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eBook El Tercer Hombre ePub

by Graham Greene

eBook El Tercer Hombre ePub
Author: Graham Greene
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 8434584689
ISBN13: 978-8434584686
Publisher: Salvat Editores (1986)
Category: Classics
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 830
Formats: txt lit lrf txt
ePub file: 1315 kb
Fb2 file: 1996 kb

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El tercer hombre book. Graham Greene to my mind somewhat stuffily separated his narrative books for much of his career into two categories-fiction and entertainments -such as this noir novel, The Third Man. The book was written (or at least published) after the screenplay he produced for the film by the same name (1949, directed by Carol Reed, featuring Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles).

Graham Greene (1904–1991) is recognized as one of the most important writers of the 20th century, achieving both literary. Y El tercer hombre, la novela, es una magnífica creación de Graham Greene. A video trailer for my new book by Pegasus, published already in North America, and everywhere else on April 2, 2019: PagesPublic figureAuthorGraham GreenePosts. English (UK) · Русский · Українська · Suomi · Español.

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English novelist Graham Greene led a complicated and fascinating life: He worked in espionage for MI6, traveled widely, and maintained a Roman Catholic . Which brings us to the subject at hand: Graham Greene’s books.

English novelist Graham Greene led a complicated and fascinating life: He worked in espionage for MI6, traveled widely, and maintained a Roman Catholic faith that pervaded his work and gave him a complicated relationship with the British literati of his era, to say nothing of his own messy personal life and marriage. And, in the midst of all of this, Greene somehow found time to become one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. Which brings us to the subject at hand: Graham Greene’s books

Born in 1904, Graham Greene was the son of a headmaster and the fourth of six children

Born in 1904, Graham Greene was the son of a headmaster and the fourth of six children. Preferring to stay home and read rather than endure the teasing at school that was a by-product of his father's occupation, Greene attempted suicide several times and eventually dropped out of school at the age of 15. His parents sent him to an analyst in London who recommended he try writing as therapy. He completed his first novel by the time he graduated from college in 1925. Greene wrote both entertainments and serious novels

Alianza Editorial. Madrid. 1986. 18 cm. 111 p. Encuadernación en tapa blanda de editorial ilustrada. Colección 'El Libro de bolsillo', 1175. Sección Literatura. Greene, Graham 1904-1991. Traductores, Barbara McShane y Javier Alfaya. Traducción de: The third man. Alfaya, Javier. 1939-. El libro de bolsillo (Alianza Editorial). 1175. Sección Literatura .. Este libro es de segunda mano y tiene o puede tener marcas y señales de su anterior propietario. Cubierta deslucida. ISBN: 84-206-0175-6
El Tercer Hombre / The Third Man

Rollo Martins came to Vienna in February. The ground was frozen, grave diggers used electric drills to open a grave for Harry Lime. Rollo shed tears; he was invited by Harry Lime with a job offer. But Lime was run over by a car. Calloway invited Martins to a small bar for drinks, then told Martins that Lime was a racketeer about to be arrested. Martins says he will disprove Calloway’s claim. “Buck Dexter” was the pen name Martins used for his popular westerns. Mr. Crabbin offers Dexter a room and meals for a week. Martins got a telephone call from Mr. Kurtz, a friend of Harry Lime. Kurts was with Harry when a jeep struck him just outside his flat. Was this odd? Rollo went to the Josefstadt Theater to meet Anna Schmidt, they talked about Harry. The people there were Harry’s friends.

Rollo visited Harry’s doctor at his home. Then he talked to Koch the neighbor of Harry, who saw a third man at the scene. Rollo visits Harry’s apartment, which was cleaned out by Kurtz. Later Crabbin called to arrange a lecture by Martins. Martins visited Cooler, Harry’s American friend, and told him about Koch’s statement. Then he went to see Anna, alone in her room and told her about Koch. They go to see Koch and learn he was murdered! Back at the hotel a driver gave Martins a ride to Crabbin’s lecture. Martins doesn’t do well. Then he sees the military police looking for him. Calloway tells Martins about Harry’s racket with penicillin. It was watered down to increase profits, but was less effective. Calloway put an agent in the British Military Hospital to learn more; this led to Kurtz. They had a written note from Harry. Martins went drinking, then walked to Anna’s place to tell what her what he learned.

After he leaves he sees a man following him. It’s Harry Lime! Martins tells this to Calloway. Then he learns that Anna was arrested and taken away. But as she is in the British Zone Calloway takes charge. Martins goes to see Kurtz and says he wants to see Harry. Harry arrives and t hey talk in a car on the Wheel. Afterwards Martins visits Anna to tell her the news. Then Martins visits Calloway, who has a plan to trap Lime in the British Zone. Martins will call Lime and ask for help and arrange a meeting. But Lime sees Martins on the telephone and flees into the sewer system. The police follow him. They find Lime who shoots and kills a man. Martins follows to find a badly wounded Lime. It is over. There was a second burial with fewer mourners.

This book was the basis for the famous movie. Parts were changed, as with other novels adapted to a movie. What was written here was sometimes omitted. Other scenes were expanded for the movie. The 1948 movie “He Walked By Night” involved a criminal who traveled through the storm sewers of Los Angeles, some scenes were copied for the movie. The movie omits the use of penicillin to treat VD. Diluted penicillin creates bacteria that becomes resistant; that is why they used multiple drugs to treat deadly diseases like TB. This book, like the movie, is fast moving. Rollo Martins arrived using his pen name “Buck Dexter”; he would be hard to trace if he suddenly disappeared. Frederick Faust was a very prolific writer of fiction. He used the pen name “Max Brand” for most of his Western novels. One of his pen names was “Martin Dexter”. So “Rollo Martin” and “Buck Dexter” may symbolize this author, who died as a war correspondent.
Rollo Martin aterriza en la Viena de la posguerra invitado por su amigo de la infancia Harry Lime. Llega justo a tiempo para asistir al entierro de su amigo muerto en un accidente en la calle. Martin decide investigar después que el inspector de policía le insinuara que el fallecido estaba involucrado en negocios turbios. Después de entrevistar a personajes varios, lo que le cuentan Cooler, Anna, el Dr. Winkler, Kurtz y el vecino Koch, se da cuenta que las descripciones y la forma del accidente difieren y discrepan en algunos detalles. Todo se precipita cuando herr Koch es asesinado y los rusos pretenden llevarse a Anna detenida a la zona de ocupación soviética. Los fantasmas se materializan en las cloacas de la ciudad imperial y hay de poner un poco de orden al caos.
Novela policíaca muy bien escrita con un énfasis de suspense en sus diálogos llenos de insinuaciones en la que el autor recrea de forma implícita los delitos que se cometían a diario en el mercado negro en la Viena en ruinas dividida y administrada por los ejércitos aliados. Una trama intensa y dinámica en la que el trasfondo histórico es el escenario que aporta crímenes, delitos, investigación, contrabando, lealtades, traiciones y el eterno conflicto entre el bien y el mal creando una historia entretenida y amena.
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