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by Cathie Pelletier

eBook Beaming Sonny Home ePub
Author: Cathie Pelletier
Language: English
ISBN: 0671001752
ISBN13: 978-0671001759
Publisher: Gallery Books; First Edition edition (July 1, 1997)
Pages: 288
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 549
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The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious or are used fictitiously. Published by Sourcebooks Landmark, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc.

Cathie Pelletier was born in Allagash, Maine in 1953. from the University of Maine in 1976.

The townspeople of rural Mattagash, Maine, are only too familiar with the crazy antics of Sonny Gifford. But when he takes two women and a poodle hostage in his ex-wife's trailer in Bangor, even his. Cathie Pelletier was born in Allagash, Maine in 1953. She has written books under her own name and the pseudonym K. C. McKinnon. The books written under her own name include The Funeral Makers, A Marriage Made at Woodstock, The Summer Experiment, and A Year After Henry.

by. Pelletier, Cathie. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

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Then, for no reason, she had decided not to plant a garden for the first time in thirty-four years.

Then, for no reason, she had decided not to plant a garden for the first time in thirty-four years ked about on television, thanks to that big Hubble telescope, an apparatus Lola Monihan would dearly love to own. And then Sonny Gifford, her only boy, had turned up on Channel 4. Now it seemed Sonny was everywhere. Theresa had called to say that she’d seen a news clip on CNN, way down there in Connecticut.

Fortune hadn't been particularly kind to Mattie Gifford

is one of Pelletier's most sublime creations. -Booklist Fortune hasn't been kind to 66-year-old Mattie Gifford. Her mother committed suicide, her husband slept with her best friend, and she can't stand her three selfish daughters.

Beaming Sonny Home book. Cathie Pelletier is funny, and this book, set in Mattagash, Maine, will be especially funny to anyone (probably female) who suspects that Mothers favor their sons over their daughters. Her paragraphs are sometimes way too long, but there is lots to laugh about, and she wraps everything up with a surprise (to me, anyway) ending. Nov 20, 2018 Susan Emmet rated it really liked it.

Beaming Sonny Home is a poignant tale of disappointment and a mother's love that stands as a testament to Pelletier's gift . A crazy, rollicking whoop of a book, written with a poet's sensibility and deeply wacky down-home wisdom. -Lee Smith, author of The Last Girls.

Beaming Sonny Home is a poignant tale of disappointment and a mother's love that stands as a testament to Pelletier's gift for storytelling. If you liked Olive Kitteridge, you'll love The One-Way Bridge. Lee Smith, author of The Last Girls. A century after the impulsive McKinnon brothers set out to tame the Canadian wilderness and instead landed in Mattagash, Maine, their madcap legacy reigns supreme.

com's Cathie Pelletier Page and shop for all Cathie Pelletier books. Books by Cathie Pelletier. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Cathie Pelletier. Nov 4, 2014 Unabridged. by Cathie Pelletier and Erin Moon.

Cathie Pelletier (born 1953) is an award-winning novelist and songwriter who was born and raised in Allagash, a rural . Beaming Sonny Home, 1996. Running the Bulls, 2005. The One-Way Bridge, 2013.

Cathie Pelletier (born 1953) is an award-winning novelist and songwriter who was born and raised in Allagash, a rural town in Aroostook County, Maine. 3 Books by this author. 6 Song-writing career. 7 References Books by this author. Widows Walk (Poetry), 1976. The Funeral Makers, 1986. The Summer Experiment, 2014. Dancing at the Harvest Moon, 1997. Candles on Bay Street, 1998.

