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eBook KJVer Sword/Word Of God-Pocket-Wht Bond S/S ePub
Language: English
ISBN: 0974975400
ISBN13: 978-0974975405
Publisher: GEM PUBLISHING (May 6, 2004)
Category: Bibles
Subcategory: Christians
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 737
Formats: lrf doc rtf lrf
ePub file: 1442 kb
Fb2 file: 1253 kb

KJV Sword/Word of God/Large Prt-Blk Bond by. Gem Publishing.

Gem Publishing’s most popular book is Sword Bible-OE-Large Print KJV Easy Reading. Sword Bible-OE-Pocket Kjver by. Gem Publishing (Creator). KJV Sword/Word of God/Large Prt-Blk Bond by.

King James Version Easy Reading Black/Tan Duotone Indexed.

Select Format: Leather Bound. King James Version Easy Reading Black/Tan Duotone Indexed. Format:Leather Bound.

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The KJVER does not change any doctrine or meaning but has merely helps to explain the text through minor word updates. For example: "Thee" is changed to "You" and "believest" to believe. An index of every word change is included in the KJVER so that you can reference the old English and the changes.

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KJVER Sword Study Bible Giant Print Charcoal Ultrasoft : King James Version Easy Read by Whitaker . It is the Authorized Version, KJV, of the WORD of GOD so that parts miraculous.

KJVER Sword Study Bible Giant Print Charcoal Ultrasoft : King James Version Easy Read by Whitaker House (2017, Imitation Leather, Large Type). Проверенная покупка: да Состояние товара: Новые. Наиболее популярные в Научная литература. Показать все. Текущий слайд {CURRENT SLIDE} из {TOTAL SLIDES}- Наиболее популярные в Научная литература.

The KJVER® (King James Version Easy Read® ) is 'The Trusted King . Words of God & Jesus highlighted in red in the Old & New Testaments

The KJVER® (King James Version Easy Read® ) is 'The Trusted King James in an Easy Read Format. It enhances the readability of the classic, beloved KJV by updating some 17th-century English words to their 21st-century equivalents while maintaining the meaning and integrity of the KJV translation. Words of God & Jesus highlighted in red in the Old & New Testaments. Difficult terms underlined and explained at the end of the verse. Archaic or obsolete words replaced with their modern equivalents. There are many distinctive features and resources in this KJVER® Sword Study Bible®: Words of God highlighted in red in the Old Testament.

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The Sword Bible - KJVER Pocket Bible - Based on the 1611 KJV The KJVER Pocket Bible text is based on the beloved 1611 King James Version with minor word changes to make the text easier to read and understand. The KJVER does not change any doctrine or meaning but has merely helps to explain the text through minor word updates. For example: "Thee" is changed to "You" and "believest" to believe.Text highlighted in red: This Bible uniquely red letters the places in the Old Testament where God Himself speaks as well as uses the traditional red lettering of the words of Christ in the New Testament. Hebrew names of God and special word meanings explained Complete Red Letter Edition -- The direct spoken words of God are indicated in red on both the Old and New Testaments Gilded edges Marking ribbon
I needed a travel size bible to read while on the go. I'll list the pros and cons for this lil hand sized bible

Pros -
-KJV with easy reading. Archaic Words like thee, thou, shalt are updated for easier reading. Doctrine remains sound to KJV
-Small and compact
-Words of God are red in both testaments
-Difficult words underlined and translated under verse
-verse cross references
-Fits in the palm of my hand
-traditional bible bookmark

-Bible is susceptible to page tearing (although mine hasn't torn at all) some complain about this but forget the fact that it is a small, inexpensive bible. The cover is not meant to be bent backwards like the more expensive bibles. A little TLC goes a long way
-Creases will begin to form on front and back cover throughout gradual usage
-gold on side pages begin fading after a while
-No book introductions or summaries. All you get is title of each book

Overall it's a great bible for it's purpose. If you need a KJV bible on the go that literally fits in your pocket, and don't mind reading small letters, this is a great bible to have. I have a few KJV bibles and this is the one I always keep with me when I step out of the house
I ordered this daily companion for "on the go" studying and for the fact it would fit inside my purse. This particularly bible has certain words underlined and then these words are defined at the end of the verse, which was a feature I was looking for at the time. Unfortunately, the type font is way to small to read it on a regular basis for long periods of time. There is no way you can add notes or highlight particular verses since the margins are to small and the paper is thin. The layout of the pages seem crowded due to the wealth of information on each page (such as the defined words). So, I use it more for reference sake when I'm out and about, and not so much as my daily reader. I thought the font was larger as stated in the description when I bought it. If you want the features in this bible, but want to truly be able to see the words without straining your eyes, I would suggest buying the larger size version of this bible. If you are able to see smaller than newspaper print font, then I would definitely get this for personal use. I do own the older and larger version called the KJV Special Margin Edition, which is similar to the Word of God KJVer. The KJV Special Margin Edition is excellent, but, too big and heavy to carry around with me!
Pages started coming loose towards 1 Peter - Revelation, literally pages are falling out, not a reliable binding on this white leather pocket version. I have the gold pocket paperback versions too and those hold up nicely.
This pocket size KJV ER does have the red letter words of God in the OT as well as the words of Christ in the NT, just like the bigger personal size of the KJV ER. It also has the underlined names of God and clarified words.

The pocket size (5.4 x 3.6 x 0.7 inches) of this Bible is smaller than a small paperback book (6.9 x 4.2 x 0.5 inches).

The font size is either 5 pt or 6 pt which is barely readable without a magnifying glass. Why would a person read it if the tiny print gave them a headache? The pocket size does allow it to go into a pocket; but you'd also need to put into that pocket, a magnifying glass in order to read this Bible.

The individual books of this Bible follow the one before; they don't start on their own page.

If I had known the actual font size, I wouldn't have gotten this pocket size Sword Bible.
This Bible is perfect! It's small, but is still complete unlike those small new testament only 'bibles'. All the words God spoke are in red, whether in the Old Testament or on Earth in the flesh in the New Testament. Also, important important words are underlined & clarified based on their Hebrew meaning: 'Lord' means Jehovah (God's name in the age of the Father), 'God' means Elohim (which is actually plural). The only problem was a small cross on the front, but I just cut it off. This is a great bible, and is easier to understand than the regular KJV.
Very portable. The font is necessarily small but legible. I love the easy read text for reading to others because they seem to understand it. It
Fits perfectly in your purse or back pocket.
I love this little bible. It has old and new testament, words of Christ written in red, and definitions of underlined words throughout paragraphs. It exactly like the full sized one but miniture sized and easy to put in purse or carry anywhere with you. Very good translation also.
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