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by Wilbur A. Smith,Tim Pigott-Smith

eBook A Sparrow Falls ePub
Author: Wilbur A. Smith,Tim Pigott-Smith
Language: English
ISBN: 0333902777
ISBN13: 978-0333902776
Publisher: Books on Tape; Abridged edition (June 1, 2001)
Category: Action & Adventure
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 533
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Wilbur Smith was born in Central Africa in 1933. He was educated at Michaelhouse and Rhodes University.

Wilbur Smith was born in Central Africa in 1933. Tim Pigott-Smith is highly respected for his work on stage and screen and is particularly well known for his role in the television series, The Jewel of the Crown.

Books A Sparrow Falls. Book 3 in the Courtney Series. Sean Courtney, who made and lost £5 million on the goldfields of the Witwatersrand and fought his way through the bloody battlefields of the Anglo-Boer War, now makes his final appearance as soldier, statesman and power in the land. The rise in temperature that accompanied the first fall of snow and the changed quality of sound entering the small dugout awakened the man who slept beside him. He coughed, and rolled over to open a chink in the canvas curtain beside his head. Damn,’ he said, and coughed again, the harsh hammering sound of a heavy smoker.

Home Wilbur Smith A Sparrow Falls. This book is for my wife and the jewel of my life, Mokhiniso, with all my love and gratitude for the enchanted years that I have been married to her. A sky the colour of old bruises hung low over the battlefields of France, and rolled with ponderous dignity towards the German lines. Brigadier-General Sean Courtney had spent four winters in France and now, with the eye of a cattleman and a farmer, he could judge this weather almost as accurately as that of his native Africa.

A Sparrow Falls book. I was drawn to the character and pre I really enjoyed this book. A Sparrow Falls follows on from The Sound of Thunder and because I did not relate to the later, i found myself hesitant to read A Sparrow Falls. For this reason, I struggled to get into the book. It was a terribly tragic ending, but was not predictable which is sometimes the case with Wilbur Smith books. I was also pleased that the hero of the book, Mark Anders, did not succomb to the same fate as Sean Courtney in life and in love.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Sean Courtney returns to South Africa from the Great War to find his homestead taken over by unscrupulous developers.

A Sparrow Falls is a 1977 novel by Wilbur Smith. It is one of the Courtney Novels and is set during and after World War One. It was the most popular of Smith's novels in the US to date although it still did not sell as well as in Europe and Africa. General Sean Courtney befriends a soldier Mark Anders, who falls for his daughter Storm.

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A Sparrow Falls - Courtney Another great book in the series. Sound Of Thunder Forever Book I Love Books Books To Read Wilbur Smith Books Who Book Romance Books Book Authors Audio Books. The Sound of Thunder: A Courtney Family Novel (Courtney Family Adventures) by Wilbur Smith. What others are saying. The Sound Of Thunder - Wilbur Smith Great read !! (Eb).

Synopsis: Mark never heard the Mauser shot for the bullet came ahead of the sound. There was only the massive shock in the upper part of his body, and then he was hurled backwards with a violence that drove the air from his lungs. The earth opened before him, and as he fell there was the sensation of being ingulfed in a swirling vortax of blacknessand he knew for just a fleeting instant of time that he was dead. From the trenches of France, General Sean Courtney comes back to fame fortune and a seat in the Government.

'Mark never heard the Mauser shot for the bullet came ahead of the sound. There was only the massive shock in the upper part of his body, and then he was hurled backwards with a violence that drove the air from his lungs.The earth opened before him, and as he fell, there was a sensation of being engulfed in a swirling vortex of blackness and he knew for just a fleeting instant of time that he was dead' From the trenches of France, General Sean Courtney comes back to fame, fortune and a seat in the Government. Mark Anders, the courageous young South African whom he has come to regard as his own son, returns to nothing, his grandfather murdered, his property seized by an unknown company. At the bottom of the mystery is Sean's son Dirk, the jealous, violent and power-crazed genius whose all-consuming hatred can only end in blood...
I have been reading Wilbur Smith for many years now. My wife started me with Birds of Prey over a decade ago. She had found his writings through a recommendation, found his works exciting and thought he would spark my return to pleasure reading after many years concentrating on technical writing. Yes one of his novels and I was hooked. Now my wife and I compare all writers to Wilbur as the yardstick. I read many different writers and enjoy many areas of writing but have a special fondness for Wilbur Smith's writings. I decided after reading some of his later novels to start at the beginning and read in succession. Even though he has written several series that were written in a broken timeline. I found his own recommendation that a reader should read his novels in the order he has written them. This is how I have read from his first novel and plan to go continue to read all of them in the order written. I am currently reading A Sparrow Falls and will be sorry to see it end. Like all of his novels, there is a new point of reference in each one. The early novels did not reach the level his later novels have but I recommend seeing how his writing has progressed. This novel is another saga weaving through the history of Africa.

