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eBook Pearls of Lutra (Redwall) ePub

by Brian Jacques

eBook Pearls of Lutra (Redwall) ePub
Author: Brian Jacques
Language: English
ISBN: 044100508X
ISBN13: 978-0441005086
Publisher: Ace Books (February 1, 1998)
Category: Animals
Subcategory: Children
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 310
Formats: rtf azw lrf lit
ePub file: 1216 kb
Fb2 file: 1435 kb

Illustrated by Allan Curless. O curse the name Mad Eyes. Small purple pearls, worthless musselseeds

Illustrated by Allan Curless. Say woe to the day, When he tried to steal. Tears of all Oceans away. All corsairs and searats. Small purple pearls, worthless musselseeds. 906. 0. Published: 1996.

this book is titled Pearls of Lutra. In the UK, it is known as The Pearls of Lutra. Book 1: Six Tears for an Abbot. Book 2: Westward the Warriors. Book 3: When Tears Are Shed. When gathering herbs near the quarry in Mossflower Woods, the young Redwallers Tansy and Arven come across a mysterious skeleton among the rocks

New York Times bestselling author Brian Jacques gives us another tale of Redwall, filled with The Knights of the Round Table with paws ( The Sunday Times) along with . Pearls of Lutra (Redwall) has been added to your Cart.

New York Times bestselling author Brian Jacques gives us another tale of Redwall, filled with The Knights of the Round Table with paws ( The Sunday Times) along with their friends and enemies. Known as the Tears of All Oceans.

The Pearls of Lutra is a fantasy novel by Brian Jacques, published in 1996. It is the ninth book published and eleventh chronologically in the Redwall series. When gathering herbs near the quarry in Mossflower Woods, the young Redwallers Tansy and Arven come across a mysterious skeleton among the rocks

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PEARLS OF LUTRA (REDWALL) By Brian Jacques - Hardcover Mint Condition.

THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A thrilling Redwall adventure from beloved author Brian Jacques. Tiria Wildlough, a young ottermaid touched by the paw of destiny, embarks on a journey to the mysterious Green Isle, where she joins a band of outlaw otters to r. Similar Free eBooks. Systems Thinking, : Managing Chaos and Complexity: A Platform for Designing Business Architecture. 09 MB·115,041 Downloads·New!

Pearls of Lutra book.

Pearls of Lutra book. The Tears of All Oceans are missing. Six magnificent rose-colored.

The Secret Garden Audiobook-Frances Hodgson Burnette-Classic Story-Audio Book-Relaxing Stories - Продолжительность: 7:33:21 Audiobooks & Nature Sounds Recommended for you. 7:33:21. Страна: США. Безопасный режим: выкл. At Redwall Abbey, a young hedgehog maid, Tansy, is equally determined to find the pearls first, with the help of her friends. Six magnificent rose-colored pearls, which inspire passion and greed in all who see them, have been stolen and passed from hand to hand, leaving a cryptic trail of death and deception in their wake. And she must succeed, for the life of the one she holds dear is in great danger.

Brian Jacques (ww. edwallabbey. com) was born in Liverpool in 1939. His books have won international awards and acclaim and have been made into a TV series. He left school at age fifteen and found work as a docker, a truck driver, a policeman and a stand-up comic, all before turning his attention to writing. He wrote his first novel, Redwall, for the children at a school for the blind in Liverpool.

New York Times bestselling author Brian Jacques gives us another tale of Redwall, filled with “The Knights of the Round Table with paws” (The Sunday Times) along with their friends and enemies.Known as the Tears of All Oceans, six magnificent rose-colored pearls that inspire passion, greed, and deception are mysteriously missing. The only clue is a series of riddles, and Tansy, a young hedgehog maid at Redwall Abbey, is desperate to solve them—for the life of one she holds dear is in great danger. But Ublaz Mad Eyes—the evil emperor of a tropical isle beyond the horizon—is determined to claim the pearls as his own. And a crew of fearsome monitor lizards and corsairs gathered around him grows restless…
The Redwall Series is probably my favorite middle grade series ever written. It was what first ignited my love of reading, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. Though the stories follow the same basic formula, the characters are endearing and the writing is beautifully descriptive. This is a definite must read for anyone who loves lighthearted, middle-grade fantasy.
In Brian Jacques's fantasy world, you can count on certain species of animals being good guys and certain ones bad. In this, the ninth book in the Redwall series, he introduces two new villain-races: the pine martens, specifically Ublaz Mad-Eyes, the self-proclaimed Emperor of the pirate sanctuary of Sampetra, and the monitor lizards who serve as his personal guard. Ublaz has dispatched one of his piratical crews in search of six large, rose-colored pearls known as the Tears of All Oceans, supposedly owned by a family of otters headed by one Lutra. But before the pearls could be brought to him, one of the pirates, a weasel named Greylunk, made off with them and sought shelter in Redwall Abbey. Thus is the Emperor's malevolent attention brought to bear on Mossflower Wood and its peace-loving folk, though the Redwallers don't realize what they're hiding. Meanwhile, Grath Longfletch, a daughter of the murdered Lutra and the last survivor of her holt, has vowed revenge on the corsairs and their chief. When the pirates kidnap the mouse-Abbot Durral as a hostage, Abbey Warrior Martin--namesake and great-grandson of the famous Martin the Warrior--leads a rescue party, Grath among them, in pursuit, while back at the Abbey a young hedgehog maid named Tansy seeks to solve the riddling clues that may reveal the hiding place of the pearls. A pair of wanderers--the hare Cleckstarr Lepus Montisle, generally known as Clecky, and his friend Gerul, an owl with a suspiciously Irish speech pattern--add their own unique flavor to the story. As usually happens in Jacques's novels, the bad guys are defeated as much by their own character flaws as by the heroes--suspicion and betrayal come so naturally to them that they can't work as teammates unless directed by a tyrannical chief--and this may in fact be the author's primary theme: that trust and co-operation among friends (such as Tansy and her friends, bringing various skills and viewpoints to bear in their hunt for the clues and their meaning) can overcome the greatest odds and untwist the most indecipherable of trails.
This is one of my favorite book series and I definitely think that
Brian Jacques has created a truly amazing and wonderful world
to believe in I mean I practically am in mossflower country when I read this.
I definitely think that Mattimeo is my favorite book in the series
But this book was so amazing.
thank you
I must acknowledge that I received the size book as described. Unfortunately, I failed to notice that the outside cover of this hardcover book is only 4 1/4 inches by 7 inches. The pages are smaller than the cover. The book is so small that the some of the type is hidden inside the center binding and cannot be seen at all. Although there are no markings in the book, the pages are so yellowed as to be very fragile. I was unaware that any "hardcover" books were even produced in such a small format and disappointed that the aging of the cheap paper was not mentioned in the seller's description.

To summarize, the book was not "damaged" and contained no writing or markings, but is unreadable on some pages and I am certain the binding will have been completely broken by the time anyone has tried to read it. My mistake for not noting the size, seller's failure in not mentioning that the format has the text hidden by the binding and the pages are yellowed with age. I'll not bother spending money to return it.
Great book, amazing dilivery time frame. However, it has stamps from a library on the pages. Not happy about that.
Captivating and beautifully written with vivid descriptions, edge of your seat adventure, and a satisfying endings to make you eager for the next story.
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