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eBook Thuvia Maid of Mars: The Barsoom Series, Book 4 ePub

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

eBook Thuvia Maid of Mars: The Barsoom Series, Book 4 ePub
Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs
Language: English
ISBN: 1449968449
ISBN13: 978-1449968441
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 7, 2010)
Pages: 162
Category: Science Fiction
Subcategory: Fantasy
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 362
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Barsoom is planet Mars from American Edgar Rice Burroughs Book 4-5. Thuvia, Maid of Mars, The Chessmen of Mars. by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Barsoom is planet Mars from American Edgar Rice Burroughs. First serialized as Under the Moons of Mars in 1912, published as A Princess of Mars in 1917. Book 4-5. This volume contains novels 4 and 5 of th. ore.

Thuvia of Ptarth was no stranger to such places. And where there were voices, outside of Torquas,there, too, were enemies. All the world of wide Barsoom containednaught but enemies for the fierce Torquasians. Keeping in the shadows of the great monolithsthat line the Avenue of Quays of sleeping Aaanthor, he approachedthe plaza.

Thuvia, Maid of Mars" is the fourth book in Edgar Rice Burroughs' groundbreaking Barsoom series. It was originally published in 1916 in All-Story Weekly and then as a novel in 1920. Like the first three novels in the series, "Thuvia, Maid of Mars" is a swashbuckling tale of derring-do and adventure, taking place on the dying planet Mars.

Thuvia, Maid of Mars. Author: Edgar Burroughs. Carthoris tried to support Thuvia, but himself commenced to slide and slip toward the ever-enlarging aperture. In her terror her own hands clasped about the man’s neck

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Burroughs Edgar Rice. Thuvia, Maid of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs CHAPTER I CARTHORIS AND THUVIA Upon a massive bench of polished ersite beneath the gorgeous blooms of a giant pimalia a woman sat. Her shapely, sandalled foot tapped impatiently upon the jewel-strewn walk that wound beneath the stately sorapus trees across the scarlet sward of the royal gardens of Thuvan Dihn, Jeddak of Ptarth, as a dark-haired, red- skinned warrior bent low toward her, whispering heated words close to her ear. "Ah, Thuvia of Ptarth," he cried, "you are cold even before the fiery blasts of my consuming love!

by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Edgar Rice Burroughs.

by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Books related to Thuvia, Maid of Mars, Fourth Novel of the Barsoom Series. A Princess of Mars, First of the Barsoom Novels. Works Of Edgar Rice Burroughs: (20+ Works) Includes The Tarzan Series, The Barsoom Series, Jungle Adventure Novels And More (Mobi Collected Works).

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Thuvia, Maid of Mars is a science fiction novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the fourth of the Barsoom series. The principal characters are the Son of John Carter of Mars, Carthoris, and Thuvia of Ptarth, each of whom appeared in the previous two novels. Carthoris is madly in love with Thuvia. This love was foreshadowed at the end of the previous novel. Unfortunately Thuvia is promised to Kulan Tith, Jeddak of Kaol. On Barsoom nothing can break an engagement between a man and woman except death, although the new suitor may not cause that death. Thus it is that Thuvia will have none of him. This situation leaves Carthoris in a predicament. As Thuvia suffers the common Burroughsian heroine's fate of being kidnapped and in need of rescue, Carthoris' goal is abetted by circumstances. Thus he sets out to find the love of his life. His craft is sabotaged and he finds himself deep in the undiscovered south of Barsoom, in the ruins of ancient Aanthor. Thuvia's kidnappers, the Dusar, have taken her there as well, and Carthoris is just in time to spot Thuvia and her kidnappers under assault by a green man of the hordes of Torquas. Carthoris leaps to her rescue in the style of his father. The rescue takes Carthoris and his love to ancient Lothar, home of an ancient fair-skinned human race gifted with the ability to create lifelike phantasms from pure thought. They use large numbers of phantom bowmen paired with Banths (Barsoomian lions) to defend themselves from the hordes of Torquas. The kidnapping of Thuvia is done in such a way that Carthoris is blamed. This ignites a war between the red nations of Barsoom. Will Carthoris be back in time with Thuvia to stop the war from breaking loose? Will Carthoris' love ever be requited by the promised Thuvia? (wikipedia)
I read the first book in the “Barsoom” series as a story in the “Steam Punk Megapack” collection. It is pure action/adventure and I really enjoyed it! I then went to Wikipedia and discovered there are eleven books total in the series. The last book is really two separate stories. These books are all fun and easy to read.

