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by Paul Theroux

eBook Chicago Loop (Spanish Edition) ePub
Author: Paul Theroux
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 0140131353
ISBN13: 978-0140131352
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd (April 25, 1991)
Category: Genre Fiction
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 379
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. CHICAGO LOOP is an icy tale brilliantly imagined.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. THE BOSTON GLOBE He knifes silently through the shadows of the steamy Chicago summer night.

CHICAGO LOOP is an icy tale brilliantly imagined. Like I said during my reading, Patrick Bateman but living in Chicago I like to read Paul Theroux 's novels that are based in particular geographical locales and I was excited to read the one based in my own fair city. But unlike any of the others I've read, the location was only incidental to the story in a minor way and not a central part of it.

Place of Publication. Crime, Thriller & Adventure.

item 2 Chicago Loop, Theroux, Paul, Very Good Book -Chicago Loop, Theroux, Paul, Very Good Book. item 3 Chicago Loop by Paul Theroux (Paperback, 1991) -Chicago Loop by Paul Theroux (Paperback, 1991). item 4 Chicago Loop, Theroux, Paul, Acceptable Fast Delivery -Chicago Loop, Theroux, Paul, Acceptable Fast Delivery. Place of Publication.

List of the published work of Paul Theroux, American novelist, short story writer and travel writer. Fong and the Indians (1968). Murder in Mount Holly (1969). Girls at Play (1971). Jungle Lovers (1971). The Black House (1974)

List of the published work of Paul Theroux, American novelist, short story writer and travel writer. The Black House (1974). The Family Arsenal (1976). Picture Palace (1978). A Christmas Card (1978). The Mosquito Coast (1981). Doctor Slaughter (1984) – filmed as Half Moon Street (1986). Millroy the Magician (1993).

Theroux, wherever he is, is always worth reading. Millroy the Magician. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Theroux’s observations come in hilarious quips and thought-provoking bolt. . and Michael Yeats in the .

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Paul Edward Theroux was born on April 10, 1941 in Medford, Massachusetts and is an acclaimed travel writer. After attending the University of Massachusetts Amherst he joined the Peace Corps and taught in Malawi from 1963 to 1965. Theroux's 1975 best-seller, The Great Railway Bazaar, takes the reader through Asia, while his second book about train travel, The Old Patagonian Express (1979), describes his trip from Boston to the tip of South America. His third contribution to the railway travel genre, Riding the Iron Rooster: By Train Through China, won the Thomas Cook Prize for best literary travel book in 1989.

AbeBooks Chicago Loop. ISBN 10: 0679401881 ISBN 13: 9780679401889.

ISBN 10: 0679401881 ISBN 13: 9780679401889. Publisher: Random House, 1991. PAUL THEROUX's acclaimed novels include Blinding Light, Hotel Honolulu, My Other Life, Kowloon Tong, and The Mosquito Coast. His renowned travel books include Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, Dark Star Safari, and The Great Railway Bazaar. Conradology: A Celebration of the Work of Joseph Conrad.