The one thing that impresses me the most is how much detail he includes in his writing. It seems he had to be there observing the past to tell his stories. AT times I wonder how much is facts and how much he has taken the fiction writers license. My belief is that good writing takes you to some place you have never been before and leaves you changed for the experience. If Wilbur Smith doesn't do this to you, I wouldn't know who else to recommend. I only wish he had written about the entire planet instead of focusing on Africa. I am disappointed to see that his recent novels are not so well received. I will continue my travel through his bibliography and deal with the later books in succession.

If you have read Smith, I think you will be glad to read this one too. If you have never read and have a love of fiction, his writing should fill some of your needs. He may not be so well known as other best sellers, but part of that is that his books aren't commonly found at the used books stores like many popular authors. Fans of Wilbur have friends waiting to borrow their copies and the tend to keep them rather than letting them go after they read them. I will love to read many a second time. Buy and enjoy reading. The British version I bought here is a large paperback and very nice. Worth waiting to have it mailed from England and it was very reasonable.
This is a very good series and a long one. I was sorry to see it end. I was given the books originally by a friend and donated all of them which I now regret. All are very interesting and I feel that I probably learned a lot about Africa and how the settlers adapted to such a different country. The family that is the main story are quite diverse. I disliked some a great deal and admired others a lot. They all went through a lot just surviving where they settled. The wars between the natives and the white settlers parallel the US and our fight settling the west and fighting the Indians for land that they held forever.
Mark Anders came home from the trenches in France during the 'War to End All Wars' only to find himself in several larger battles. Wilbur Smith pulls us into the story, as well as the continuing Courtney saga, and brings us into South African history in an interesting and informative manner. Let's face it, Smith can tell a great action/adventure story but who would have thought he could hit an environmental nerve with his lead characters working to save the wildlife and protected areas around Chaka's Gate?
It's obvious Smith loves Africa and he helps many of us see why with his books. His immense respect for the Zulus shines through as well.
A good read, especially when you start with the first book of the Courtney series and see how the generational tales offer hours of great reading.
I guess I just like the author's writing. I have read the Courtney in Africa series up till this book. I have already purchased the next book. Which I will be starting real soon. He makes it hard to put down until you have finished it. I guess that makes it a great read.
As usual Wilbur Smith weaves a tale of good and evil in So Africa, His descriptive material places the reader in atmosphere of early
20th century when greedy men were making fortunes by any means possible. Naturally the hero is a young man who surges to the forfront using
brains and brawn. Not a totally happy ending, but, such is life.
Story lines are really good. Sometimes it feels like he gets overly descriptive of the dawn, the sunset, etc. It's almost as if it's more about filling the pages than it is about describing it to the reader. This is something I've notice throughout his books. Another being that books are consistently closed out very abruptly, to the point of making me wonder if the thinking is "I'm supposed to write five hundred pages, and I'm at 485, so it's time to wrap it up."
If you're a Wilbur Smith fan, then this third installment of the Courtneys of Africa is right up your alley. With his descriptive style Smith takes you back to the Africa of the early 20th century where you can see the Zulu warriors, hear the lions and leopards roar and smell the expensive purfumes on the society women. I would, however, highly suggest you read the first two books in the trilogy before tackling this one (BTW: They're just as awsome) as the plot flows straight through the first and second volumes and picks up with the first page of A Sparrow Falls. I would rate this series up there with the best I've ever read.
Loved this book - what an ending....
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