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eBook Passion For Jesus: Growing in Extravagant Love for God ePub

by Jack Deere,Mike Bickle

eBook Passion For Jesus: Growing in Extravagant Love for God ePub
Author: Jack Deere,Mike Bickle
Language: English
ISBN: 088419258X
ISBN13: 978-0884192589
Publisher: Charisma House (July 12, 1996)
Pages: 224
Category: World
Subcategory: History
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 691
Formats: lrf mbr mobi lrf
ePub file: 1519 kb
Fb2 file: 1249 kb

Passion For Jesus book. Anyone who knows Mike Bickle, knows that he has subordinated everything in his life to this one goal: acquiring passion for Jesus

Anyone who knows Mike Bickle, knows that he has subordinated everything in his life to this one goal: acquiring passion for Jesus. And therein lies the power of this book.

Passion For Jesus: Growing in Extravagant Love for Go. This book is such an encouragment.

Growing in Extravagant Love for God.

Passion for Jesus - Mike Bickle Passion for Jesus will conquer a thousand sins i. .

Seeing the passion of God's personality will help bring you to a personal . He is the best-selling author of The Pleasures of Loving God and Growing in the Prophetic.

Seeing the passion of God's personality will help bring you . For more on Mike Bickle visit the Mike Bickle artist profile. Growing in the Prophetic (Book). The Seven Longings of the Human Heart (Book).

Have you ever wondered how God feels about you?If you could get just a glimpse, you would become a new person. No matter who you are or what you have done, He longs for you to know the truth - that His affections for you are very deep, even when you are at your weakest.  Seeing the passion and splendor of God's personality will help bring you to personal wholeness and spiritual maturity.  And it will awaken in you a fervent devotion to God- and a passion for Jesus. "Anyone who knows Mike Bickle, knows that he has subordinated everything in his life to this one goal: acquiring passion for Jesus. And therein lies the power of this book." Jack Deere, Th.D., author and lecturer"I have been stirred by reading Mike Bickle's spiritual odyssey in this book. His passion for Jesus is infectious." Stephen Strang, founder, Charisma magazine
Mike has written a book here that has changed many lives. It's one that every Christian should read and mull over.

I think one point in the book that I would adjust is his teaching on imagining God. He assumes that because God's throne is described in Revelations 4 and Ezekiel 1 that we must therefore be able to imagine God in our minds. He doesn't deal with the concept that God may have given us these descriptions without intending for us to create paintings of God on the easel of our own minds. He teaches that people should use Revelation 4 and Ezekiel 1 throne room scenes to imagine what God looks like. Then pray to the image in your mind. This extra-biblical concept can lead one to create an image in their mind of what God is like...when in reality it is an image in their isn't God. Don't do that. Let God reveal himself to you through real visions, not images you create in your own mind. Ask God to reveal Himself to you instead through a direct experience rather than creating something in your mind.

If the experiences you have with God match with the bible, then you will have a powerful confirmation of your encounter with the Lord.

Mike Bickle is an excellent man. His life has helped countless people, including myself. He was my pastor for years...and a neighbor. Now that I'm a pastor, I can see that I would not be in the ministry if it were not for Mike's inspiration to seek Jesus and it's profound effect on my life. That is the key emphasis in this book...and if you open your heart to Jesus while reading this book you will be changed.

Mike is well known for inspiring people to seek Jesus. And this is the first book he published along that line. It really is a classic even though it's only been out for maybe ten years or so. So even though I have a concern about one teaching in this book, the overall book is tremendous.

Every Christian should own a copy and read it at least once or twice. I heartily recommend you buy a copy-and an extra one for giving out to friends. Just add my footnote in there if you agree with me on that one point.

This is one of the best modern Christian books I have ever read. Bickle has taken certain biblical truths to a new level of understanding that is greatly needed in our day. He is teaching us that before we can be workers FOR God, we must be lovers OF God, the God who loves us. I hope that the truths in this book will continue to change many peoples perspective and lead them into deeper love for the Lord.
I'd been praying and asking God to open my eyes to his love for me because, honestly, I just didn't feel it. This book led me to scriptural truths about His love for me and my prayers are being answered. It was wonderful, He spoke His love for me through a co-worker I barely know. One day out of the clear blue this person said, "I just love you!" I knew this was more than a friendly gesture; this was the Lord speaking His great love into my life.
Mike Bickle did a wonderful job with the writing of this book. IT takes the reader on a journey into a more emotional relationship with the Lord Jesus. I read it twice and I recommended it to several people who also read it and found it to be a book of encouragement.
If you want grow in intimacy with God, in an understanding of his heart and the experience of his love for you-- I wholeheartedly recommend this book. The message of this book has changed my life and through the Holy Spirit transformed me from a person who was harsh, negative, judgmental, and always struggling with shame and condemnation, to one whose heart has been softened, tenderized and set on the lifelong journey of learning the freedom of being loved unconditionally.
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My dad bought this book and basically forced me to read it and once I started, I couldn't put it down. I would say it has been at least 7 years ago since I have read it, but I can honestly say that I will never be the same since I finished reading it. As I read, I sat captivated that one man could have these revelations about Jesus. I began to seek God myself, praying that He would show me Himself, I really wanted to know what Mike Bickle knew. If you purchase this book, I urge you to do the same, you will not put that book down and be the same person you were when you began. Over the weeks I was reading and praying, God began opening my eyes to His love for me...I can't put into words here what it felt like...all I could do was cry as He poured out His love on me. It was one of the most precious moments in my life that I wouldn't trade for anything. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. YOU WILL BE BLESSED!
One of my all time favorite books. Mike reveals the message of God enjoying us and that we can have passion for God just as he has passion for us. Knowing how God truly feels about us is how we have passion for Him. This is a must read for any person wanting to go deeper and have a more intimate relationship with Jesus. The revelation that this book brings will change your life.
This book has truly helped me develop a "passion for Jesus!" Using examples from his own life and others, Mike Bickle gives us a picture of how God truly sees us and effectively explains the whys and hows of developing a mature, passionate love for Jesus. Often books like this can leave you feeling inadequate and condemned. Mike Bickle uses his own mistakes and slow realizations to show that we all make mistakes and God's heart is still ravished by our love for Him! Read this book with an open heart - expecting to be changed by God's love for you!
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