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eBook The Anubis Gates ePub

by Mark Bilokur,Tim Powers

eBook The Anubis Gates ePub
Author: Mark Bilokur,Tim Powers
Language: English
ISBN: 0929480104
ISBN13: 978-0929480107
Publisher: Mark V Ziesing; 1st US Hardcover Trade Ed. edition (July 1, 1990)
Pages: 361
Category: Science Fiction
Subcategory: Fantasy
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 860
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The Anubis Gates book. This book is not only my first read of Tim Powers, but also one of my earliest read of fantasy novels. I was still innocent literally.

The Anubis Gates book. Start by marking The Anubis Gates as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. So, I had many "Wow!" experience when I read this book.

Fantasy Masterworks Volume 45. eGod. Book One - The Face Under the Fur. Prologue: February 2, 1802. He tore his gaze fearfully away, for he could feel the words burning marks on his soul like a baptism. The blood, he rasped, and even the capacity of the air to carry sounds seemed weakened.

The Anubis Gates is a 1983 time travel fantasy novel by American writer Tim Powers. It won the 1983 Philip K. Dick Award and 1984 Science Fiction Chronicle Award. In 1801 the British have risen to power in Egypt and suppress the worship of the old Egyptian gods. A cabal of magicians plan to drive the British out of Egypt by bringing the gods forward in time from an age when they were still powerful and unleashing them on London, thereby destroying the British Empire

In The Skies Discrowned, a young artist and swordsman becomes a political criminal, marked for death after witnessing an assassination.

Aboard the Vociferous Carmichael, puppeteer John Chandagnac is sailing toward Jamaica to claim his stolen birthright from an unscrupulous uncle, when the vessel is captured. by pirates! Offered a choice by Captain Phil Davies to join their seafaring band or die, Chandagnac assumes the name John Shandy and a new life as a brigand. In the final book of the Fault Lines Trilogy, the race is on to resurrect the murdered Fisher King of the American West and save the life of his successor from supernatural enemies. In The Skies Discrowned, a young artist and swordsman becomes a political criminal, marked for death after witnessing an assassination.

Tim Powers is the author of numerous novels including The Anubis Gates, Dinner at Deviant's Palace, The Stress . I am one of those who has consumed vast quantities of both science fiction and fantasy. This book some what straddles both).

He has won the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award twice, and the World Fantasy Award three times. While there is time travel involved (a staple), most of the book is highly unique.

In the US The Anubis Gates was first published in 1983 by Ace Books, New York. With an introduction by Ramsey Campbell, cover art by .

BOOK ONE-The Face Under the Fur. PROLOGUE: FEBRUARY 2,1802. It could be that you will succeed in opening the gates, but die in accomplishing it, the unruffled Romany pointed out. In such a case you’d want the proper actions taken. Tho’ much is taken, much abides; and tho’. Very well, said Fikee with a weary nod.

The slipcase is also as new. Signed by Tim Powers, . Potter, and Mark Bilokur on limitation page. A very nice copy of this Philip K. Dick Award winner.

The Anibus Gate is the classic time travel novel that took the fantasy world by storm two decades ago. Only the dazzling imagination of Tim Powers could have created such as adventure. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Title: The Anubis Gates. And I can only say that Tim Powers does it brilliantly here – even with all the foreshadowing, any predictability goes out of the window pretty soon and we are surprised with many twists and a-ha moments when everything comes together in a very tightly woven plot. The Anubis Gates is definitely an excellent novel, well-paced, fun, and very well written.

The Anibus Gate is the classic time travel novel that took the fantasy world by storm a decade ago. Only the dazzling imagination of Tim Powers could have created such as adventure.
This is a great mash up of Fantasy and Science Fiction genres.

To set the stage, imagine time is a fast flowing river under a sheet of ice. You can't get out of time because of the ice and you can't go back in time because the flow of time is too fast. Now what would happen if there are holes in that ice ? You got it, you could jump between the holes, if you knew where and when they were. And some people know about these holes through magic or scientific investigation.

Our protagonist throughout this journey is one Brendan Doyle who is called to England by an eccentric billionaire to investigate activities in the early 1800's. Apparently he , or rather people who work fro him, have found the holes in the ice over the time stream.

While Doyle does go back in time through the hole he si captured while there and does not return with the rest of the time travellers back to their origin in 1983. He is stuck in 1804. He soon meets all sorts of magical and maniacal people and creatures as he fights to find his way back.

