The information was critical for Marine and Army units occupying and operating in the northern sector of South Vietnam. The author provides examples of higher unit commanders and staff officers interfering with the company's missions, especially in the latter stages of the conflict. But, as a leader, he fought for the Marines of his unit to isolate them from the uninformed, meddling higher ranking officers that lacked knowledge of the company's contributions to the war.
Very good book telling the story of 3d Force Recon Co during the period 69-70. It covered the leadership, events, how things were done very well. However, I found it in my view to be written by a Marine with a chip on his shoulder and who probably caused much of his problems by not showing the friendship and leadership needed to effect better relationships between his and other Marine commands. He also didn't seem to understand why the Marine Corps had so many different MOS's which were of course needed to keep fighting units and recon units operating. If he did he showed little respect for those in the supporting units. Marine serve in the jobs they are selected to serve and go where they are ordered. But his unit did serve well in spite of the political mismanagement by our government and the climate which had both bad race relationships edged on by race baiting bad leadership and the lack of support by the American people for our military. I served in the Marine Corps during that period as part of my 25 year career as well as served in Vietnam in 67-68.
Alex Lee details for us the birth and eventual Independence of 3rd Force Recon in Vietnam 1969 - 1970. Operating in the far north of I corps up too, and into the DMZ, Mr. Lee details specific missions and their inherent dangers.

Mr. Lee also details, with amazing clarity, what it took to shape this force from, pretty much, the ground up into a formidable LRRP unit. His training and credentials alone explain how they become a top notch, stowed away, professional type unit operating in one of the most hostile places on earth at that time. It seems Mr. Lee was constantly fighting, not only the enemy but his own administrative command to get the things needed to ensure a) success and b) survival. Most of the equipment seemed to come from clandestine means by way of bartering, favors owed and favors offered.

He details how he hand chose his staff, how some of his best staff came by way of seemingly divine intervention at precisely the right time and, how he and his staff turned the unit into a dedicated force with the welfare of each man top priority.

Details of the missions and the conditions leave you wondering so many things. I especially liked the chapters detailing interactions with the pencil pushers and the overreach of Washington. He describes how the unit would nod approval of the orders no matter how asinine but, given that these same orders would jeopardize lives, Mr. Lee chose not to carry out operational changes directed from 13,000 miles away. A very smart and tough leader who had the welfare of his Marines as number one priority. Definitely the man you want leading you as you know, 100%, he has your back.

As the war wound down for USA, 3rd Force came home unsung heroes. It's a great piece of history told by a dedicated Marine Corps leader. Highly recommended for Historical, Vietnam, military and Marine corps fans.
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