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eBook sweet valley university: busted! ePub

by laurie john

eBook sweet valley university: busted! ePub
Author: laurie john
Language: English
ISBN: 0553409883
ISBN13: 978-0553409888
Publisher: bantam paperback (1995)
Pages: 309
Category: Action & Adventure
Subcategory: Children
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 560
Formats: lit azw doc docx
ePub file: 1358 kb
Fb2 file: 1615 kb

Have no fear, Sweet Valley University fans, Busted! is just as entertaining and exciting as the previous book, His Secret Past. It’s incredible how Francine Pascal and Lori John can continue to come up with entertaining plot twists that always make sense with the characters’ life paths

Have no fear, Sweet Valley University fans, Busted! is just as entertaining and exciting as the previous book, His Secret Past. It’s incredible how Francine Pascal and Lori John can continue to come up with entertaining plot twists that always make sense with the characters’ life paths. Jessica and Elizabeth are both heartbroken and afraid in this volume, believing that their boyfriends have deserted them in their hours of need.

College Girls (Sweet Valley University(R)). Winston gets busted cheating on that physics exam and his parents end up telling him that they are going to send him to Boot Camp to try and shape up and start acting responsible and everything. Anything for Love (Sweet Valley University(R)). Tom is still away in Las Vegas doing his reporting thing. Lila and Bruce decide to move in and live together!

Busted! (Sweet Valley University(R)), Francine Pascal, Acceptable Book. Super, He's Watching You (Sweet Valley University) By Laurie John.

Busted! (Sweet Valley University(R)), Francine Pascal, Acceptable Book.

Busted! (Book in the Sweet Valley University Series).

Sweet Valley University, also known as SVU, is part of the Sweet Valley High young adult book series created by Francine Pascal. The series followed on from the Sweet Valley Senior Year series and featured twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield starting college. Unlike any of the other spin-offs, SVU covered two years of the twins' lives, their freshman and sophomore years in college. The series was followed by the Elizabeth series.

Find nearly any book by LAURIE JOHN (page 2). Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. College Cruise (Sweet Valley University). ISBN 9780553503463 (978-0-553-50346-3) Softcover, Bantam Juvenile, 1996. Find signed collectible books: 'College Cruise (Sweet Valley University)'.

One Last Kiss (Sweet Valley University) by John, Laurie Paperback Book The Cheap.

Love and Murder (Sweet Valley University Super Thriller) By Laurie John. A Married Woman (Sweet Valley University),Laurie John. Love, Lies and Jessica Wakefield (Sweet Valley University),Laurie John. One Last Kiss (Sweet Valley University) by John, Laurie Paperback Book The Cheap.

Home Laurie John BEHIND CLOSED DOORS (SWEET VALLEY UNIVERSITY .  . Stock Image. Behind closed doors (sweet valley university . Laurie John. ISBN 10: 0553503731, ISBN 13: 9780553503739.

Review of SVU Wanted for Murder
Hot Toasty Rag, June 7, 2017

Wanted for Murder is a “thriller edition” in the Sweet Valley series, and it fits in right after Home for Christmas. The twins are still on Christmas break, and they decide to spend the last few days of their vacation driving from California to Vail to ski and party during New Year’s Eve.

Everyone knows how much of a fan I am of the Wakefield twins, but one reason got in the way of this book being my favorite. As we all know, Jessica has had a very difficult semester, especially where men are concerned. Is it too much to ask that the she take a tiny break from drooling over every good-looking guy she meets? Maybe for a few days, on a trip to Vail in time for New Years Eve?

Jessica’s hormones aside (because without them, there would be no story) it’s a very exciting book, and I read it all in one day! A cute, charming cowboy bank robber murderer charms his way into the twins’s car during their road trip. Will the girls find out he’s trouble before it’s too late?
the guy will turn himself in when he`s already threatened to KILL THE TWINS? I found it odd the twins went back for the guy,he killed many and was already on the run.elizabeth has more COMMON SENSE then that,as we all know!any other time,she would refuse to do something that dangerous,just to give jessica her way.since it`s such a serious situation for the twins` brother to be contacted by the police,and they are so far from home,you`d think their parents would give an emergency number of where they could be contacted,in case something did happen!i would have liked this book better if their folks were FRANTIC WITH WORRY...SINCE,in all other books they worry about other problems the twins encounter,especially when jessica`s involved. tho i`m an avid reader of the sweet valley books in every series,i have liked all of them BUT this one.i LIKED IT TO A DEGREE,BUT...if the author gives a profile for certain characters and they are excluded in an otherwise wonderful story,it isn`t right to keep readers hanging. I was very disappointed in this one.
this is SUCH a good book!! liz and jes are going on a car trip together, and jess convinces liz to pick up a good-looking hitchhiker, scott. meanwhile, there has been a series of robberies all over the country, and people have been killed. then, at a stop at a gas station, scott is going inside. jessica, being jessica, insists on going with him. inside, a gun is put to her back, and scott holds up the store. the only problem with the hold-up is, the store has a surveance camera there!! and, on the clip of the robbery, it seems scott has been cut out into shadows, so it looks like jessica held up the store. what follows is jessica and elizabeth being wanted for murder, nearly killed, and a heck of a lot more. it's unrealistic, but still very exciting, and definetly worth a read.
This book was one of the best SVU books that I've ever read.Although I thought Scott Culver was a real idiot and Jessica was even more so when she tried (and succeeded)to get Elizabeth to pick him up when he was on the side of the road. Jeff Marks,I think, is way to personally involved with the case he was working on, which was armed robberies. Since his girlfriend Sunny was killed in one, he's been out for vengeance. He'd accuse anyone, even when it's obvious that that person isn't the outlaw (like Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield) Overall, this book was excellent!!
I have not expected that this book would be so good. The spin chilling tales really hooked me in seconds. Jessica and Elizabeth picked a hitchhiker named Scott during a car trip.The unexpected keep coming and the twins were eventually framed for murder. Definitely worth your money for avid readers and loyal fans of Sweet Valley.
happy light
This is the best thriller I've read so far. Once you think it's ending, another thing happens. Jessica looks for romance with the wrong guy, again and, of course, Elizabeth thinks he's bad or something. And she's right. I rate this book with 10 stars, even though we have a limit. Read it!
Am I the only one who noticed a remarkable similarity to the plot of this story and the movie Thelma & Louise? The only thing missing is Jessica having sex with the Brad Pitt-style drifter (and it is implied that she wanted to). The ending is even the same, although it has the criminal, not the twins driving off a cliff. The only reason I gave it as high a rating as two stars is becuase it is a page turner, despite the almost shameless plagarizing of the Thelma & Louise plotline.
It was an very exciting book, one of my favorites, but a bit unrealistic. They shouldn't have taken Scott in their car so quickly. But very good, I like almost all Sweet Valley books.
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