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eBook The Man from the Other Side ePub

by Uri Orlev

eBook The Man from the Other Side ePub
Author: Uri Orlev
Language: English
ISBN: 0606078347
ISBN13: 978-0606078344
Publisher: Demco Media (January 1, 1995)
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Children
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 662
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Uri Orlev always does a great job explaining the detail and emotion in his books. The book I like the most of his is The Man from the Other Side

Uri Orlev always does a great job explaining the detail and emotion in his books. The book I like the most of his is The Man from the Other Side. Uri Orlev did a great job at making me feel like it was right in front of me. When i read The Man from the Other Side i felt like i was inside the book. When he explains the Germans attacking the ghetto he really points out the fact that everyone is surprised the Jews are fighting back. When Marek gets to go down in the sewers with Antony, his Uri Orlev always does a great job explaining the detail and emotion in his books

captivating story of changing views. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 21 years ago.

The Man from the Other Side By Uri Orlev. Marek has never thought about the Jewish people who live in the Warsaw Ghetto near his home-until he helps his stepfather smuggle food and guns through the sewer to sell there

The Man from the Other Side By Uri Orlev. Marek has never thought about the Jewish people who live in the Warsaw Ghetto near his home-until he helps his stepfather smuggle food and guns through the sewer to sell there. Even then, he does not truly understand what it means to be isolated, persecuted, and faced with almost certain death at the hands of the Nazis.

Uri Orlev was born in Warsaw in 1931. He spent the years 1939–41 in hiding in the Warsaw ghetto with his mother and younger brother. When his mother was killed by the Nazis, he and his brother were sent to Bergen-Belsen. After the war, Orlev went to Israel. He now lives in Jerusalem with his wife and their three children. In 1996, Uri Orlev received the Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest international recognition given to an author of children’s books, for his lasting contribution to children’s literature. Библиографические данные. The Man from the Other Side.

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Used availability for Uri Orlev's The Man from the Other Side. April 2008 : USA Library Binding. January 1995 : UK Mass Market Paperback.

Author: Orlev, Uri Publisher: Puffin Books. Binding: Mass Market Paperback Publish date: 1995. From the first page, this grabs you like a thriller.

Uri Orlev is an Israeli author and translator of children’s books. People Who Read The Man from the Other Side Also Read. Inspired by Your Browsing History

Uri Orlev is an Israeli author and translator of children’s books. He was a recipient of the 1996 Hans Christian Andersen Award in recognition of his lasting contribution to children’s literature. Four of his books have been given the annua. ore about Uri Orlev. Category: Children’s Middle Grade Historical Books Children’s Picture Books. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

Format: Mass Market Paperback. The Man From The Other Side The Setting of this book is in Warsaw, Poland in 1940. The main conflict is that Marek has to help a jew who as escaped from the War saw Ghetto and is his only chance to stay alive as the German army invaded towns and tryed to send the jews to camps. Another conflict in this book is that Marek as to deal with different religions and people who may be different to Marek

The Man from the Other Side.

The Man from the Other Side. ISBN 9780395538081 (978-0-395-53808-1) Hardcover, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1991. Find signed collectible books: 'The Man from the Other Side'. Coauthors & Alternates.

When Marek tries to help a Jew sneak back into the Warsaw Ghetto, he becomes trapped for a day in the midst of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising
School reading for summer, but I read it and my son read it and it had a great story to tell abt Poland during WWII. Very interesting and informative. The writing was very personable and really connected to the middle school aged reader to let them know what it must have been like at that time without getting too far into the terrible grief and sadness. Although, as Jews, it might not have been terrible to remind kids these days of the tragedy and just how brutal the war was and not just at the camps.
Longitude Temporary
very good read. Really puts you into Warsaw, and makes you feel alive.
Bad Sunny
When Marek discovers a shocking secret about himself, he decides that he must help the captured Jews fight the Germans. While the Nazis are imprisoning Jews in the Ghetto, Marek is helping one Jew avoid capture. Will Marek be able to help the Jews in their fight against the Nazis? During World War II, a teenage boy named Marek lived in Warsaw with his mother and stepfather, Antony. Although Marek witnessed Nazis imprisoning Jews, he joined his friends in robbing an escaping Jew. Marek discovered he was partly Jewish and his guilt caused him to use the stolen money to help another Jew, Pan Jozek, hideout. When the Jews rose up against the Germans, Marek and Pan Jozek snuck into the ghetto to help the Jews. Pan Jozek was killed before Marek and several other Jews were rescued by Antony. After escaping from the ghetto and the Germans, Antony, Marek, and Marek's mother left Warsaw to live with Antony's sister in the country. Antony risked his life to save Marek and as repayment Marek agreed to let Antony legally adopt him. I recommend that everyone read this book about a young boy and his struggles during World War II.

