eBook Damage ePub

by Josephine Hart

eBook Damage ePub
Author: Josephine Hart
Language: English
ISBN: 0449911888
ISBN13: 978-0449911884
Publisher: Ballantine Books (September 29, 1996)
Pages: 208
Category: Genre Fiction
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 623
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Josephine Hart "Damage".

Josephine Hart "Damage". It is a short terse sizzling little gem of a book about betrayal, passion and what happens when your one wrong choice causes your life to go out of control. Hart reminds us that, when tragedy strikes, as when Anna’s brother Aston kills himself ‘silence, separation and sadnes. ecome a way of life’ trapping us ‘in the unresolved agonies of long ago’. In some part, this is offered as a reason for Anna’s detachment, but we are not invited to judge, only to witness.

Josephine Hart has managed to create a portrait of psychological and erotic obsession that is so compelling as, for a brief . The violent dreamscape of Damage stayed with me long after I closed the book. Did I dream it? Did I live it?

Josephine Hart has managed to create a portrait of psychological and erotic obsession that is so compelling as, for a brief moment, to suck all the oxygen out of the air. -Los Angeles Times. A taut, sinister tale of erotic obsession. Did I dream it? Did I live it?

Damage is a 1991 novel by Josephine Hart about a British politician who, in the prime of life, causes his own downfall through an inappropriate relationship.

Damage is a 1991 novel by Josephine Hart about a British politician who, in the prime of life, causes his own downfall through an inappropriate relationship. It was adapted into a film of the same title by Louis Malle in 1992, as well as into an opera (called Damage, an opera in seven meals) by Greek composer Kharálampos Goyós in 2004

Damage" was another book I bought on a whim because it was on sale.

Damage" was another book I bought on a whim because it was on sale. To begin with, "Damage" is a pretty small book (218 pages) with short chapters and spare writing. Most people will be able to read it in one day if you have nothing else to d. he book is told in the first person by Stephen Fleming who is a middle-aged politician in British parliament.

Damage, Ms. Hart’s first novel, told the story of a powerful, married . Hart’s first novel, told the story of a powerful, married member of Parliament who embarks on an ultimately disastrous affair with his son’s fiancée. Josephine Hart, an Irish-born novelist whose best-selling tale of erotic obsession, Damage, inspired the 1992 feature film of that name starring Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche, died on Thursday in London. Others, however, found that style unbearably aphoristic.

Damage by Josephine Hart.

Damage is the gripping story of a man’s desperate obsession and scandalous love affair. He is a man who appears to have everything: wealth, a beautiful wife and children, and a prestigious political career in Parliament.

New York Times Bestseller: This psychological thriller is a taut, sinister tale of erotic obsession (Vanity Fair)  . Damage is the gripping story of a man’s desperate obsession and scandalous love affair. But his life lacks passion, and his aching emptiness drives him to an all-consuming, and ultimately catastrophic, relationship with his son’s fiancée.

Cover title: Damage - a novel, by Josephine Hart. New York : Ivy Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; ctlibrary; americana.

"Hypnotic."THE BOSTON GLOBEHe was a married M.P.with two grown children. On the surface, his life was what he wanted it to be. She was his son's fiancee, a shattered woman who had only known forbidden love. When they meet, their attraction is instantaneous, their obsession complete. And nothing, it seems, can tear them away from each other and their dangerous, damaging, illicit passion...."Striking."THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEWFrom the Paperback edition.
Note the 5 Stars. I would rate 6 if I could. So, keep that in mind when I say that this book is horrible, absolutely horrible. It completely challenges, diminishes, destroys and callously turns and walks away from any form of decency. And, may I say, she does it very well.
If you have ever had a love that was in any way a love that you should not have had, the book will scare the crap out of you. There is only one violent scene in the book and that scene is not particularly graphic. The sex scenes are mild by contemporary standards. The devastation is purely psychological. Devastating. Beautifully devastating.
This novel is a swift-moving, sharp, concise, and brilliantly written tragedy of less than 200 pages.A prominent doctor/ politician who has led a contented but passionless life, becomes obsessed with his son's fiancee at a glance. They enter into a passionate affair that results in sorrow, estrangement, and death for those involved with them. Their encounters are all mindless and purely physical, and revolve around Bondage. Although this book was gripping, I found it more a story of lust and fetishism than love- and it was hard for me to understand how someone would throw away his career and family for this. Still, this book is an excellent piece of literature.
This book was recommended to me by my friend and author Megan Hart.
Can you say - no happy ending? - Yes... I believe you can.

This book was fantastic. It started a little slow, however once the main part of the story began, where he meets *her*, it all changed from there. This man, who merely exists throughout his life in a rather mechanical scripted way, begins to breathe for what he feels is the first time in his life. And he only breathes because of... her.

But she is also the reason he loses everything.

Watching his absolutely devastating spiral into hell was unbearable, yet I could not look away. I guess I'm a fan of tragedy within a love story, especially when there's no happy ending.

Completely heart breaking. And completely wonderful.
This is an engrossing read -- but not as mesmerizing as the movie, probably because the book can't feature the stunning actor skills of Jeremy Irons. If you can imagine Jeremy Irons being possessed by sex as you read this book, you will definitely have a good experience.
Damage is not pretty. This isn't a pretty book. It's desperate and sad and makes statement after statement of uncommon truth. It's hard to categorize this short little novel, maybe it's an allegory? Maybe it's a cross eyed peek at human passion. Passion is from the Greek word for suffering. It will plunge a knife into your chest and turn it.
This was such a strange story. I found it very difficult to relate to the characters, yet they were all very real. The ultimate result of the story is sure to surprise all readers. You know something terrible is going to happen, but you'll never guess what it will be.
Honestly if I had not seen the movie years ago and wondered why it isn't aired like many other older movies; I probably would not have purchased DAMAGE. But I am so glad that I have now read the book that filled in some needling questions left by the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Now if someone would just air the movie again, all will be well.
This intense, disturbing short novel is essentially a study of what can happen when passion enters lives that heretofore have been conventional, pleasant, and superficial. Middle-aged, well-to-do Stephen Fleming, married to the beautiful Ingrid with two grown children, Sally and Martyn, is a physician who almost effortlessly becomes a Member of Parliament and is a government official. He is the very epitome of English respectability.

The brilliance of this book lies in the ability of the author to capture the stark differences, the many subtleties, between a life lived that maintains appearances and meets expectations and one where the connection with what one does or who one is with is so all-consuming and fulfilling that anything that interferes is shoved aside and becomes irrelevant. To say that people can be hurt beyond belief when such a sudden transformation occurs is sheer understatement.

And so it is when Stephen first meets his son's girlfriend Anna Barton, an enigmatic, aloof, and dark beauty, who simply mesmerizes Stephen. Part of Anna's appeal is her combination of toughness and vulnerability; she admits that she is "damaged" and could harm those who pursue her. The only question in this story is will Stephen be able to pull out of a nosedive to total self-destruction? Does a passionate existence justify ripping apart a life and the lives of those close by?

This book is simply gripping - almost too much so. One is almost afraid to find out if Stephen can possibly deal with the elusive and intoxicating Anna.
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