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eBook The Riddled Night (Everien) ePub

by valery-leith

eBook The Riddled Night (Everien) ePub
Author: valery-leith
Language: English
ISBN: 1857983246
ISBN13: 978-1857983241
Publisher: Gollancz; New Ed edition (2001)
Pages: 516
Category: Science Fiction
Subcategory: Fantasy
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 401
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The Riddled Night book.

The Riddled Night book. As the Sekk threaten Everien and the tribes squabble over the spoils of the Empire, Istar is given a message by a legendary Raptor: the massive Snowfalcon. It is a message that holds the key to the mystery of Tarquin of The Company.

It is winter in Everien. The land is now under the thumb of the conquering Pharician warlord Tash, and the Clans are thrown into rebellion and chaos. Tash will stop at nothing to exploit the mysterious Knowledge of the lost Everiens, working night and day to produce terrible weapons seen only in the visions of young Impressionists.

Book in the Everien Series). The mysterious and deadly Sekk continue to build their army. And Everien's former king is in hiding, trying to rally a band of outlaws to regain his lost homeland. Meanwhile, Tarquin the Free-the one man who can save all of Everien-is trapped in a strange jungle land many miles from home, with absolutely no idea how to return.

The Riddled Night (GOLLANCZ . Authors : Leith, Valery. Title : The Riddled Night (GOLLANCZ . Publisher : Gollancz. Product Category : Books. List Price (MSRP) : . 9.

On the wings of night. It is winter in Everien. This second volume in the high fantasy Everien trilogy is a classic example of a fertile imagination run rampant

On the wings of night. The land is now under the thumb of the conquering Pharician warlord Tash. This second volume in the high fantasy Everien trilogy is a classic example of a fertile imagination run rampant. Leith (The Company of Glass) continues to tell the story of a war-torn, invented world. Combatants are still, as they were in the first book, on a quest for the lost magical Knowledge of ancient Everien.

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By (author) Valery Leith.

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Rare book
This book is complex and you need to read it through to understand. In essence, Istar the heroine is trying to understand what the Sekk are and why they are enslaving people. There is an area in the mountains where they are supposedly coming from- an area which is of strategic interest to several parties. But instead of your typical "Armageddon is coming, how can we avoid it?" storyline, Istar digs deeper to try to understand the history of her people and how this terrible process could have been brought about. There are several other interesting people, with their own backstories and aspirations. They include Liaku, who can communicate with birds; Hezene, a grasping politician; Tash, Hezene's rival; and Tarquin, a fallen warrior who meets up with his lost love.
This book carries the tag-line, "In a world of shifting realities, two warriors begin a deadly quest for truth."
OK. The two warriors are from the first book, (Tarquin/Quintar and Istar) - however, this book goes into more character development with other first book characters, so it's really a book with several warriors using weapons or birds or magic, etc.
The people are primative yet have advanced technology. It reminds me of the theory of what would happen to earth if we were GIVEN hi-tech info from an alien race. You need the time it takes to invent these things to use them properly - or at least use them to their potential.
Some chapters are very in-depth, some are vague. First you'll get a really good grip on events, and then you get to passages you'll have to read 2 or 3 times to understand what's going on. Some passages seem to be 'asides' FROM no one imparticular TO no on imparticular. It gets confusing and even irritating at times.
I got to the end and my first reaction was, "So, what the heck does that mean?"
The first book was enough to hook you and make you want to know what happens; the second was a disappointment because it left too much unanswered. I'm waiting for the third for answers.
Please let there be a third book. I can't leave the story like this.
Imaginative and pulls you into the book! Even after all these years its one of my favorite books!
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