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eBook The Word of Life (Systematic Theology: Volume Two) ePub

by Thomas C. Oden

eBook The Word of Life (Systematic Theology: Volume Two) ePub
Author: Thomas C. Oden
Language: English
ISBN: 0060663480
ISBN13: 978-0060663483
Publisher: Harper & Row; 1st edition (1989)
Pages: 583
Category: Theology
Subcategory: Christians
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 179
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Thomas C. Oden is a widely respected theologian and leading figure in the emerging post-denominational ecumenical scene, the author of Pastoral Theology and a three-volume systematic theology including The Living God, The Word of Life, and Life in the Spirit.

Thomas C. He is Henry Anson Buttz Professor of Theology and Ethics at Drew University. Oden is the Henry Anson Buttz Professor of Theology, Drew University, Madison, New Jersey.

Volume 1: "The Living God " ISBN 9781598560374] Volume 2: "The Word of Life" ISBN 9781598560381] Volume 3: "Life in the Spirit" ISBN 9781598560398] These volumes may be purchased separately. Demonstrates a commitment of faithfulness to the scriptural teachings concerning Jesus and a rich appreciation for the classical and conciliar traditions of Christology. Preaching" Oden's project is anti-trendiness with a vengeance. Thomas C.

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The Word of Life Vol. 2 : Systematic Theology. A leading American Protestant theologian addresses important Christological concerns in this sequel to The Living God-second volume in a three-volume systematic theology.

Categories: Jesus Christ/Christology y Systematic Theology. Pages: 583 pages Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers Published: 2006 ISBN-10: 1598560387 ISBN-13: 9781598560381. Find at a Library Find at Google Books.

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Does not look like the picture but the book is great
Oden does a great job as he aims for clarity in promoting historical Christian doctrine. Some ideas he has to continually rehash (which could fustrate the reader) for the sake of clarity and to distinguish subject matters that are constantly mistaken for the other. The word of life is a part of a three volume set, and I reccomend the others as well.

Also Oden does a good job at representing the scholarly work of all the Church fathers pre &post reformation. CLASSIC! CLASSIC!
Thomas Oden has become one of my highly favored theologians! He is comprehensive and extremely articulate. His explanations are concise, cogent, and very biblical. I quote him often in my correspondence.
Brick my own
Dear Whom it may concern,
It took such a long time to receive the book as it is taking a very long time for the latest book I ordered.
I was about to contact your company, when the book arrived. I hope that my other book will come soon.
Thanks for asking.
Thomas Clark Oden (b. 1931) is a United Methodist theologian who teaches at Drew University. This is the second in a 3-volume systematic theology (the other volumes are The Living God: Systemic Theology: Volume One (Systematic Theology, Vol 1) and Life in the Spirit (Systematic Theology, Volume 3)). He draws heavily upon the church fathers for his theology.

He states in the Preface that "My purpose is to set forth the classical teaching of the person and work of Jesus Christ on which there has generally been substantial agreement between traditions of East and West, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox. I will be listenting intently for the ecumenical consensus that has been gratefully celebrated as reliable Christian teachings by believers of widely varied social locations and cultural settings and periods... I will restrain my own idiosyncratic way of looking at things. My aim is not polemics but peacemaking."

Here are some representative quotes from the second volume:

"If the incarnation remains an obstacle to some sincere modern intellects, it deserves both a serious clarification and a fair hearing. This is what we seek." (Pg. 98)
"Here the unifying principle of Christology again emerges: What the mediatorial work requires, the mediatorial person supplies." (pg. 193)
"It remains an astonishing fact that the most remembered life in history was not remembered to have harmed anyone or shown any elements of moral venality or reprehensibility. Neither friends nor foes remember or report him as sinner." (pg. 256)
"The best Christian theodicy flows directly out of the cross." (pg. 415)
"God knows what punishment feels like, for God has experienced punishment for the sins of humanity." (pg. 425)
"Admittedly it is impossible to identify the very words of Christ with precise certainty, but little else can be known with precise certainty." (pg. 531)
Lonesome Orange Kid
This is the 2nd volume of Oden's excellent systematic theology series. This book is about Jesus, all 583 pages! Oden is very detalied, and he has done his research. His presentation uses a varity of sources: The Bible, Ante and Nicene church Fathers, Medieval theologians, reformers, and finally modern theologians. Oden is for the most part a traditional Christian. In this book he gives a very orthodox understanding. For instance, He deals with non-traditional explanations of the resurrection and gives good reasons why they are not well thought out hypotheses. He even looks at the historical Jesus issue. He also covers Divine Sonship, the Incarnation and Jesus' two natures (human and divine). I was looking for the perfect Systematic Theology and I would say this comes close. He has HUGE numbers of references, and he is always refferring back to the church Fathers, the reformers and of course the Bible. I have looked over many ST's and this is by far, 1)the most detailed, and 2.) the most well thought out. By the way Oden leans toward a Wesleyan understanding of free-will, but he quotes Calvin extensively as well.
This book is Volume Two of Thomas Oden's Three Volume work and it cannot be beat. Volume One was all about God. This book is all about Jesus. It starts with asking and answering: Why Christ? – and ends with the Ascension. The book is long, 542 pages, but I devoured it while learning much and taking copious notes. This Systematic Theology series was recommend to me by the late Charles Colson when asked what his favorite was. If you have an interest in Apologetics then there is no finer handbook to refer too. You can purchase it second hand for $3.04 on Amazon. Do it – the book is a treasure.
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