I discovered that many of the individual titles in the series are free at Amazon for the Kindle, particularly the first five. Then the stories seem to come in collections for a price. I suggest avoiding the collections based on the negative reviews that I read. I was able to acquire all of the books eventually as single Kindle books.

Two books, numbers 8 and 10 (I believe), I was able to get by googling the titles. They were in Kindle format and free! Check out I did not know before this that the Kindle format is available outside of the Amazon Web Site. I could not get these two books through Amazon.

Book eleven is available at Amazon Kindle but the Title is listed as: “John Carter on Mars.” In Wikipedia it is listed as: “John Carter of Mars.” I believe the two stories: “John Carter and the Giant of Mars” & “Skeleton Men of Jupiter” can be acquired for free as separate titles at if you prefer “free”.
I love his writing style. I find myself flying through the pages. It is fantasy stuff, maidens in distress, monsters, heroes, and warrior princesses. What's not to like? The books were written in simpler times when sex was implied and violence was surreal. They appeal to children and adults alike because they stimulate the imagination and satisfy our desire for good to triumph over evil.
In a Paris Review interview, Ray Bradbury said of Burroughs that "Edgar Rice Burroughs never would have looked upon himself as a social mover and shaker with social obligations. But as it turns out – and I love to say it because it upsets everyone terribly – Burroughs is probably the most influential writer in the entire history of the world." Bradbury continued that "By giving romance and adventure to a whole generation of boys, Burroughs caused them to go out and decide to become special." I agree, and girls enjoy them too.
"Thuvia, Maid of Mars" is the fourth book in Edgar Rice Burroughs' groundbreaking Barsoom series. It was originally published in 1916 in All-Story Weekly and then as a novel in 1920. Like the first three novels in the series, "Thuvia, Maid of Mars" is a swashbuckling tale of derring-do and adventure, taking place on the dying planet Mars. It differs from the first three tales in that, instead of following the adventures of John Carter, it follows the adventures of his son, Carthoris, who, like his father, spends his time attempting to rescue a princess in danger, Thuvia, who first appeared in "The Gods of Mars."

This novel involves palace intrigue with nobles from three nations attempting to secure the hand of Thuvia, Princess of Ptarth. It involves not just palace intrigue, but a mighty battle where the navies of the great powers of Mars (or Barsoom as the natives call it) face each other in something like when the English faced off against the great Spanish Armada.

This novel also involves some science fiction aspects (apart from taking place on another planet) in that an ancient race that somehow survived the drying up of Mars' mighty oceans can create things and people and warriors with just their thoughts. This is a theme that was explored at length in many other science fiction novels and even in Star Trek episodes. Burroughs spends much time in this novel not just writing about Carthoris' adventures, but also exploring the philosophical ends of such things as mental creation and what is real and what is fantasy. Can these ancient people survive on just imaginary food? Can imaginary arrows kill Green Martians? Are the bowmen brought into existence to defend the city any less real flesh and blood than the men who bring them into existence? Is it necessary for imaginary archers to eat and make camp?

Even though the Barsoomian adventures of John Carter and his son involve flying airships and ray guns, most Barsoomians prefer to do battle hand to hand with swords. They also act with a code of honor and do not slay women. Thus, to read one of these tales is to bring an adventure of the knights of the middle ages and their chivalry to life, just on another planet where the various city-states vie against each other for honor.

If you are looking for a terrific adventure story, this is your ticket.
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