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A riveting novel of a respectable man's shocking secret life. Parker Jagoda is a successful businessman with a wife, a child, and a house in the suburbs. Those who answer his personal ads never suspect they will be his prey, chosen to satiate a twisted sexual desire. . . . A New York Times Notable Book.
Someone at work told me about this book and since I'm into serial killer type novels it intrigued me. I found it here on Amazon and read it the same day I received it. What a strange book! The main character, a man, is married and has a seemingly nondescript life. Wife has a job, he has a job, nothing remarkable about either of them. Except the man likes to go out and pick up strangers for kinky sex and then kills them. Then he comes home just like it's another day at the office. He and his wife have this fantasy arrangement where he will pretend that he is meeting a stranger (sometimes gender-bending, sometimes not) and they will have rough sex. He has his meetings all within the Loop area of Chicago, hence the title of the book. Apparently his lifestyle is catching up with him and troubles him because the ending, which I won't reveal, is quite surprising.
Impala Frozen
I liked this book. I have read many of Paul Theroux's novels. I enjoy his style of describing characters and the local color of places. I also enjoyed his description of urban life in the late 1980's in Chicago Loop. This makes it a period piece in a way. Chicago Loop is a difficult read. It is tough to absorb the main character's depression, sexual fantasies, violent tendencies, and bizarre behavior. It is overwhelming and repetitive. This wasn't one of my favorite Theroux novels, but it was interesting and worth the time. It is disturbing and not for the young or faint of heart.
I have been transported by Theroux's fiction, especially his Collected Stories and My Other Life. But this book has problems. As an exploration of the anguish of a man trying to face the innate aggression of male sexuality, it sometimes succeeds. But the main character does not cohere, and his psychosis is no excuse for the author's failure. It reads as though the character had been rewritten at least twice, but was never integrated.
There are also problems with the setting. It might seem petty and provincial to quibble about details of local color, but Theroux is after all a famous travel writer. The neighborhoods and buildings depicted exist, but the businesses and people he describes would never occupy them. A Polish-American woman says she is from "Milwaukee Avenue," which would be like a New Yorker saying he came from "Third Avenue." Most unforgiveably, she puts ketchup on her sausage. This horrifying lapse makes me wonder whether he visited Chicago at all, or just referred at a map.
Having read Chicago Loop a few years ago, I felt compelled to offer my 2 cents due to the overly negative reviews posted here. It is a very good book by a great author, dealing with sexual desires and thoughts that some might find disturbing. I get the idea that this is what the author intended, and the hellish ride through the main character's psyche as he descends into the depths of despair and depravity is a hell of a good read.

Having been written in 1990, it must have been shocking to some at the time - now it would be considered "a bit" twisted, but not overly so.

If you can get through Joyce Carol Oates "Zombie" and enjoy the read, this will be a cakewalk.
I have read a few of Paul Therux's books, and to tell the truth, I'm not sure what to think of him. The characters in the books I've read are inclined to be quirky, and the main character here tops them all. He does seem to have a crumboing mind and is somehow trying to make sense of it all. He's not a truly violent character. The main act of violence here seems to be a misunderstanding, or is it a curiosity about how it is to be a murderer. He does seem to be deliberately dabbling in various roles in life and not totally understanding any of them. I can't truly recommend this book nor can I condemn it. Read it at your own risk.
Initially attracted by its Chicago setting, I really harbored no expectations for this novel. I had heard of the author, but this was my first introduction to his work. Ultimately, I found this to be a completely strange and fascinating book. It was a fast read, and a somewhat enjoyable dark character study. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Its plot certainly did not follow trite paths, and I particularly appreciated how Theroux brought a sort of late eighties gritty Chicago to life. It was an absorbing little volume, very well-written and certainly not the sort of novel I anticipated at all from its blurb. All in all, a pleasant discovery on the dollar shelves!
Seeing the highly positive and negative reviews here I have to offer a mixed opinion. This is definitely on the very dark side, and at times it seems so disconnected from reality that you have to ask what the point is. But it's beautifully written, and if you're the type who doesn't ask that fiction be hunky-dory it's quite readable. I took it on vacation, which may seem perverse, but it's a page-turner in its way. It features what may be the kinkiest marriage in the history of literature. The book is a period piece from the late 1980s with effective use of icons of that time such as Robert Mapplethorpe's photography.
A few years ago, a friend told me to check out something by Paul Theroux. Trusting his judgment, I took this waste of time out of the library and lost a few IQ points with it over the weekend. I have run across the author's name occasionaly since then in this or that newspaper (at least often enough to remember that he likes to refer to Henry David as the 'other' Thoreau). But then I read that his recent memoir skewers a good writer, VS Naipaul. Seems Naipaul let Theroux down somehow. From what I can remember of CHICAGO LOOP, cultivating his talent may have been Naipaul's unforgivable sin. This thing is awful. To be avoided at all costs. If you want a cop with a dark side, rent Clint Eastwood's TIGHTROPE. Or a Brian Dennehy TV movie. Either one's better than this crap...
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