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eBook Captives of the Night (Five Star Standard Print Romance) ePub

by Loretta Lynda Chase

eBook Captives of the Night (Five Star Standard Print Romance) ePub
Author: Loretta Lynda Chase
Language: English
ISBN: 0786223685
ISBN13: 978-0786223688
Publisher: Five Star (May 1, 2000)
Pages: 375
Category: Erotica
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 550
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Captives of the Night (Scoundrels, (Five Star Standard Print Romance). Published 2000 by Avon Books. Captives of the Night - Tawanan Sang Malam (Scoundrels, Published May 28th 2014 by Elex Media Komputindo. Paperback, 512 pages.

Captives of the Night (Scoundrels, (Five Star Standard Print Romance). Hardcover, 375 pages. Author(s): Loretta Chase. ISBN: 0786223685 (ISBN13: 9780786223688). Author(s): Loretta Chase, Katherin Handayani (Translator).

Home Loretta Chase Captives of the Night. Captives of the Night, . 3. Part of Scoundrels series by Loretta Chase. That night, Leila left Mrs. Stockwell-Hume's card party early, claiming a headache. a case that could occupy the rest of his life. She wished now that she'd heeded the warning. She certainly wished she had never left Norbury House that fatal day in January.

Captives of the night. Several themes in the story, both artistic and detective, are based on my undergraduate studio art courses with Professor Donald Krueger, who also provided some of the most useful historical resources for Regency era crime and justice, and numerous details on artistic methods and materials of the period. Twilight had fallen over Venice, to plunge the marble corridors of the palazzo into gloom. The sound of unfamiliar masculine voices made seventeen-year-old Leila pause at the top of the stairs. by. Chase, Loretta Lynda, 1949-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. New York : Berkley Sensation. Delaware County District Library (Ohio).

Now fans can "Live the romance. Read Loretta Chase" (Christina Dodd) with two delightful stories together for the first time. Captives of the Night (Scoundrels, by Loretta Chase.

In the end only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you. ― Anonymous. The English Witch (Trevelyan Family, by Loretta Chase. Now fans can "Live the romance. Lord of Scoundrels (Scoundrels, by Loretta Chase.

He - What the devil have you done to your neckcloth?". He scowled at the linen dangling limply from Ismal's neck. I hope to heaven no one saw you like that. And where are your other things?

He - What the devil have you done to your neckcloth?". t leave them there, did you?"Ismal remembered Leila in his silk robe, the sash draped about her head like a turban, the trousers clinging to her lush hips and long, slender legs. They were stolen," he said. How did you learn about Herriard? I thought he planned to be away until the first of April.

Loretta Chase has worked in academe, in retail, and on the street as a meter maid. Finding reality too improbable, she turned to writing fiction. Her bestselling historical romances, set in the early nineteenth century's Regency and romantic period, have won a number of awards, including the Romance Writers of America's RITA.

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Wrongly suspected of murdering her husband, lovely portrait painter Leila Beaumont turns to the enigmatic Comte d'Esmond, a man with a secretive past, for help. By the author of The Lion's Daughter.
If you loved Lords of Scoundrels, you may not love this. If you hated LoS you might love it. I loved LoS, so for me, this was a big departure from most of Loretta Chase's best-known novels, which I've found charming. The heroine here is too embittered by her past and her opium-eating pig of a husband to allow the hero close (plus she's married); the preternaturally beautiful hero Comte d'Esmonde or whatever, a reformed evil pig himself, is captivated by her cold aloofness and has a guilty secret about his part in ruining her life, which naturally threatens to make their love impossible.

Where are LC's flawed but likable, endearing often admirable H/hs? Where is LC's quicksilver wit and spot-on prose?

If Leila weren't such an unrelieved bitch, I might've given a s*** what happened to her and might've wondered if they eventually worked it out. But she was and I didn't. If the Comte hadn't been incomprehensibly enamored with an unpleasant, bitter, abusive woman, I might've enjoyed the budding romance. But he was and there wasn't any. She's all object-flinging, surly, aloof resistance and he's all courtly, guilty devotion. Got old fast yet I got to the last 70 pp before I just couldn't stomach anymore. At least the pig of a husband gets his just deserts. I assume H/h sorted things out, but I will never find out.

In sum, I detested this as intensely as I loved Lord of Scoundrels, The Last Hellion, Mr. Impossible, the list goes on. Loved them. Re-read them happily. LoS best ever reform the rake plot. Knave's Wager 2nd best R/R plot both sparkle start to finish. (Also great from her backlist: The Viscount Vagabond). In both Scoundrels and Knave's, the writing is utterly, breathtakingly brilliant, witty and the characters flawed and yet engaging. Her other books are consistently witty, smart, crisply paced and involve interesting plots. LC rocks the house. Except with this one.

If this was your first Loretta Chase novel, and hate it, do not judge her work by it, give Scoundrels or Mr. Impossible or Knave's Wager a read before you make up your mind. Those are wonderful!!!
Nine years earlier, lovely Leila Beaumont's criminal father died mysteriously. And now her cruel, profligate husband has been murdered - and innocent Leila is suspected of the crime.

Determined to uncover the truth, no matter how unpleasant, the beautiful portrait painter turns to the enigmatic Comte d'Esmond for help - a mesmerizingly handsome stranger who carefully hides an identity that would shock her... and a past that inextricably entwines with her own. And though danger unites them, it is desire that chains their hearts. Comte d'Esmond's virility and bold, sensuous touch enflame Leila's blood... and draw her into the most irresistible intrigue of all: passionate love.

CAPTIVES OF THE NIGHT is the follow-up to Loretta Chase's "The Lion's Daughter" which I would highly recommend reading before starting this book, since it is where you will first meet the hero, Esmond, then called Ismal. I was quite frankly fascinated with him in that particular novel and immediately went looking for this book when I discovered he had his own story.

Esmond was absolutely breathtaking, but also an enigma and you never really know much about him, his thoughts, or his feelings. Perhaps its that mysterious quality, not to mention his aura of danger and sexiness, that make him so appealing though. While I liked Leila, besides her obvious beauty I thought she lacked something. Being married to a man like Francis however, it was no wonder she was often cold and reserved, so I couldn't hold it much against her.

Overall this story was okay, but I have to admit that it was slow going at times at not Ms. Chase's most exciting. It's missing her trademark humor which is what made "Lord of Scoundrels" and "The Last Hellion" so very much fun! My main complaint though would be that this comes off as more of a mystery than a love story. The romance definitely took a backseat to the murder, and really, I bought it for the romance. Although not terrible, neither was it great, really just an average read.

Below is a list of the entire "Scoundrels" series and reading order for those who don't already know:

Book 1 - THE LION'S DAUGHTER (Esme Brentmor & Varian St. George aka Lord Edenmont)
Book 2 - CAPTIVES OF THE NIGHT (Leila Beaumont & Ismal aka Comte d'Esmond)
Book 3 - LORD OF SCOUNDRELS (Jessica Trent & Sebastian Ballister aka Marquess of Dain)
Book 3.5 - THE MAD EARL'S BRIDE (Gwendolyn Adams & Dorian Camoys aka Earl of Rawnsley) NOVELLA - Originally appeared in the anthology "Three Weddings and a Kiss"
Book 4 - THE LAST HELLION (Lydia Grenville & Vere Mallory aka Duke of Ainswood)
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