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by Mark E. Rogers

eBook Zorachus ePub
Author: Mark E. Rogers
Language: English
ISBN: 0741413752
ISBN13: 978-0741413758
Publisher: Infinity Publishing (January 24, 2013)
Pages: 363
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Fantasy
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 168
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Mark E. Rogers was an American author and illustrator. Other books in the series. Books by Mark E. Rogers.

Thirty-three years have passed since the fall of Mancdaman Zancharthus  . Mark E. Mor. rivia About Zorachus.

Mark E. Rogers (April 19, 1952 – February 2, 2014) was an American author and illustrator.

Book in the Zorachus Series). Zorachus, son of the murdered wizard Lord Zancharthus, returns to destroy the soldiers of the Cohort Ravener to avenge his father's death. Format: Mass Market Paperback.

The Zancharthus series is pretty much a must read after Zorachus

The Zancharthus series is pretty much a must read after Zorachus. The book starts a little slow, but once you are introduced to Zancharthus, you start to wish that he was in every scene. The humor in this book gives it a different feel than Zarachus, but you still have the violence and sex that you've come to expect in this world that Roger's has created.

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Zorachus, risen to the position of High Priest of the dark god, is preparing to wage war against the city of h. ISBN10 : 0441580246, ISBN13 : 9780441580248.

Home Mark E Rogers Series: Zorachus. A series by Mark E Rogers. 1. Zorachus (1986) 2. The Nightmare of God (1988).

2. Refresh Page if you Not Found The Books. 5. Good Luck and Happy Download. Rogers (born 1952) is an American author-illustrator. Samurai Cat. Zorachus. His published works include the Samurai Cat series; a number of novels, The Dead, Zorachus, and the latter's sequel, The Nightmare of God; a series of books known as Blood of the Lamb; and another series called Zancharthus. He has also published three art portfolios and a collection of his pin-up paintings, Nothing But A Smile.

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Zorachus, son of the murdered wizard Lord Zancharthus, returns to destroy the soldiers of the Cohort Ravener to avenge his father's death
... and the outcome is never certain until you put it down after the last page.
First things first: I would strongly advise that before you buy this title, you secure purchase of the sequel also. You're going to want it, and you'll likely have a hard time finding it.
When recommending books to friend and family, I have two mental
list. For my co-workers and family, the list is topped by good books I've read that are somewhat mainstream sci-fi or fantasy.
But when a good friend asks for something to read, I'm likely to first hand them my copy of Zorachus. The other reviewers here have done a good job of summarizing the details for you, but I'll add my bit to it now.
This is NOT a book for the faint-hearted, the prudish, or the easily offended. Zorachus is like The Wheel of Time would have been if R. Jordan had EB White's gift for brevity and the Marquis de Sade's eye for torture.
Take a pure-hearted man, brought up in the best and fairest traditions of goodness, justice, and peace, and throw him in downtown Gomorrah with an incredibly wealthy inheritance and a fair amount of power. You know it'll start out with him trying to do good, but what happens after the first ten rounds of beggar's are fed and they don't stop coming around? It's like a super-nightmarish version of the old "You inherited a mansion, but to keep it you have to spend the night there - and it's haunted" story.
But within even the cesspool our hero finds some bits of goodness to hang onto. Will it be enough, or will he fall into the evil that surrounds him? Then once the question is answered, you'll have to read the sequel to see what happens next.
It's too bad this book has been out of print for so long. Good luck finding it, because I'm not selling you mine :)
Damn this book is good, but it made my skin crawl. It's not for the kiddies as other people have pointed out. But it is NOT simply sex and violence just to be there, never gratuitous, always with reason as it shows Zorachus' descent into madness. The scene with Cletus, High Priest of Tchernobog's room full of, ah, mushrooms is worth a million.
Excellent first novel
Overall this is a good book. It certainly held my interest from start to finish.

Despite what others are saying, it's really not that extreme. The characters mention a lot of extreme things, but they are generally not described. It's more like a list of heinous acts, rather than a depiction of them.

The book has a very obvious Christian undercurrent going on, and the author appears to be fairly homophobic and disturbed by kink and fetishes in general (even simple, consensual ones). As a result, the title character doesn't come across as being as "good" or "saintly" as others have said. His understanding of the world, and conception of "good versus evil," is black-and-white.

Having such a limited and simplistic view of things is what leads to his fall from grace. A character with a more realistic outlook on life and humanity wouldn't have suffered such extreme disillusionment. A fairly simple, commonplace selfish act makes him go crazy, where in a normal person it would just depress them or make them angry (it was a bad thing, but hardly something to destroy one's faith in all of humanity). In the end, he can only conceive of absolute purity or absolute corruption, with nothing else in-between.

Nevertheless, the book is entertaining, and worth a read, particularly if you're tired of Tolkienesque "high fantasy."
This is one of the best books I have read. It happens to be the ONLY book I have ever sought across the world when my copy was tattered and destroyed. The author held nothing back in his portrayal of an evil society. It is so candid and brutal in the presentation that you will likely be amazed someone had the nerve to write it. However, after that you will realize that for the setting that is being described no better description could be had. A unique system of magic, many intriguing environments, and much more add the icing on the cake. This book is not for the timid soul. It is a beautiful piece of work and I yearn to read more. The jacket cover writing of this book did not offer enough in the way of information for your standard aisle browser looking for a book to read. It was brief. After reading the book it is appropriate but, in terms of selling the book perhaps more could have been said. In the end a great many people missed out on an incredible book and if you have an open mind and an appreciation for fine writing ask AMAZON to order you a copy today even if they have to dredge through thousands of used book stores.
Zorachus is a great book. It takes place in a fantasy world devoid of the tramping of "traditional" fantasy and offers it readers a story steeped in dark mystery and legendary magic. The Story is the of a man, Zorachus, the son of the former high priest of the evil god Tchernbog - Zanchrathus; who after fleeing the land of his birth, Khymir, and being raised, and archiving a high rank, in a culture and religious system that stands directly apposed to everything the evil god Tchernbog stands for, is forced to return to his home land and face the very order his father was a part of.

Zorachus, being believed to be the most powerful wizard ever by his holy order, is forced to find friends and allies in a alien land while facing off against the chosen of Techernbog. He is also faced with his own morale failings and humanity as he is immersed in culture of self-centered wickedness. This all leads to a climax laden with betray, bloodshed, and legendary feats of magic.

It is non-tradition fantasy told with a relish for action and adventure. It's graphic depictions of violence and sex is under pinned by the moral and philosophical story of a man's fall from grace.

Zorachus at it's heart is the story of a man's struggle with his own humanity.

Now that being said, if you are like me and you despise the drivel that passes for fantasy these days. And your not afraid of a lot of blood, then give Zorachus a try. I think you will find it an entertaining and thought provoking read.
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