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eBook P.E.A.C.E. ePub

by Guy Holmes

eBook P.E.A.C.E. ePub
Author: Guy Holmes
Language: English
ISBN: 0684870797
ISBN13: 978-0684870793
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (December 5, 2000)
Pages: 320
Category: Action & Adventure
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 291
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It's the era of "PEACE, " an acronym for "Police Enforced Anti-Crime Environment, " and . Breathlessly original, ". launches the dazzling career of a writer destined to rank alongside Ed McBain and David Baldacci.

It's the era of "PEACE, " an acronym for "Police Enforced Anti-Crime Environment, " and it's turned New York into a city where no crime - from petty vandalism to first-degree murder - goes undetected. Enter Mac Wells, a cop whose legendary cool reserve masks a fierce loyalty to his colleagues and his city. As one of New York's elite undercover agents, he is part of a flagship anti-crime experiment that everyone wants to work. And at first glance, it seems to be doing just that - crime is down; the citizens are happy.

The New York City of the not-too-distant future is a surveillance state. What is Kobo Super Points? A loyalty program that rewards you for your love of reading. Explore rewards Explore Kobo VIP Membership.

The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes is the final set of twelve (out of a total of fifty-six) Sherlock Holmes short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in the Strand Magazine between October 1921 and April 1927

The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes is the final set of twelve (out of a total of fifty-six) Sherlock Holmes short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in the Strand Magazine between October 1921 and April 1927. However, they had slightly different titles.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (December 14, 2001). is engaging, unerringly suspenseful, and, that rarest of things, a book that, after you've put it down, makes you look a little differently, a little less complacently, at the world around you. ISBN13: 9780743211901. Browse Related Books. Fiction Action & Adventure. Resources and Downloads. High Resolution Images. Book Cover Image (jpg): . A Novel of Police Terror. Price may vary by retailer.

Guy Holmes' debut novel, . is a vision of what technological innovations could bring to New York and the rest of the world. Set in the near future, the book revolves around the life of Mac Wells, a . Police Enforced Anti-Crime Environment) officer. Wells is a foot soldier in a war against crime commanded by leaders far off in dark rooms lined with monitors, connected to the outside by cameras all over the city. The system also dispatches .

Mar 1981 to 8 Mar 1986 · Meraux, Louisiana. Current City and Home Town.

Guy Holmes published the literary thriller . about the coming surveillance state with Simon & Schuster. He wrote the screenplay for Mindscape, which was released in 2014 in the United States as Anna. Anna starred Mark Strong and Taissa Farmiga

Guy Holmes published the literary thriller . Anna starred Mark Strong and Taissa Farmiga. He collaborates on all film and TV projects with his writing partner, Anne Robinson. See full bio . More at IMDbPro Contact Info: View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro.

P. E. A. C. : A Novel Of Police Terror - ISBNdb (books and publications). Guy Holmes Videos & Images.

A gritty futuristic police drama pits a NYPD cop against a wide-ranging scheme to strip Americans of their privacy in the form of an anti-crime video surveillance system that sparks a shocking conspiracy. A first novel. 30,000 first printing.
A very disturbing view of future world, where police wear 'sleeper' guns which are, in theory, supposed to put you into a light sleep and calm you down. But what if the drugs used in the gun are not as innocent as they seem? Guy Holmes explores the (grim prediction for) future with breathtaking detail. This stuff sounds so real, that I am afraid that, few years from now, we will be walking the streets we only read about.
Guy Holmes has taken an engaging political topic and painted an in-your-face kind of story. What could really happen if "big brother" watched too often and inserted too much control in our lives. This book's setting is very New York; you can almost smell the city, but without an overkill in adjectives. The novel is written in a straight forward, almost sticatto form. Quick, pointed, and simple. The plot sets up well, and the character's relationships are built well for a solid working novel. There are only a couple of awkward moments in the story where the characters are dreaming or seeing others around them supernaturally that the story line takes a brief and unusual, maybe unrealistic detour. The plot is strong and heroic, however, and keeps you attentive and interested through the entire novel. Good work Guy!
The problem with this book is that the setting has almost nothing to do with the plot or character. So it's an orwellian world. Surveillance cameras are everywhere, all susupicious moves are screened out by pattern matching and suspects are immediately identified.
And then, the special unit named PEACE will nail the suspect using a tranquilizer gun. The city became safer, less crimes. Fine.
You would imagine that this sort of setting would lead to an Orwellian dystopia, where people's freedom is compromized under a police rule. No. The only problem is that there is some side effects with the tranquilizer and the hero goes after it. and then he uncovers this huge conspiracy...
But even after everything is revealed, I can't really understand the problem. So why not use another tranquilizer??! That's all there is to it. Everything else about this system, according to this story, is just peachy. Really?
The story avoids all difficult issues about this sort of setting, and just does this tough good guy (with a beautiful wife) against a big conspiracy. I don't think the characters and the plot are well worked out. He devotes a chapter about a news reporter's past, you think he's an important character, but he doesn't do ANYTHING. Why bother? The final battle seen, where somehow, the major characters come together, is totally unbelievable.
I regret the time I spent on this story. I wouldn't want other people to repeat that waste.
The law abiding citizens of New York City welcomed the Police Enforced Anti-Crime Environment (P.E.A.C.E.) system that placed surveillance cameras all over town. Although freedoms were surrendered for safety, most New Yorkers have been elated with the results of their new surveillance system that has dramatically reduced crime.

While monitoring cameras watching over the subway, police officer Mac Wells and his partner Sam Mullane notice a crime in progress. They quickly arrive at the scene, but during the ensuing fight, Mac accidentally tranquilizes Sam, which is a minor inconvenience. However, a few days later, Sam stunningly dies. A guilt wracked Mac clandestinely makes inquiries starting with the so-called safe stun gun, which soon leads the former loyal cop into uncovering something sinister about P.E.A.C.E. Now his former employers assign Mac's former peers to make Mac meet with an accident.

P.E.A.C.E. is a fast-paced futuristic police procedural thriller that will provide much satisfaction to sub-genre fans who don't mind loose subplots. The action-packed story line takes a close look at the issue of safety vs. First Amendment rights with the major advancements in technology making "Big Brother" quite feasible. Although the characters including Mac never quite seem real, the story line packs quite a wallop as Guy Holmes cleverly relates his basic theme of who watches the watcher.

Harriet Klausner
In a future New York City everyone lives in a surveillance state where video cameras record everywhere in subways & streets, elevators & offices; everything from vandalism, burglary & murder & the NYPD wield innovative & much-touted tranquilizer guns. The Police Enforced Anti-Crime Environment(P.E.A.C.E.) seems to be working perfectly - crime is down & the citizenry seems content.
Everyone says those tranquilizer guns are harmless, they simply stun perps for the few seconds needed to restore peace. One of New York's elite undercover agents is not so sure. During a fracas in the subway he had accidently tranqed his partner who began showing strange symptoms & ended up in hospital, dead.
In a heart-pounding, ungodly vision of the future of Big Brotherhood, Guy Holmes' maiden novel paints a deadly, intricate dabble into the profit of science & experiments, politics & justice. A satisfying & thought-provoking read! Do check out my site for my full review - & eInterview with this new author!
I managed to get a preview copy of this book, and totally loved it. PEACE has loads of action, and really cool conspiracy/big brother stuff, it's actually a bit chilling at some points. Along with the action and thrills, I really dug the characters and story. I am waiting for a sequel.
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