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by Matthew Van Fleet

eBook Match It ePub
Author: Matthew Van Fleet
Language: English
ISBN: 0803713797
ISBN13: 978-0803713796
Publisher: Dial; 1st edition (January 4, 1993)
Pages: 42
Category: Early Learning
Subcategory: Children
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 190
Formats: lit mobi azw txt
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Matthew Van Fleet's innovative books have been introducing children to basic concepts for over twenty years. His unique formats invite toddlers to touch, press, pull, lift and even sniff as they explore colors, shapes, numbers, letters, opposites and more.

Matthew Van Fleet's innovative books have been introducing children to basic concepts for over twenty years.

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Looking for books by Matthew Van Fleet? . MATTHEW VAN FLEET has written and illustrated many books for children, including Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings, which has sold more than a million copies.

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Dogs by Matthew Van Fleet. This is a great book for children. Like Most of Matthew Van Fleet's books, Dogs has wonderful pictures, child interaction, and is well suited for children 2-6 years old to read and interact with. I bought it for my seventeen month old granddaughter after we saw it at a superstore. We saved by paying less than the store price. My granddaughter loves the book; but what is even greater to behold is how the adults in the family touch the dogs and interact with each other when they read the book. оставлен tracey000324. Dogs matthew van fleet book. Just as described in the summary.

Matthew Van Fleet’s innovative books have been introducing children to basic concepts for over twenty years

Matthew Van Fleet’s innovative books have been introducing children to basic concepts for over twenty years. Most Popular Matthew Van Fleet Books.

About Matthew Van Fleet Matthew Van Fleet’s innovative books have been introducing children to basic concepts for over twenty years. His unique formats invite toddlers and preschoolers to touch, press, pull, lift and even sniff as they explore colors, shapes, numbers, letters, opposites and more. About Matthew Van Fleet Matthew Van Fleet’s innovative books have been introducing children to basic concepts for over twenty years.

A puzzle book features five spreads that contain objects from different categories such as animals, shapes, numbers, toys, and fruits that get jumbled and can only be fixed using logic and memory skills.
I must admit that I am a huge H.L. Mencken fan. I love his writing style, his highly enjoyable memoirs, and his cynicism about politicians and the sausage-making of political solutions. Mencken pulled few punches and remained true to his opinions, as slanted as they may have been.

Still, this collection of his correspondence is disappointing. Editor Carl Bode does exemplary work in ordering the extant Mencken letters and putting them in context, but most of what we have here is correspondence with other writers and friends. That may be of interest to hardcore fans and scholars, but probably less so to casual Mencken readers.

If you are a Mencken completist, this collection is a Must-Have. Otherwise, hmm.
I was really happy to get this book. I used to own it, and wanted to read it again, but it has been out of print for some time.
Carl Bode's "New Mencken Letters" is a richly thick volume of personal letters involving the internationally renowned newspaper editor and writer H. L. Mencken. I strongly recommend this book to Mencken aficionados who desire to read privately intimate glimpses of Henry Louis Mencken's correspondence.
H. L. Mencken was a product of Baltimore, Maryland. He wrote a myriad of books, letters and columns where he espoused his opinion upon a vast number of topics. Although an eclectic far smaller selection of his letters appear in this compendium it is estimated that Mencken wrote an unbelievable 100,000 letters in his lifetime.
Mencken was one of the most entertaining writers in history. He was a true original who was an iconoclast and a skeptic. His concision and novelty of expression makes him one of the most quotable American writers. The famed Hollywood comedian Groucho Marx enjoyed reading Mencken and he wrote to him on occasion ( although no correspondence of his appears in this book ).
H. L. Mencken personally knew some members of my mother's family. Baltimore newspaper editor Richard Dennis Steuart ( his pen name was "Carroll Dulaney" ) was for thirty years one of H. L. Mencken's best friends. Richard Steuart was also a longtime friend of my great-grandfather Boston Fear's family. Boston Fear created Walbrook ( originally known as Fearville ): Baltimore, Maryland's very first suburb in the 1890's. I found this book very helpful in my own ancestral research. Carl Bode's volume contains two private letters exchanged between Richard D. Steuart and H. L. Mencken. One letter was sent from Mencken to Steuart and the other letter was sent from Steuart to Mencken. This book was also useful to me in that it contained two letters exchanged between H. L. Mencken and Baltimore bookseller Meredith Janvier. One letter displayed was sent from H. L. Mencken to Meredith Janvier and the other exhibited letter shown is from Meredith Janvier to H. L. Mencken. Meredith Janvier also knew my relatives during the turn-of-the-twentieth-century Baltimore. Janvier describes my great-grandfather Boston Fear in the delightful Baltimore book entitled "Baltimore in the Eighties and Nineties".
The book "New Mencken Letters" will also give the reader an idea of Mencken's attitude towards topics, his life-style, and some of the activities of early twentieth century Baltimore. All H. L. Mencken scholars should purchase this book for their own personal library.
Despite writing dozens of books and thousands of newspaper and magazine articles during his prolific career, H. L. Mencken still found time to correspond with friends and strangers, answering up to 30 letters per day. Roughly 600 of his estimated 100,000 letters are here. Some are mundane, and the early selections are businesslike and polite, but the majority are informative, opinionated and interesting.

