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eBook Strachey's Folly: A Donald Strachey Mystery (Don Strachey Mysteries) ePub

by Richard Stevenson

eBook Strachey's Folly: A Donald Strachey Mystery (Don Strachey Mysteries) ePub
Author: Richard Stevenson
Language: English
ISBN: 0312243286
ISBN13: 978-0312243289
Publisher: Stonewall Inn Mysteries; 1st edition (November 5, 1999)
Pages: 224
Category: Mystery & Thrillers
Subcategory: LGBT
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 323
Formats: lit mbr mobi lrf
ePub file: 1186 kb
Fb2 file: 1647 kb

A gripping, fast-paced mystery. -Booklist on Strachey's Folly. Richard Stevenson's mysteries are among the wittiest and most politically motivated around today. -The Washington Post.

A gripping, fast-paced mystery. Stevenson takes a familiar whodunit formula and imbues it with new life. The action is lively and the plotting honest and non-explotative.

Donald "Don" Strachey is a fictional character who appears in novels by mystery writer Richard Stevenson. Strachey, a gay man, lives in Albany, New York, with his partner Timothy Callahan, who works as a legislative aide to a New York state senator. Don's clients often feel that his sexual orientation gives him an edge when called upon to investigate cases that involve Albany's gay community.

The interaction between Donald Strachey and his long-time partner, Timmy, is always well done, and very realistic. All lovers of good mysteries, whether gay or heterosexual, will appreciate this book. Stevenson is a fine writer who knows how to weave a shocking and gripping mystery.

Поиск книг по ключевому слову Donald Strachey Mystery. Someone's left a man's body in Donald Strachey's car - the grandson of Albany's most connected political fixer

Поиск книг по ключевому слову Donald Strachey Mystery. Someone's left a man's body in Donald Strachey's car - the grandson of Albany's most connected political fixer. A letter from the deceased asks Strachey to dismantle his grandfather's party machine. One of the funniest in the series. Filmed for release by HereTV in 2008; originally published 1986.

Читать онлайн Strachey's folly. Chapter 1. This is screwy. We were in the Peace Corps together in the sixties. Donald and I stay with Maynard whenever we come to Washington. We're-we're just old Peace Corps buddies. Timmy might as well have announced to Craig that he and Maynard had been members of the corps de ballet of the 1965 Fonteyn-Nureyev Giselle tour.

Donald Strachey mystery ). Richard Stevenson. Don Strachey-I’m with Timothy. 1. One’s a good chain and one’s a bad chain, Skeeter McCaslin eerily intoned from his hospital bed. One’s a daisy chain and one’s a chain of fools. His dark eyes were bright with fever, and he looked suspicious and terrified and cunning all at the same time. Timothy Callahan and I glanced at each other over our gauze masks, then looked back at Skeeter. But when you called the other day, Timmy said, you told me a friend’s life was in danger-a woman at the newspaper in Edensburg.

The Donald Strachey Mysteries technically refers to the series of movies, produced by Ron Oliver, although the title is used by fans to collectively refer to the books by Richard Stevenson as well. Background on both main characters is contradictory between the books and the movies; writers in the fandom often use a mix of both, or exclusively use movie canon.

Strachey's Folly book. - The Washington Post on Chain of Fools. Stevenson's mysteries are among the wittiest and most politically pointed around today".

Fandoms: Donald Strachey - Richard Stevenson. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings. Written for smallfandom fest 18 Prompt: Donald Strachey Mysteries (Richard Stevenson) - Don/Timmy - Blast from the past.

In Washington, D.C., to view the AIDS Memorial Quilt, gay P.I. Donald Strachey, his lover, Timme, and their friend Maynard discover a panel for an ex-lover of Maynard. The trouble is that the ex-lover isn't dead. Shortly thereafter, Maynard is gunned down in his driveway in a seemingly random attack. But the timing of the attack is too perfect for Strachey to believe it is conincidental, and he must find out what secrets lie behind the ex-lovers's disappearance before the unseen attackers turn their attention toward Timmy and Strachey himself.
Fun detective story and thoughtful political critique. The characters are fun and well written. This story really kept me interested.
good novel
Great author great series Stevenson did a great job with the Strachey series - three have been movies - and if you like PI stories, these are all solid ones
if you like a series story line, this book is for you. i really do like stevensons character development, and story writing.
Albany P.I. Donald Strachey and his lover, Timmy take a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit their friend Maynard, and to go see the AIDS Memorial Quilt. All goes well until they discover a panel for Maynard's ex-lover, who is alive and well, and whom Maynard had just seen two weeks ago while in Mexico. Now the action has begun. As this fast paced mystery continues, there's a drive-by shooting, and the police even suspect Donald and Timmy are involved. This is a gripping story that is filled with carefully crafted and unexpected turns, which kept me turning the pages as fast as I could read them. This is the reason I look forward to these "Strachey" mysteries. They are intelligently written, and often laced with good-natured humor.

If you have never read Stevenson's mysteries, you are missing out on some great writing. I think once you have read one, you will want to read the whole series. They are all connected, but can be read independently. This is another one of Stevenson's master mysteries, and one I really enjoyed. I look forward to every book he publishes. I just wish he would put more than one out a year. Highly recommended, that's for sure!
Joe Hanssen
My hobby is reading mysteries. The nice thing about a series is that if you liked the book, you are likely to enjoy the others. Richard Stevenson is my favorite author; His Donald Strachey books are my favorite series. His current, Strachey's Folly, contains all what I have come to expect: It is a real page turner; characters are believable; well crafted mystery; twists and turns keep you guessing. This story begins with the discovery that a memorial panel in the AIDS quilt is dedicated to someone who has been seen alive two weeks ago. The characteristics that really distinguish this book [and this author] from others are many. Humor, often rye, sassy, and ribald, sometimes subtle and ironic, fills the pages. Some times the humor, all in context and original, has me literally rolling on the floor. The author is socially conscious. His detective, Donald Strachey, has an ongoing personal & romantic relationship with his lover that provides foil to the main story l! ine and a secure base for the reader. Their interrelationship is fully developed.
Strachey's Folly

I have been following Richard Stevensons' series staring Donald Strachey, private eye. The 'Folly' book was refreshing in that it had different locations from Albany, and therefore a different type of crime. The vignettes re Timmy, Donalds longstanding (do I mean longsuffering?) companion were amusing and realistic. I would recommend this book to others. I find that the authors style becomes more at ease, and flows well as the series develops. My only regret is that Mr Strachey appears to have become retired. I believe that there is room for more character development/more books. One centered more around Timmy, or a crime related to his distant past would be of interest, for example.
Needless to say, this is a very well structured book and great fun to read. Loved it. I've also watched most of the films of this series and really appreciate Stevenson's realistic portrayal of a gay couple. That aside, I found the accuracy of the back story re: the Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) experience just amazing. I was also a PCV, not in India, but in Eritrea and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in the late sixties. PC philosophy has changed over the years but during that time, it was thought anyone with a Bachelor's degree or B.A. Generalist--as Stevenson accurately terms it--could work miracles in underdeveloped countries. That ridiculous notion soon changed, perhaps, after 75% of my group left Ethiopia within the first year of service. I was on my way home when my area rep in Asmara handed me a book on Teaching English as a Second Language, and I stayed on and loved the experience, and my newfound vocation. Proving once again the axiom, those who can't, teach. In any case, kudos to Stevenson who really got it right.
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