Doctors Romany and Romanelli are two key villains, and we even have a body switching werewolf added to the mix.

Can Doyle somehow overcome all the impediments to the return to his real time or will he be stuck in early England.

It's truly an adventure to find out.

A fun and entertaining read about magic and time travel.

Centipede Press is releasing a limited edition high end hard cover version of the book this Fall
Woah. What a book. Even if you feel like you've read it all, you haven't. Powers succeeds in creating a story where an astute reader can guess the outcome of the plot very early on but have no idea HOW he's going to get there. The unfolding of the story is absolutely incredible. I love this book.
Pay close attention to this circling and serpentine narrative or be lost in this time-travelling adventure, along with Doyle and his favourite poets Coleridge, Byron and the mysterious Ashbless.
Enjoy a trip through time and the histories of London and Egypt as Doyle struggles to escape the sorcerers who want to steal his knowledge of the Anubis Gates and survive the dangers of the 19th century without the help modern medicine and science.
This book starts great--the concept is engaging, the characters strong, and the action fast. My one criticism is that, as the book goes on, the storyline becomes increasingly frayed as you bounce from POV to POV, sometimes quite suddenly. Overall, though, a great book full of time travel, body snatching, and ancient Egyptian sorcerers.
Tim Powers' time-travel, sci-fi adventure made me wish I was the main character Brendan Doyle going back in time with an eccentric entrepreneur to meet one of my favorite authors. (I would choose Charlotte Bronte, but I'd probably catch and die from TB in Haworth.) Of course, Doyle runs into enough "issues" that I don't think I'll sign up for the time-travel until the crazy people get out of the loops...

That's all the plot I want to divulge from this story so readers can be as swept along by plot developments as I was. The moments of "omigosh, THAT'S why he foreshadowed that!" or "omigosh, BRILLIANT!" came at me fast-n-furious as I burned through the pages. Powers must believe in Poe and King's concept that stray words are wasted words in stories...everything he incorporates has a hidden readers should pay attention from the get-go. Powers uses wit and clever turns of phrase and exquisite references to literature and history all in a pleasing, entertaining style. I enjoyed The Anubis Gates from start to satisfying finish. I highly recommend it to all sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, literature and adventure fiction fans.

From Sandy Lender, "Some days, I just want the dragon to win."
In my opinion this was Power's best. A gripping fantasy, thriller, historical account 1800's London in the grasp of ancient Egyptian gods!
I went into the Anubis Gates with considerably low expectations. This was my first exposure to Powers' writing, although I started Declare about the same time.
I was stunned.
Time travel novels are, more often than not, boring, formulaic, and uninteresting. Or, even worse, an author tries to "reinvent the genre" and it ends up feeling so outlandish that...well, you're not impressed.
Tim Powers did not go that route. (Spoilers may follow) Except for one quick little chase scene in the 1600s, the majority of the novel takes place in the 1800s, during the time of Ashbless and Coleridge. The plot was so tightly controlled but so wonderfully imaginative at the same time - it takes real skill to create a plot like this and, as another reviewer already stated, retain a very good atmosphere. I was so blown away at the end of part one that I literally gasped, that's how amazing it was. Tim Powers is a genius!
And, what characters! My mom (I'm twelve years old), when faced with the task of listening to me rant about the novel while I was reading it, would remark repeatedly on what interesting characters the novel has. And she hadn't even read the book! There is a werewolf, a clown, a weightless magician, an extremely hard-nosed poet, a (definite spoiler) boy masquerading as a girl, people no larger than your fingers - need I go on?
Content-wise, the novel had
-consistent swearing, but nothing really bad (no f words)
-very little sexual content
-hard PG-13 rated fantasy violence
-lots of drinking and some smoking, but it's tame, and the characters are never drunk
The novel has a plot, but it is in the background. Believe it or not, the foreground is the character interactions, adventure scenes (of which there are lots) and sub-plots. I would even go so far as to say that a sub-plot involving a minor character gets an equal amount of -um- page time as the main plot.
The end will please nearly everybody who reads the book. Powers does a fantastic amount of tying up any loose threads. I won't say more than that.
One major criticism of Powers is his interpretation of female characters. I assure you that (at least in this book) THAT IS NOT TRUE. Tim Powers does an excellent job with his one female character, and this character gets a lot of page time, so both sexes can read this book and enjoy it.
The final verdict: amazing.]
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