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eBook The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, Volume Five ePub

by Daniel C. Matt

eBook The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, Volume Five ePub
Author: Daniel C. Matt
Language: English
ISBN: 0804762198
ISBN13: 978-0804762199
Publisher: Stanford University Press; 1 edition (October 21, 2009)
Pages: 656
Category: Bible Study & Reference
Subcategory: Christians
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 756
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It is believed to be created by the second-century Talmudic sage, Rabbi Simeon bar Yohai and authored by the Spanish Kabbalist, Moses de Leon before 1300. The text presents a mystical interpretation of each chapter and verse of the Torah in a metaphysical reality map of the sefirotic tree of life.

Here we find spiritual explorations of numerous biblical narratives, including Jacob's wrestling with the angel, Joseph's kidnapping by his brothers, his near seduction by Potiphar's wife, his interpretation of Pharaoh's dreams, and his reunion with his brothers and father.

This is the first translation ever made from a critical Aramaic text of the Zohar, which has been established by Professor Daniel Matt based on a wide range of original manuscripts. The work spans twelve volumes.

Daniel Chanan Matt, Zohar: The Book of Enlightenment. New York: Paulist Press, 1983.

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Stanford University Press, 2011. Pp. xiv + 452. Cloth.

Daniel Matt: Siyyum of the Translation of the Zohar on the Torah - Продолжительность: 1:11:38 Shalom Hartman Institute Recommended for yo. Translating the Zohar: Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz interviews Prof.

Daniel Matt: Siyyum of the Translation of the Zohar on the Torah - Продолжительность: 1:11:38 Shalom Hartman Institute Recommended for you. 1:11:38. 528Hz Tranquility Music For Self Healing & Mindfulness ➤ Love Yourself - Light Music For The Soul - Продолжительность: 3:00:06 Guild Of Light - Tranquility Music Recommended for you. 3:00:06. Daniel Matt - Продолжительность: 17:23 Valley Beit Midrash Recommended for you. 17:23.

The part of the Zohar beautifully translated by Daniel C. Matt.

The Zohar as printed in the 16th century is a five volume set (3 volumes of Zohar, Tikkune Zohar, and Zohar Hadash) of over thirty separate books including the non-Kabbalistic allegorical Midrash Haneelam from the early 13th century, the 14th century Tikkune Zohar, the especially esoteric Idrot and Sitrei Torah by Rabbi Yakov Shatz. The part of the Zohar beautifully translated by Daniel C. Matt is the main narrative section of the first three volume.

This is a brand new book at a great price.

Publisher Stanford University Press. Publication Year 2009. This is a brand new book at a great price. Publisher Stanford University Press. Condition Brand New. Pages 656.

Daniel C. Matt is a leading authority on Jewish mysticism. For over twenty years, he served as Professor of Jewish Spirituality at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. He has also taught at Stanford University and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Sefer ha-Zohar (The Book of Radiance) has amazed and overwhelmed readers ever since it emerged mysteriously in medieval Spain toward the end of the thirteenth century. Written in a unique, lyrical Aramaic, this masterpiece of Kabbalah exceeds the dimensions of a normal book; it is virtually a body of literature, comprising over twenty discrete sections. The bulk of the Zohar consists of a running commentary on the Torah, from Genesis through Deuteronomy. This fifth volume of The Zohar: Pritzker Edition opens in the middle of Exodus immediately following the revelation at Mount Sinai. The first chapter features a famous narrative about two rabbis and an old donkey-driver they encounter on the road. This old man seems like a complete ignoramus and pesters them with nonsensical riddles, but he turns out to be a sage and explains to them one of the most tightly guarded secrets of Kabbalah: the reincarnation of the soul. In the course of his exposition, the old man enthralls his two listeners with a romantic account of Torah as a maiden who reveals herself only to one who pursues her lovingly. The rest of this volume consists mainly of the Zohar's commentary on the biblical description of the mishkan, the Dwelling (or Tabernacle) in the desert. The mishkan symbolizes Shekhinah, the feminine presence of God who "dwells" on earth. Since the Dwelling was the center of worship, the Zohar explores here the theme of prayer. The volume concludes with one of the shortest yet most important sections of the Zohar―Sifra di-Tsni'uta (The Book of Concealment). This enigmatic and poetic composition contains a veiled description of God's body, focusing on the beard. Its few pages convey the central teachings of Kabbalah, including the balance between male and female energies, and how divine breath animates all that exists.
Risky Strong Dromedary
Daniel Matt is publishing the best translation of Zohar on the market. Though he's more an academic than a Kabbalist, and doesn't really try to learn Kabbalah from Kabbalists, trying to maintain his scholarly 'objectivity'. I don't this this applies to a mystical text, though, you kind of want someone schooled in the tradition to do your translating.

