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eBook The Story of My Disappearance : A Novel ePub

by Paul Watkins

eBook The Story of My Disappearance : A Novel ePub
Author: Paul Watkins
Language: English
ISBN: 0571192440
ISBN13: 978-0571192441
Publisher: Faber and Faber; First Edition edition (1997)
Pages: 240
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 950
Formats: mobi rtf lit lrf
ePub file: 1887 kb
Fb2 file: 1882 kb

The narrator, Paul Wedekind, who anglicizes his name to Paul Watkins, we learn through an assortment of flashbacks, is a Soviet spy, forced into the business by the Stazi.

The narrator, Paul Wedekind, who anglicizes his name to Paul Watkins, we learn through an assortment of flashbacks, is a Soviet spy, forced into the business by the Stazi. He was a soldier in Afghanistan who was captured by the Mujahadin. He watches two friends being tortured and is exchanged at the last minute before his own execution.

Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Although Paul Wedekind has created a new life for himself as a fisherman, he is haunted by his violent past. When he is sent to America as a contact for the KGB, his life is changed forever by one woman. Together, these two exiles must find the strength to resist the demands of the men who claim to own them. Although Paul Wedekind has created a new life for himself as a fisherman on the coast of Rhode Island, he is haunted by his violent past.

Paul Watkins is the author of Night over Day over Night, Calm at Sunset, Calm at Dawn, Arch Angel, and In the Blue Light of African Dreams. He lives in New Jersey.

Watkins, Paul, 1964-. Intelligence service, Espionage, Soviet. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by SeanFagan on June 13, 2011. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

An exciting new novel, by the author of The Story of My Disappearance and Archangel. In The Forger by Paul Watkins. At the turn of World War II, David Halifax is a young American painter who receives a scholarship to come to Paris and work under the tutelage of the mysterious and brilliant Russian painter, Alexander Pankratov. Getting more than he bargained for, Halifax is quickly subjected to Pankratov's rigid will, and beguiled by the quiet, nude model who poses before them. But Paris is also a city that is holding its breath  .

Автор: Watkins Paul Название: The Story of My Disappearance Издательство: Faber . Описание: This autobiography follows Paul Watkins& early life and schooling at the Dragon School, Eton and Yale.

Описание: This autobiography follows Paul Watkins& early life and schooling at the Dragon School, Eton and Yale.

The narrator (later named Paul Watkins) weaves the stories of his three lives - East German soldier/spy in Afghanistan, spy in. .A terrific piece of work by Paul Watkins.

The narrator (later named Paul Watkins) weaves the stories of his three lives - East German soldier/spy in Afghanistan, spy in America and lover in America - into a quilt made up of wonerfully woven words and twisting plotlines. This writer has crafted a wonderful story of love, horror and mystery so well plotted and with such splendid character development that this book is a must for new writers to study and a great read for thriller readers. From the very first line, you are hooked.

Complete summary of Paul Watkins' The Story of My Disappearance . eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Story of My Disappearance. Like the eco-saboteur who was the main character of his earlier literary thriller, ARCHANGEL (1995), the protagonist of Paul Watkins’ newest novel, THE STORY OF MY DISAPPEARANCE, inhabits the shadowy world of the outlaw/outsider. Paul Wedekind is a man in limbo, hiding from a violent and guilty past. Now a deep-sea fisherman in Newport, Rhode Island, Wedekind was born in the former East Germany in 1964. At twenty-four, he was drafted into the East German Army and sent to fight in Afghanistan.

Items related to The Story of My Disappearance: A Novel. Paul Watkins The Story of My Disappearance: A Novel. ISBN 13: 9780788721793. The Story of My Disappearance: A Novel. Publisher: Recorded Books, 1998. 6 cassettes, . hours, unabridged.

