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by Payne Harrison

eBook Storming Intrepid ePub
Author: Payne Harrison
Language: English
ISBN: 0394579348
ISBN13: 978-0394579344
Publisher: Random House Audio; Har/Cas edition (March 11, 1989)
Category: Action & Adventure
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 741
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ePub file: 1606 kb
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Storming Intrepid book. A native Texan, Payne Harrison admits to having a "jaded past" as a newspaper reporter. degrees from Texas A&M and an .

Storming Intrepid book. from SMU, and served as an officer with the . His journey to being a New York Times bestselling author started with his sending an excerpt of his book STORMING INTREPID to a New York publishing house, unsolicited and without an A native Texan, Payne Harrison admits to having a "jaded past" as a newspaper reporter.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A literally out-of-this-world chess game of nuclear proportions. THE BALTIMORE SUN What begins as a routine voyage of a space shuttle carrying Star Wars technology.

There were a great many press officers within the armed forces, NASA, and the educational community who were most kind in providing me with data for this book. The existence of these professionals is a reflection that the free flow of information concerning American military and space affairs is a strength, rather than a weakness, of our society.

The NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER by Payne Harrison. Crippled and silent, the space shuttle Intrepid orbits the earth. On board is a military payload so secret and so powerful that Russia and America will risk everything to retrieve it. Run, do not walk, to the bookstore. UPI. Related videos.

Storming Intrepid cost me a night’s sleep. - Stephen Coonts Author of Final Flight. His journey to being a New York Times bestselling author started with his sending an excerpt of his book STORMING INTREPID to a New York publishing house, unsolicited and without an agent.

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Storming Intrepid is an outstanding thriller, I just finished it and I will imimediately begin looking for more books by Payne Harrison. Very well done, he as a good eye for detail, this book was obviously a long time in the making. Shuttle Hijacked? What'll we do?

Find sources: "Payne Harrison" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (June . Payne Harrison (born 1948/'49) is an American author. Storming Intrepid (Crown Publishing), 1989, 531 pages

Find sources: "Payne Harrison" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (June 2011) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). Harrison is a New York Times bestselling writer, and author of five novels in the genres of mystery, espionage, techno-thriller and military. Storming Intrepid (Crown Publishing), 1989, 531 pages, ISBN 0-8041-0553-7. The Thunder of Erebus (Crown Publishing), 1991

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Download books for free.

"A stunning success...A literally out-of-this-world chess game of nuclear proportions."THE BALTIMORE SUNWhat begins as a routine voyage of a space shuttle carrying Star Wars technology, turns into a harrowing nightmare in outer space when a Russian agent siezes command of the vehicle. The President is prepared to use everything from stealth bombers and SR-71 Blackbirds to untested space fighters, as this precendent-shattering confrontation hurtles toward its tension-crackling climax."Harrison has created a most believable scenario, with an amazing series of twists and turns....Run, do not walk, to the bookstore."UPIFrom the Paperback edition.
After stumbling onto Harrison Payne's book, the "Thunder of Erebus," I could not wait to get my hands on his other novels. Unfortunately Harrison's books have not been released in Kindle format until recently which happens to be my preferred format. But that has started to change with the Kindle release of his first best selling novel, the "Storming Intrepid." I just finished reading it and I can't praise it enough. The plot of this techno-thriller reminds me of Tom Clancy's "Hunt for Red October" where the US captures a very advanced and secret Soviet submarine with the active participation of her captain. Harrison's plot here does something similar but in space where the commander of the Intrepid space shuttle, a secret Soviet sleeper agent, hijacks the shuttle and its super-secret "Star Wars" payload for delivering it to the Russians. The action is fast moving and multi-threaded. Besides the large amount of technical detail of both US and Soviet space operations, the novel also describes intricate and byzantine power plays and plotting by Kremlin officials. The current polititians are assigned fictitious names, of course, but their predecessors are referred to by their real names, though their eventual fate, as of that of Gorbachev's, is described with curious literary license. The amount of research that must have gone into this book is hard to imagine but it was all worth it. Clancy fans will love this book and will want to read all of Mr. Harrison's novels.
This is the book that got me hooked on Payne Harrison. As I read Storming Intrepid, I think I had to catch my breath sometimes. I thought other writers are good. No no, Payne Harrison rocks! That's all there is to it. This is the work of an artist! You will never regret purchasing this book. Go ahead - get it - and see if Payne Harrison doesn't rock your world!
This is my FAVORITE techno-thriller. Clancy, Brown, W.E.B. are GREAT, but THIS is the REAL DEAL. The Soviets PLOT TO STEAL A SPACE SHUTTLE. C;mon - it doesn't get any better than this!!!!
From the first page to the last page this is a action packed story with great sub plots and plenty of interesting and realistic characters. It is a first class page turner.
Non-stop action and suspense. A real page turner. Why haven't they turned this into a movie?
I first got this book as a paper back & have been wanting to get the hard cover for a while. Love the book. Will pull it off the shelf & read it at least once a year. Wish it would be done as a movie.
This was my first introduction to Payne Harrison, and it was so good I have since picked up everything else by this talented author--who doesn't seem to be tied to writing just techno-thrillers...
I felt the idea of hijacking the Shuttle was a clever one, however since I had not heard of Payne Harrison, I was reserved and grabbed a copy of this book... . I found out quickly enough that this was written by a talented author who had a major future in the techno-thriller genre, should he continue to write in that particular field. I loved every moment of this book. I can't TELL you how ANGRY I was at my son when he knocked over a cup of water and soaked my copy of 'Storming Intrepid' took several days to dry it out, and it was hopelessly bloated out-of-shape, but I was about three-quarters through it and I was NOT going to be stuck without a resolution--which, I might add was far from predictable.
This wasn't simply a techno-thriller, but it was a grand adventure in every sense of the word. With everything that makes a Clancy novel so exciting (minus the endless drone of needless details) plus the added excitement of getting a shot at going into space, I don't need to tell you that this is rocket-ride you NEED to take, and the sooner the better. I have to say that Harrisons other novels are JUST as fun, so if you found this one good, check his other books out, too--you will be VERY glad you did.
A real page-turner! The story is simple - a Russian agent hijacks a US space shuttle and the mission goes wrong, and the US and USSR have to race to bring down the shuttle, using any means at their disposal! This book features everything - Star Wars weapons technology, an experimental space fighter project which might be quite feasible one day, a dnagerous shuttle launch, Stealth bombers on a mission into Russia and a spectacular apperance by the highest-flying plane in the world, the SR-71 Blackbird under attack by Russian air defences! As the story unfolds, so do some exceptional plot twists and a detailed but easy-to-read insight into how the Russian mission to steal the shuttle came about. On the whole, this book is often similar in various aspects to Dale Brown's SILVER TOWER, with the space weapons ideas, but STORMING INTREPID definitely leaves Dale Brown standing on the ground! I would give this book at least 100 stars but the scale won't let me. Oh well. The US vs Russia angle may be Cold War-era, but this electrifying thriller is still a superb read. One I'll definitely read again in a few months, and this I'd recommend to any technothriller fan!
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