But that minor critique aside, his translation is second to none, so however he gets there is incredible. I just think his commentary would be more fully informed if he had more schooling in the Kabbalistic tradition. Interestingly enough, his commentaries get better in the later versions. I think he may be getting an inside view of Kabbalah through his studies without intending to. But either way, best version of Zohar available in translation, bar none!
this series, I have read 1 - 4 so far, has been incredible.

the wisdom hidden between the lines (which is really only viewable in Hebrew) has been tremendously insightful, the nuances of the words is so so deep, more than most can imagine.

it's really easy to see why at one time the catholic church wanted to ban the bible and quran and institute this, though I am glad they didn't. The reason I say that is because true understanding will never come in only one language and in one series of books, but rather a conglomeration of all, but this series is probably the MOST enlightening of all of them.

I would recommend this series to anyone interested in the faith.

the only complaint I have about the series is that as a homeless and disabled man myself it hurts me to carry one of these on my back, and god knows I couldn't carry 2 or 3 as genesis and exodus are both 3 volumes each.

this REALLY needs put on the kindle, I can't keep buying the hardbacks, my back is growing soft from them, I am physically in pain from it, I wish Daniel C. Matt and Stanford press would show some compassion and put it on the kindle, but I guess they are worried about their "profits" and not their prophets.
A full and real reading of the Book of Concealment complete with an Aramaic text (online) to accompany it! In this volume the Book of Concealment is presented twice (with and without notes.) This enigmatic little set of prose is in fact a key to a very secret science in the Torah - images that actually can be found formed by pairs of letters in the text of the correct Torah... the newer adaptation removes a pattern you see, It is like a watermark to make sure the text was kept intact and in order - It has proven itself to have been known to the ancient priesthood in the time of Moses by the tapestry of images contained in it. Through 17 years of work, and finding this translation provided by you along with the Aramaic (which is invaluable to a serious student!) - I was able to uncover the meaning of the prose... lost for some 3000 years possibly. I stand in awe of your work. The entire volume is excellent, but the Book of Concealment, will show itself to be the lost key. That which will lead us to a whole new understanding of what the Torah can be to us in our day. And show it to be a purposeful work and more than a mere artifact of history. And this translation of the Zohar and accompanying texts are phenomenal. This is a most excellent series of translations of these writings I can attest to. You are to be commended for your attention to detail and the fine scholarship you show in your work, (Mr. Matt.) I am presently awaiting vol. 8, and felt an update of this review was really needed.
Volume 5 of the Pritzger Edition of the Zohar continues Professor Daniel Matt's monumental translation of the Zohar. It is based on a critical edition of Zohar manuscripts and early printed editions so it is far more accurate than anything else available. It's not just a fine translation; it's a learned commentary. While I personally would have preferred to see the original text and the translation on facing pages, the text compilation that Matt produced can be accessed at no charge on the Stamford University website. Professor Matt is a leading authority on Jewish mysticism, and it is rare to see such a sensitive yet scholarly translation of such a difficult text.

Anyone seriously interested in Jewish mysticism will want to purchase the entire set.
This book was well worth the money. I got a lot of questions answered that I had when I read the Old Testament of the Bible while more questions were formed in my mind from the teachings of the Rabbis. I gained a better understanding of why things are the way they are and how things came about; the book made me go back and search older texts, such as the Book of Jasher, it made me search and as God said, "all who seek me will find me." I cannot wait to buy volumes six, seven, eight, and nine. Thank You Mr. Matt for your gift to the English speaking people.
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