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eBook Follow Your Heart ePub

by Susanna Tamaro

eBook Follow Your Heart ePub
Author: Susanna Tamaro
Language: English
ISBN: 0749395389
ISBN13: 978-0749395384
Publisher: Vintage (September 1, 1995)
Pages: 5
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 284
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Follow Your Heart book.

Follow Your Heart book. After a heart-attack the old woman who lives alone in her house in Trieste in Northern Italy feels the need to re-evaluate her past and to set things right with her nameless granddaughter in America before it’s too late.

110 quotes from Susanna Tamaro: 'Unshed tears leave a deposit on your heart. Eventually they form a crust around it and paralyze it, the way mineral deposits paralyze a washing machine. Depends on external things Has no object. Unshed tears leave a deposit on your heart. Susanna Tamaro, Follow Your Heart.

Susanna Tamaro was born in a middle class family in Trieste. The book was an international bestseller and it became the "Italian book most sold in the 20th century"

Susanna Tamaro was born in a middle class family in Trieste. Her mother is related to the Italian writer Italo Svevo. In 1976 Tamaro obtained a teaching diploma, and she received a scholarship to study at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, an Italian school of cinema, where she obtained a diploma in direction. The book was an international bestseller and it became the "Italian book most sold in the 20th century". The plot of Follow Your Heart revolves around Olga, an elderly woman who decides to write a long letter to her granddaughter in America. Olga reflects on her life and reveals to her granddaughter their family's secrets.

Our book club just finished reading Tamaro's "Follow Your Heart. This influence is so very powerful that as Tamaro shows us it travels from one generation to another. The general concensus was that this very unasuming little book is a powerhouse. The saying "Still waters run deep" is so applicable here. If you are looking for insightful reading, yet simple prose, "Follow Your Heart" is an excellent choice. 17 people found this helpful.

Tamaro reaches deep into your soul as she speaks to you through her character. No matter who you are, you can definitely relate to this book. There is such a strong conversation that goes on the moment you start the book. Tamaro's offered one of the best advice I've received so far in this book: stop for a moment, and listen to your heart.

Susanna Tamaro is the author of ten books of fiction and nonfiction, published in more than forty countries. They include the novel Follow Your Heart; a memoir, Turning Home; a collection of short stories; and four children's books. Born in Trieste, Tamaro lives on a farm in Umbria. John Cullen graduated with a P. in English literature from the University of Texas. His translations from German & Italian include Christa Wolf's "Medea", Adolf Holl's "The Left Hand of God", & Susanna Tamaro's "Follow Your Heart"

An elderly German/Italian woman tries to make sense of her troubled family relationships. Told in the form of a letter to her granddaughter, this book discusses themes of self-discovery and changing values.

An elderly German/Italian woman tries to make sense of her troubled family relationships. A moving depiction of old age. Find similar books Profile. Despite the fact that it happened so long ago, this is the episode of your mother's life that returns to haunt me over and over again.

Susanna Tamaro, Avril Bardoni. Driven by the fear of encroaching death, an elderly woman describes to a write a long letter to her granddaughter, in the shape of a diary. Part love letter and part confession, it is most importantly a bequest from an old woman at last brave enough to acknowledge that she has too long repressed her feelings and submitted to convention.

With the wind whipping round the family house, an elderly Italian woman, driven by fear of her encroaching death, writes to her granddaughter in America. A love letter, a confession and above all a bequest for life, Follow Your Heart is a wise and beautiful novel, relevant to us all.
Follow’s power is in its deep humanity and epic scope. You cannot read more than a few pages without deeply resonating with some aspect of this story. Comedy of a Simple Soul: A Poem by Grant Polachek
Such, a good Read, really enjoyed it, would recommend it highly.
Lonesome Orange Kid
I first found this book while studying Italian in Florence, Italy the summer of 1996. This book has become a reminder of where I lived and what I learned. No other book has kept me as intrigued as FOLLOW YOUR HEART, and no other book has had to endure as much marking up and underlining. This book speaks eloquently and hauntingly about what our family of origin has created us to be and how the choices we eventually come to make will either keep us bound or set us free. Not only does this book remind us and inspire us to choose ourselves and our hearts, but it also shares the beauty and the history of Italy. I have been fortunate enough to find this treasure while still in its beautiful homeland, and nothing will ever compare to the time I spent riding the train through the Italian countryside while imagining myself to be the pupil of such a wise and loving grandmother. Who doesn't come away from this book desiring the opportunity to spend just a few days with this imaginary character? My life has never been the same, and on days when I need a little inspiration, I open up my book and read it all over again. What a wonderful gift Susan Tamaro has given me.
This book is the letter written by Olga, a German woman, to her granddaughter. The long, lengthy, boring letter that she writes to her granddaughter tells about her life. And what a boring life she had. Olga lived in Italy. I give it 2 stars instead of 1 because there are a few tidbits of good philosophy and ideas in it.

Her granddaughter appears to be insensitive and ungrateful, according to the things Olga says.

This book was translated into English.
In a gentle and simple way a story of quiet beauty unfolds. I have never read a story that affected me as deeply as this memory of one woman's love. To feel as close to the main character that my eyes blur with tears as her memories weave across the page. It helped me believe in a world where wonder and beauty still exist, and in what it means to love.
I simply could not put the book down. It was so inspiring and enlightening that I would recommend it to everyone I know. It was only from the author's careful observations that I knew how to differentiate between "Happiness" and "Joy". The author also provide many advices to her readers through her writings.A book worth to read again and again.
I already own a copy of this novel and did not find it here to purchase another but rather to share my thoughts about it. I bought this book in a tiny bookstore near Covent Garden in London and read it on a journey by train to Edinburgh, Scotland--3 years ago. It made such a wonderful impact on my life that I bought four more copies to give to my closest women friends and my mother. It was a touching, warm, honest exploration of emotions and life's eventful,and often unsatisfying, twists and turns. It is, sadly, a fast read. One that will nonetheless last much longer than her few pages do tangibly dictate. Enjoy.
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