What happens to spies whose country seizes to exist? This happened to those Stasi spies who were abandoned in America and elsewhere at the end of the Cold War. Paul Wederkin is just such as spy. The story tells how he came to be there, through his Afghani war experience, his friendship and the death of his friend. However, the real surprise is in the beginning when his dead fried walks into a Rhode Island bar and murders someone in front of him.
This story packs just a little too much action into too small a space for me. Its pace is a bit frenetic. However, the depth of character and prose lyricism remains strong as in all Watkins' books.
To give you an idea, before the story even opens, our hero, the East German Paul Wedekind has been a promising engineering student who has been recruited (coerced) by the secret police to spy on his friend, has served in Afghanistan, has been taken prisoner by the Afghans and has at last come to America as a spy for the Russians. Whew! And before dinner, too!.
But that's only the intro: the real story is about his work in America. The Cold War is over and he hopes he has been forgotten but that's overly optimistic. The adventure is grand and utterly amazing, but that's okay, because you love the story anyway.
His crisp and disciplined prose continues to delight me and I predict the day will come when folks quit comparing him to Hemingway and begin compariing Hemingway to him.
I wanted to read a book with twists and this was recommended several times on various blogs/sites I visited. I really liked the writing style and character development. It did indeed have twists I didn't see coming and I recommended it to my other friends.
great book
Paul Watkins is an excellent, rather unsung author. Try this novel--you will like it and go back for more of his books.
You know how sometimes it takes several pages before you really get into a book? Well, this book only needed one sentence to get me nibbling at the bait, and two more paragraphs to have me completely hooked.
In the Newport, Rhode Island bar where Suleika and Paul were going through the death throes of their relationship, a sudden, brutal murder brought back into Paul's life a man who he had betrayed and long thought dead.
The central character is quickly revealed as an East German operative named Paul Wederkind, planted into the RI fishing community, shortly before the Berlin Wall came down. The old tub of a fishing boat he operates with Suleika, the widow of the man he secretly entered the USA to assist, also serves to covertly transport "cargo" to and from Russian submarines.
As the story unfolds, we learn about the machinations of the East German secret police, the war in Afghanistan, the Cold War - all things that normally would not interest me, but the writing is so compelling, I found myself just absorbing the story.
I've long been a fan of speculative fiction exploring alternate history, but in this book, the author seems to create an alternate biography. Partway through the book, Paul Wederkind changes his name to a more Americanised form, Watkins - is this really an autobiography? Well, the book jacket tells us Paul Watkins (the author) was born of Welsh parents and educated at Eton and Yale, so I guess not. Maybe this is his more exciting alternate life - I can associate with that. But he obviously has a Suleika in his own life - the author photo on the jacket is attributed to someone of that name.
This is the first of Paul Watkins' books I've read, and I'm grateful he seems to have been reasonably prolific, so I can enjoy more of this wonderful writing.
Fast Lovebird
I have to say that I do enjoy Watkins work in general. Yet I felt this piece was a bit forced and unconvincing. The book has a nice start, raises ones curiosity quick then drifts a bit.
I think that the story was damaged by the use of a love story with Suleika. Her character was uninteresting, obstuctive, and could have been replaced with a good dog. It almost seemed as though Watkins felt forced to insert love scenes that went nowhere. Each mention of her seemed to bring about a roadbump in the story. I wonder if there was a rewrite that caused this. The death of her husband, with no explainations as to who he was, seemed unpolished. Was Watkins (character in the book) first supposed to be more of an outsider? That would make more sense then coming to town and having the other spy fall in love with you, being that her husband is dead and all.
I must also say that naming the main character the same as yourself is a bit much. It made me take pause and wonder if I should continue to the end.
In fairness I did enjoy the story itself. The interactions with the old friend and the days in camp were very interesting and well done. I would hope that this kind of detailing continues in his future work and that the heavy romance takes a back seat.
For those of you familiar with Sam Eastland (Paul Watkins pen name) you will enjoy Mr. Watkins earlier works just as much. Mr. Watkins has the ability to paint vivid pictures that rely on details most other writers would not look to capitalize upon. This book was good from end to end and was finished in three sittings. I look forward to the next installment of Inspector Pekkala but until then I am enjoying the opportunity to explore Mr. Watkins earlier works. I have just begun Night Over Day Over Night and it is already turning out to be one of my favorites.
This is a believable and compelling story about the violent and dangerous life of East German agents, recruited under pressure; threatened and beaten to carry out their assignments. The assignment of this guy is to spy on a friend, and later to be a courier in disguise in Newport, R.I. (smuggling things to and from a Russian submarine). This is where he is when the Wall comes down and has to decide what the heck to do when stranded in a free country with a fake ID. Everything about this caught me by surprise.
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