When her beloved son takes two women and a poodle hostage, prompting a media onslaught and worse, Mattie Gifford begins to reflect on her life with humorous and biting insight. Reprint. NYT. "
"Beaming Sonny Home" is the first novel I have read by Cathie Pelletier, and I intend to read her entire body of work.
What a storyteller! She is brilliant, absolutely brilliant. This is some of the best writing I've read in my entire life. It is easy to follow, very descriptive about it's characters and everything that evolves around them. She knows how to make a story funny and touching at the same time. Also, this story kept me glued. It was hard to put down as I was having such a good time reading it.
It's about a family, well, mostly it's about, Mattie Gifford, the mother of "Sonny", of the title. To grab the attention of his estranged wife, Sonny kidnaps two women and a dog and holds them hostage in a trailer park. Sonny isn't your usual criminal. He seems like a happy go lucky guy, that just can't get it together. Now he has gone and lost it, really lost it. Although, you can't help but love this character.
Mattie also has three adult daughters that drive her crazy. Even though she doesn't seem to have the same close bond with her daughters as she does with her criminal son, Sonny, you see that there is love in this family unit. Extended family, and Mattie's dead husband, Lester are more characters that come bounding from the story.
This is a writer who knows how to write great characters with strength and integrity. There are so many tender momments sprinkled throughout the story that bring laughter to the lips and tears to the eyes.
The story starts when the crime happens, and follows the family throughout the next few days. It is a great story about relationships and how they evolve when tragedy strikes. Mattie is a character that I can sympathize with, and I admire for the changes she goes through in the story's outcome.
The book reminded me a bit of "Divine Sisters of the Ya Ya", in the sense of the family relationships and the humour. Although, I think that Pelletier is the better writer. She is simply divine, and so is this story.
I am highly recommending this one, it's a good one!
Before leaving for a week's vacation in Maine, I found this book. Since the novel takes place there, I thought it would be fun to read. Although I didn't find much in common between Cathie Pelletier's Mattagash and Bar Harbor, I loved the book and am glad I found it.

The and the New York Times reviews above are accurate, although I don't care much for the Kirkus Reviews one - it centers too much on the plot and not the other qualities of the book. The blurbs on the back of the book (paperback) and inside the front cover give a much better flavor of the novel. "... warm, funny, sad, and intelligent book ... insights about human folly ... the tension and pacing are perfect ... Cathie Pelletier brilliantly combines unsparing social satire with the warmest affection for her characters."

The plot of the story is interesting and keeps you turning the pages, even sneaking ahead to see what happens, but the best parts are the descriptions of Mattie's thoughts and of the house she has lived in for all her adult life. At one point, she is laying in bed unable to sleep, thinking of her son and his upbringing, "Memories floated down from off her bedroom ceiling, thoughts that had most likely wafted up there over the years - as they came in and out of her mind - and then bounced like balloons unable to get free." This image really struck me, I liked it a lot.

Mattie's youngest daughter, Gracie has been taking college courses lately and is always talking about the things she has learned. At one point, Mattie thinks to herself that, " ... what with college loading her head full of all kinds of nonsense these days. Things you couldn't use in times of emergency. As a result, Gracie was a truckload of information with no brakes."

Beaming Sonny Home is full of wonderful observations like this. Cathie Pelletier's descriptions of labor saving appliances, TV watching, born- again Christians, dying and funerals, how it feels in the middle of the night when you don't know where your spouse is, and the awful uncertainties of being a parent of grown children go far beyond the boundaries of a small town in Maine and certainly touched me. I am looking forward to reading more of her books.
Reading "Beaming Sonny Home" was like hearing the high pitched whine of a siren thus causing me to become an ambulance or fire truck chaser to inspect the end result- or the blood and guts of Sonny's erroneous decisions. The plot carried me downriver towards a mad rushing waterfall. I got a sense of inevitability in Sonny's crisis despite Mattie's longing to stop her son from making mistake after mistake. She seems to be his sole supporter in his self-imposed crisis. Pelletier examines their relationship in depth. Mattie reflects on what she did wrong in raising him while the daughters do all they can to deflate her belief and hope in Sonny. This book captured my attention from beginning to end. The conclusion was different from Pelletier's other books because it had an unexpected twist of which I could not foresee. Read "Beaming Sonny Home" as an example of the wide scope of Pelletier's talent.
I have been an ardent fan of Cathie Pelletier's work since the first novel. She is a joy to read. Laugh out loud humor and heart-wrenching stories intertwined with marvelous characters and purely wondrous prose. Beaming Sonny Home grabbed me from the first paragraph, which is typical of Cathie's writing. Sadly, it appears that her earlier work is not in print. Try by whatever means to collect all her books--especially the Mattagash series-- and add this one to the stack. You won't regret it.
A novel by a writer who has mastered the twists of comedy and tears. Here is a wonderful story that will shine a light on your own familial jigsaw while making you choke with laughter. Set up north of down east where THE BEANS OF EGYPT MAINE made such a splash a few years back, this book is funnier, sadder, and infinitely more readable than that erstwhile bestseller. This was my first taste of Pelletier and I quickly headed back to the library for more.
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