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eBook Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior ePub

by John Weisman,Richard Marcinko

eBook Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior ePub
Author: John Weisman,Richard Marcinko
Language: English
ISBN: 0671545140
ISBN13: 978-0671545147
Publisher: Pocket; Reprint edition (May 1, 1997)
Pages: 176
Category: Action & Adventure
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 543
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Richard Marcinko retired from the Navy as a full commander after more than thirty years of service

Richard Marcinko retired from the Navy as a full commander after more than thirty years of service. He currently lives in the Washington, . area, where he is CEO of SOS Temps In. his private security firm whose clients are governments and corporations, and Richard Marcinko In. a motivational training and teambuilding company. He is coauthor with John Weisman of his New York Times bestselling autobiography, Rogue Warrior® along with the New York Times bestselling novels Rogue Warrior: Red Cell, Rogue Warrior: Green Team, Rogue Warrior: Task Force Blue, and their latest, Rogue Warrior: Designation Gold.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A brilliant virtuoso of violence, Richard Marcinko rose through Navy ranks to create and command one of this country's most elite and classified counterterrorist units. Book 1 of 16 in the Rogue Warrior Series.

Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior: A Commando's Guide to Success (1997) (with John Weisman). Dictator's Ransom (2008) - Having read all of Marcinko's books, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il hires him to bring back an illegitimate son who's gone missing. The Rogue Warriors Strategy for Success (1998). The Real Team (1999) (with John Weisman).

John Weisman is one of the select company of authors to have written both fiction and non-fiction New York Times best-sellers. In 1992 he wrote Rogue Warrior with Richard Marcinko. That book, Marcinko's autobiography and the story of the .

Rogue Warrior is an autobiography by career US naval officer Richard "Dick" Marcinko, who spent his career struggling to win acceptance for special warfare SEAL units within the Navy establishment. It covers the early history of the SEAL units, his participation in the Vietnam War, the Iran hostage rescue attempt in 1980 and the . invasion of Grenada and the founding and early history of two United States Navy counter-terrorist units, SEAL Team SIX and Red Cell.

While I enjoyed Richard Marcinko's book "Rogue Warrior," this book offered very little. After serving in Vietnam, he went on to start and command SEAL Team 6, the Navy's anti-terrorist group, and Red Cell, a high-level anti-terrorist unit.

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Richard Marcinko, John Weisman. Richard Marcinko's explosive New York Times bestselling autobiography, Rogue Warrior, and four blockbuster Rogue Warrior novels have earned him fame for his raucous, no-holds-barred style. Now, blasting other business guides out of the water, Marcinko draws on his remarkable experience as a Navy commando and creator of the legendary SEAL TEAM SIX to apply his Ten Commandments of Special Warfare to the challenges of business and everyday life. A sampling: I will always lead you from the front, not the rear. I shall punish thy bodies because the more thou.

John Weisman, Richard Marcinko

John Weisman, Richard Marcinko. Rogue Warrior: Designation Gold by John Weisman and Richard Marcinko (1997, Hardcover). This story about a Navy SEAL was so truthful that he was recaled back into the Navy and they tried to courtmarshal him for the SECRETS that he disclosed in the book. The book was Fiction, is fiction, however it it so full of truths that they Navy had to try to do somethign about it. His second book Rogue Warrior Red Cell goes on to explain. The first book is filled with Sailor speak, gets pretty foul but he eventually in his later books leaves alot of that out.

Draws on the author's experience as a Navy commando and creator of the legendary SEAL TEAM SIX, recounts several of his personal war stories, and presents his Ten Commandments of Special Warfare. Reprint.
This book is no longer in print so you'll have to get a used one if you're interested. Out of several leadership books I've read, this one offers the most no-nonsense approach to decisive decision making and leading from the front. The world is a different place now than it was 20 years ago, or so we would like to believe. Despite all our technological advances, political nonsense and psychobabble touchy feely stuff, people are still largely the way they were thousands of years ago. They want clear lines of authority, decisive and competent decisions and people who will support them when they're right, no matter what. Not people that will throw them under the bus to advance some personal agenda. This book describes basic, ground level leadership and while I've tempered it a bit to reflect my modern, non-military environment it still accomplishes in 155 pages what other books can't do in twice that. Why? Because Marcinko follows his own rules and Keeps It Simple.
from earth
Awesome book. You can take away and apply quite a bit to every day life as well as work. There are of course some parts that will never apply but good examples over all. We are reviewing this book as a team at work and many of the concepts are definitely sinking in.
If you were to only have one book in your Man Cave, this should be the only one.
I make a point of reading excerpts from Marchinko's bible throughout the year to stay on point and to remain focused.
It would be an honor to shake this man's hand to thank him personally for his honorable service to this Great Nation of ours.
It's men like Richard Marcinko we should all try to emulate.
A real Hero with sound advice for any man looking to be in charge on the world he lives in.
Not acceptable in today's PC world. You'ed get sued for discrimination for rewarding success these days.
Marcinko, the Rogue Warrior, lays out the rules of honor that served the ancient Spartans and the contemporary Marines.

It's really targeted to a less literate audience than I'd like.

These rules are based on leading front line troops in situations where individuals risk their lives and well-being over and over to protect their comrades. Outside these war scenarios life really is different. While there are times when character is revealed and people do heroic things, it does not often happen with the immediacy of actual combat.
The book was great, I couldn't put it down. When by chance i forgot it in my HUMMV and I couldn't find it. About 2 months later I ran across it again, because about 10 other people had past it around before it made it back to me. It was NOT only good to me but to everyone else.

Sorry for this very late rating but I'd never seen it available to rate.

Thanx Dirty D for a great book and since then I bought practically all of your books.
Should be read in all schools. Unconventional Warfare is the only way to proceed for the early 21st century
What a wonderful book on management. If you are looking for feel good or politically correct this not for you. The straight talk with no BS.
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