The situations the characters in this book go through seem incredibly realistic. Marek had to cope with the fact that his father died and his mom had remarried. Pan Jozek narrowly escaped the Germans and had to prevent being imprisoned or killed. Marek and his parents left the busy, chaotic city of Warsaw and moved to the quieter, more peaceful countryside.

The characters are described in great detail. Marek is a fourteen-year-boy who is partly Jewish. Pan Jozek was a Jewish man who was studying to be a doctor before the war; he had gentle eyes, high cheekbones, and an amiable expression. Marek's grandmother dressed in large skirts with multiple pockets and his grandfather's old jacket.

The setting is also described in detail. Theater Square was a small area in town similar to a strip mall and park combined. The Jewish ghetto was a small area filled with many people; it was destroyed when the Jews started an uprising against the Germans. Marek's apartment was just the right size for their family of three.

I recommend this book to everyone. It is a wonderful story about the struggles of daily life during World War II. The characters, places, and events in this book are described in such detail that you can actually picture the story taking place in your mind.

~V. Newberry
A Review by Craig
This is a story about a fourteen-year-old Polish boy, Marek, who lives in Warsaw, Poland in 1942. The book takes place a couple of years after the Nazis invasion of Poland. Warsaw is a city occupied by the Nazis who have sectioned off an area of the city called the ghetto. This area, which is basically a prison, is strictly for the Jewish people. The story follows the teenager Marek as he struggles to understand the hatred and mistrust towards the Jewish people. The book follows Marek as he helps his stepfather and becomes a member of the underground, which smuggles weapons, food, and other goods through the sewers into the ghetto. The Jewish people in the ghetto decide to defend themselves when the Nazi decide to get rid them all. Marek gets involved in the uprising and fights along side his friend that he saved from the Polish and German Police.
This book does a good job of putting the reader right along side Marek in his adventures throughout the story and to feel his experiences. The action and descriptions in this book really shows the horror of the Holocaust and war in general. "For a moment I stood there with my mouth open, listening to the German's screams grow more distant. Then there was a sudden thump in the courtyard." (p.167). Even though it was sometimes hard to read because I knew that these things really could have happened, I always wanted to keep reading. The author made me want to find out what would happen next.
The author wrote so that you could really get a feel for how he felt about the characters in the book. He wrote, "The more I imagined him, the more I had to rewrite the whole story of his life, to change my whole conception of him, starting with his childhood" (p. 38). Here he is talking about the father that he never knew well, and whom he was told lies about, but then finds out the truth.
This book got The Batchelder Award and I think it deserved it. It portrayed life during the holocaust very well through the eyes of a sympathetic teenager. On, they show this book at a 9-12 year old reading level, but I think you really have to be at least 12 to totally grasp the situation in this story. That's one of the reasons I recommend this book to read, because it really grabs you, and makes you feel for the people who suffered through those times.
This fictionalized memoir follows 14-year old Marek in Nazi-occupied Warsaw. Marek's step-father profits by smuggling items in and out of the Jewish ghetto through the labyrinth of sewer tunnels, often bringing Marek with him. As anti-Semitic feelings grow outside the Ghetto, Marek finds himself shaking down an escaped Jew along with two other boys. Wracked with immense guilt, Marek seeks to help Jozek, a polish Jew who has lost his hiding place in the city. Suddenly, the Jews living in the ghetto began an uprising, and Jozek is determined to sneak back into the ghetto to help. Marek takes him through the sewers, but is trapped on the Jewish side with one of the tunnels collapses. Faced-paced and interesting, Marek is a character whom many teenagers could relate to. He has found himself in an awful environment and feels conflict and guilt over his actions.
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