eBook Riptide ePub

by Lincoln Preston

eBook Riptide ePub
Author: Lincoln Preston
Language: English
ISBN: 0553811894
ISBN13: 978-0553811896
Publisher: Bantam Books (Transworld Publishers a division of the Random House Group) (May 1, 1999)
Pages: 528
Category: Action & Adventure
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 100
Formats: mbr docx lit azw
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Chronological By Series Preston Books Child Books Riptide. Riptide - Watch your step! Print View.

Chronological By Series Preston Books Child Books Riptide. First published: July 1, 1998 Publisher: Grand Central Publishing.

This is the book that got me interested in the authors Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston. I read this a long time ago and decided to read it again. It was just as good the second time.

Ships from and sold by La Su Misura. This is the book that got me interested in the authors Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston.

By douglas preston and lincoln child. The Book of the Dead. Outstanding Praise For Riptide. By Douglas Preston And Lincoln Child. Still Life with Crows. The Cabinet of Curiosities. Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3.

A Time Warner CompanyThis book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the authors' imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

This is my third Preston & Child book (the first two being their Pendergast series) and I am now convinced that I don’t need to read any of their synopses anymore, I am just going to pick up their books and read. I’m not sure which author writes which part, but I don’t care. Lol! I just know that whenever I start to read I feel like I’m intensely reading the page word by word because so much is happening, and you can see the movie being played in your head.

Riptide is a novel written by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston published in 1998 by Warner Books. The novel revolves around a plot to retrieve the buried treasure of nefarious pirate Red Ned Ockham. The treasure, which is estimated to be worth close to two billion dollars, reputedly includes "St. Michael's Sword", a weapon with the power to kill anyone who looks at it. The novel is pure fiction but is based in part on the legend of the Oak Island Money Pit.

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Reputed to hide a vast hoard of treasure, the Water Pit has claimed the lives of all who dared enter and kept its secret safe. That is until a massive hi-tech recovery expedition launches an assault on the deadly edifice. But as the Water Pit starts to divulge its secrets, so men begin to die.
I've read other books by Child/Preston (Relic and Reliquary) and found them fun but the writing just a little rough.
But Riptide, now--Wow! They have really hit their stride on this one. The pacing is great and the thought they put into how to approach the diabolically clever puzzle of the treasure pit is impressive.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book right to the end, even sneaking out to sit in my car at work to finish it!
In the first few pages of the book, we are introduced to the main character, Malin Hatch, as a boy, and see the gruesome tragedy that shadows the rest of his life, but that will not be fully explained until the end of the book. Then we skip forward 30 years. Ladies and gentlemen, THAT's what I call a "hook!" I was certainly hooked until the very end.
I'm certain you will enjoy this roller coaster ride of a book.
This is the type of book that was made for summer!!! The dreaded infamous Water-Pit which is pretty much taken right from the classic Water-Trap that we all remember either from the nostalgic In Search Of episode or that dreadful "reality" show that my wife watches is front and center the star of this novel. Along with the pirate Red Ned Ockham. The book begins with a brief history lesson on the Water-Trap, and then flashes forward to the hero of the book as a young boy playing with his brother on Ragged Island dreaming summertime dreams that all boys have about finding pirate gold, and what to do with the mountains of gold that is sure to be found if only they can discover the right tunnel. Accidents happen and that brings us to the present where our hero, Malin Hatch swears never to step on Ragged Island again until approached by the shadowy figures that inhabit all of these books. They come with smiles, high technology, and promising the riches that would make any man or woman think twice.
The novel centers around the coastline of Maine, and is filled with rich, interesting characters. The history I learned along the way about the pit, the pirates involved and a few other characters lost to history was intriguing, and really kept me involved with the book. The quest for the treasure of Red Ned will you keep you on the edge of your beach, or patio chair. The final act seems just a bit rushed but that might be typical of Preston, and Child's work, I can't say for sure. In my opinion I wish that they would have slowed down the action just a bit to savor the climax a bit more, but that's incidental and doesn't detract from what I felt was a quick, fun read. The quest for riches could prove to be Malin's undoing.
"Riptide" is a standalone adventure novel by Doug Preston and Lincoln Childs, authors of the hugely successful "Agent Pendergast" series. As a long-time fan of Agent Pendergast and other Doug Preston novels such as "Blasphemy" and "Impact", I took a shot and downloaded Riptide for my Kindle when I was trolling for books this week. It was an excellent idea.

Riptide is a modern treasure hunt, literally. Mal Hatch and his older 12 year old brother Johnny set sail one day while their parent are away for a nearby island off the coast of Maine, owned by the family, that is reputed to hold a fantastic pirate treasure. Only Mal makes it back. Flash forward 25 years and the adventure begins.

Preston and Child's fourth novel, published in 1999, after "Relic" and "Reliquary" but before Aloysius Pendergast became the star of his own series, has every bit of the tight plotting, fast and addictive pacing, and scientific accuracy that characterizes the succeeding decade of Pendergast titles. The main characters are nicely drawn, and the hero is charismatic enough to maintain one's interest during the plot-driven narrative. "Riptide" clearly foreshadows how successful and fun P&C's collaborative efforts were going to be over the next 10+ years, and it is a great download, well worth the $7.00 price.

HIghly recommended.

in waiting
Basic plot deals with the attempt to recover an enormous pirate treasure left buried under a New England island.
About a dozen major attempts at its recovery have been made in the centuries it has been there. All have failed
due to the clever design of a warren of tunnels & booby traps that were part of its construction. This is the story
of an attempt using 21st century technology coupled with an almost limitless budget. Tons of gold & silver, along
with sacks of jewels aren't the only wealth hidden there. The fabled Sword of Saint Michael is also part of this
horde. It's history shows that it is cursed and that all who have had contact with it over its centuries long
history have perished. As the diggers get closer to it, they too begin to experience strange health problems and
other inexplicable misfortunes.

Of course, character development, personal quirks, and both good and evil sides of human nature affects the total
presentation as the story unfolds. Human greed, naturally, but obsession with success begins to build too as the
goal begins to look near & attainable.

Writing style is very easy. 'Fast read' without complex sentence structure AND good story development makes this
a 'page turner' in the best sense of the word. Should be a movie. Riptide
First novel by these two authors. I liked the pace and development of the storyline. Will be reading more by both Preston & Child and their individual novels. This treasure hunting story in particular felt similar to the Curse of Oak Island. Since I watch the show, I was familiar with terminology and techniques the characters used in the book which was pretty neat. Overall, enjoyed the book and would definitely recommend.
This is the book that got me interested in the authors Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston. I read this a long time ago and decided to read it again. It was just as good the second time. I think I have read most every book by these authors. They are fantastic. I recommend this book and any other by these great writers.
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