Mencken's turn away from literary criticism is generally coupled with the start of American Mercury magazine, but a 1919 letter shows that the process was underway about 5 years earlier: "You will escape from literary criticism, too, as I am trying to do. The wider field of ideas in general is too alluring."

The book provides a good cross-section of Mencken's views on various topics, including:

"So long as there are men in the world, 99 percent of them will be idiots, and so long as 99 percent of them are idiots they will thirst for religion, and so long as they thirst for religion it will remain a weapon over them. I see no way out. If you blow up one specific faith, they will embrace another. And if, by any magic, you will purge them of pious credulity altogether, they will simply swallow worse nonsense in some other department...The mob-man must believe in something, and it must be something indubitably not true. The one thing he can't get down is a fact."

"I detest all movements and all uplifters, and can't throttle my dislike of them even when they are more or less sane and honest. I am against Puritanism to the last gasp, but when anti-Puritanism comes to a program and a theory I find myself against it almost as strongly."

"The prohibition amendment, which goes into effect next February, will be enforced with medieval ferocity. The enforcement act, now passing through Congress, is an amazing measure. It prohibits the search of private houses, but there are other provisions which conflict, and no one familiar with American judicial methods doubts that there will be searches. The plan is always to make an act look harmless, and then put teeth into it by interpretation. The Espionage Act, superficially, is a very reasonable law, but in practise it has been used to jail every opponent of Wilson who began to appear dangerous."

"On the one hand lies the great body of conventional doctrine - flabby, fly-blown and false. On the other hand lies the work of the revolutionists. The facts lie between. That is why I am so hotly in favor of free speech for Bolsheviks, birth controllers, Prohibitionists, anarchists, Mormons and other such fancy fellows. They may be idiotic, but they are surely no more idiotic than the average respectable Christian democrat. HE is heard. Why shouldn't THEY be heard?"

"Christians, in the main, are scarcely idealists at all. They love God on a salary - that is, all their devotion is selfish; they expect to be rewarded for it."

"My skepticism is more thorough-going than you imagine. I doubt everything, including even my own doubts."

"Good cooking is a damned sight more important in this carnal and loathsome life than accurate theology."

"All nations as nations are scoundrels."

"I am dubious of all efforts to improve morals and manners by law."

"No effort could reform such men as Dillinger and any effort to do so is a sheer waste of time and money. They are incurably criminal and the only rational way to deal with them is to put them to death."

"Cads always mistake common politeness for something else."

"All metaphysicians strike me as futile men. They are like lawyers in the fact that they devote an immense amount of energy and time to solving irrelevant and inconsequential problems."

"I am entirely out of sympathy with the method used by Hitler to handle the Jewish question. It seems to me that the gross brutality to harmless individuals must needs revolt every decent man."

"The general incompetence of the Russian industrial machine is the sempiternal incompetence of politicians. They do everything badly. I must confess that I prefer a country where plumbing is carried on by plumbers, and the pipes actually work, even though those plumbers operate from the dug-outs of intrenched greed, and must be paid lavishly for exercising their art. Not infrequently, enjoying the comforts of a good bathroom, I suspect that they may really deserve what they demand."

"I still believe firmly that the two greatest intellectual possessions of modern man are the idea of personal freedom and the idea of the limitation of government. Unfortunately, I begin to fear that in a few years more I'll be shivering in a party of one."

"I can hardly qualify as an atheist; I had better be described as an agnostic."

"I have a wide acquaintance among the clergy of all denominations and frequently discuss divinity with them, but so far I have felt no impulse whatsoever to accept their teaching. My father and grandfather were skeptics before me and that fact probably explains my general attitude. I never think of asking supernatural aid in time of trouble, and I am thoroughly convinced that there is no survival of human personality after death."

"I am predominantly a reviewer of ideas and the more squarely those ideas are based on demonstrable facts the better I like them."

"Government has always been the great failure of mankind. So far as I know, no really good form has ever been invented."

"The American people simply cannot endure the truth for any great length of time."

"Very few Americans if any really believe in free speech. They talk about it a good deal but whenever they are put to the test they are in favor of stringing up the free speaker on the nearest lamp post or returning him to his native wildwood."

"The ways of bureaucrats must remain forever mysterious to sensible men."

"No really first-class man will ever be President of the United States".
Love his books
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