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by Gary Gibson

eBook Stealing Light ePub
Author: Gary Gibson
Language: English
ISBN: 0230700403
ISBN13: 978-0230700406
Publisher: Trans-Atlantic Publications, Inc.; First Edition edition (April 30, 2008)
Pages: 441
Category: Science Fiction
Subcategory: Fantasy
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 880
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Gary Gibson Stealing Light Part One One Standard Consortium Date: 0. 6. 2538 25 kilometres south of Port Gabriel, Redstone Colony Port Gabriel Incident +45 minutes It was like waking up and finding you’d just sleepwalked through the gates of hell.

Gary Gibson Stealing Light Part One One Standard Consortium Date: 0. Dakota drew in a sharp breath, feeling like she’d first awakened into existence only a moment before. She stood stock still for several seconds, the touch of freezing rain clear and sharp on her skin. Trying to take it all in.

Stealing Light is the first volume in a four-book space opera, the final volume of which, Marauder, was published in 2013. To Gary Gibson's first novel, Angel Stations, was published in 2004. Interzone called it "dense and involving, puzzling and perplexing. Interzone called it "dense and involving, puzzling and perplexing " His second novel was Against Gravity in 2005; the Guardian described it as "building on current trends to produce a convincing picture of the world in 2096

Gary Gibson (born in 1965) is a science fiction author from Glasgow, Scotland.

Gary Gibson (born in 1965) is a science fiction author from Glasgow, Scotland. After marrying Emma, Gibson relocated to Taiwan before moving back to Glasgow in 2010.

Stealing light is space opera in the tradition of Alastair Reynolds' revelation space novels. The best book I have read so far from Gary Gibson and in the same league as my personal favourites, Peter Hamilton, Neal Asher and Alistair Reynolds.

Stealing Light (Gibson Gary). Gary Gibson Stealing Light Part One One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Part Two Thirteen COMPOSITION Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty Twenty-one Twenty-two Twenty-three Twenty-four Twenty-five Twenty-six Twenty-seven Twenty-eight Twenty-nine Part Three Thirty Thirty-one Thirty-two Thirty-three Thirty-four. Gary Gibson Stealing Light. Part One One. Standard Consortium Date: 0.

Arbenz stepped back from kneeling over Dakota, who lay curled in a ball, gripping her stomach where Kieran’s boot had slammed into it.

rd again, the bruises on Kieran’s face livid and smooth from his time in the med bay. He kicked out at her a second time. She tried desperately to shield herself with her arms, but it wasn’t enough. Corso and Dakota hadn’t really any choice but to be hauled back inside the cargo bay by the three figures in armoured suits. There was, after all, nowhere else to escape to.

Pan Macmillan, 8 февр. He is currently working on the second book continuing the story from Final Days. His previous novels include the Shoal series with Dakota Merrick: Stealing Light, Nova War and Empire of Light. Библиографические данные. For a hundred and fifty thousand years, the alien Shoal have been hiding a terrible secret behind a façade of power. In the twenty-fifth century, they dominate the galaxy and control all trade and exploration, possessing the secret of faster-than-light travel.

In the 25th century, only the Shoal possess the secret of faster-than-light travel (FTL), giving them absolute control over all trade and exploration throughout the galaxy. Mankind has operated within their influence for two centuries, establishing a dozen human colony worlds scattered along Shoal trade routes. Dakota Merrick, while serving as a military pilot, has witnessed atrocities for which this alien race is responsible. Now piloting a civilian cargo ship, she is currently ferrying an exploration team to a star system containing a derelict starship. From its wreckage, her passengers hope to salvage a functioning FTL drive of mysteriously non-Shoal origin. But the Shoal are not yet ready to relinquish their monopoly over a technology they acquired through ancient genocide.
Warning: Spoilers, sort of.

I purchased the trilogy because I'm still searching for good sci-fi and my library is hopelessly understocked. The premise was good: humans find out that the race that has the monopoly on FTL stole it from another race and is fighting a war against a third race that also has its own FTL. Exciting, right? Wrong. For all the violence and kinky sex in the novel, this is a very lame effort. Our fearless protagonist is refreshingly female and so many things could have made the books really interesting. The author, however, chooses to give us a very boring "chase adventure" where intriguing lines of development are sacrificed so that the inane plot can mover along. Half way through the second book in the series I gave up since I knew the writing wouldn't get better, the plot would just plod ahead toward its inevitable accommodation where our protagonist decides to work with the aliens that have kept us like mushrooms because these aliens are not as bad as the other aliens. Yawn. Not worth it.
Doesn't have quite the depth of Ian M Banks 'Culture' novels, but overall a very good story, well written, and fast paced. Interesting twist in that humans are not the dominant lifeform here, but actaully one of many client species.

Set in a fairly-distant future (not as far as "Culture" novels), Humans find (after inventing FTL communications, but not travel) that only one species in the galaxy has FTL capability, and they're not going to share.

Instead they provide all the long distance travel between stars as a contractual service. Limiting humans (and their other client races) to a defined area of the Milky Way, seperated from the other species.

The blurb is pretty short, but the story is about an insular group of humans who discover a very old ship with FTL drives in a system they were exploring prior to contracting a colony there. They plan to steal the ship for their own use, but need outside help to accomplish this task, (the main character of the story). I won't go beyond that, but needless to say, they can't just get on the derelict and go.

All in all, a very high-tech, hard science story with good characters and a plot that will keep you guessing a bit.
Stealing light is space opera in the tradition of Alastair Reynolds' revelation space novels. In fact it could have been part of the same universe: Eridana's Yellowstone (Redstone), conjoiners (machine heads), hidden cache artefacts... It's all there!

Dakota Merrick, a machine head, is trying to make a living with her semi intelligent space ship Piri Reis. Where she goes, trouble seems to follow. Flash back chapters make clear she was involved in a violent incident between a faction of Machine heads and Freeholders, due to corrupted Machine head's implants. As a result Machine heads were forced to abandon their implants. But what caused the corruption?

Dakota -like many other Machine heads- can't bear the loss of implants and finds a way to wear them illegally. She becomes the centre of a web of intrigues triggered by the Shoal, the only race with a working star drive. What follows is a tantalizing chain of events leading to a hidden artefact. But knowledge without wisdom may lead to destruction...

The only drawback I found was an overdose of violence with innocent victims. Yet this is great space opera! The open end makes me long for the sequel.
Fast paced action, a huge mystery, incredible scientific reasoning and technology. Everything one would want in a science fiction book!!
Stealing Light is a thrilling SF tale with a stupendous scope. With a sharp focus on his heroine and her unique abilities and tragic life experiences, Gibson manages to create a mystery of galactic jeopardy and redemption as well as personal integrity.

Stealing light is a powerful and compelling SF story. Highly recommended!
I was wondering where the next great sci-fi was. Look no further. Gibson has the ticket to adventure, world spanning alien plots and humanity at the brink of destruction. Great stuff.
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Gary Gibson is one of those writers I read when I can't get one of the top Space Opera writers. He's always good, but never great.
Excellent science fiction novel. Well thought out and developed in both character and plot terms with a self consistent future universe. The best book I have read so far from Gary Gibson and in the same league as my personal favourites, Peter Hamilton, Neal Asher and Alistair Reynolds
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