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by John Saul

eBook Black Lightning ePub
Author: John Saul
Language: English
ISBN: 044990864X
ISBN13: 978-0449908648
Publisher: Fawcett; 1st edition (June 24, 1995)
Pages: 392
Category: Genre Fiction
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 531
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ePub file: 1408 kb
Fb2 file: 1642 kb

Home John Saul Black Lightning. Published by The Random HousePublishing Group.

Home John Saul Black Lightning. Published in the United States by Ballantine Books, an imprint of The Random House Publishing Group, a division of Random House, In. New York, and simultaneously in Canada by Random House of Canada Limited, Toronto. Ballantine and colophon are registered trademarks of Random House, Inc. ww. allantinebooks. Black lightning, . 8. I’m fine, Ma, the man replied, the words already out of his mouth before he remembered he was supposed to be sick.

Black Lightning book. Jun 26, 2017 Summer rated it it was ok.

Читать онлайн Black Lightning. Today a book of Victorian poetry lay open in his lap, and to a casual observer it would have appeared as if this morning were no different from any other.

By the time she was looking at her fiftieth birthday from the wrong direction, she had given up all hope of a lasting marriage and a family of her own. Her few relatives were all gone. Her parents had left her the house she’d grown up in, but not quite enough money to get by on, and a career beyond making a home for the husband and children she’d expected to have had never been among the few plans she’d laid out for herself.

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House of Reckoning is John Saul's thirty-sixth novel I'm a big fan of John Saul, but "Black Lightning" was a disappointment. Within the first few chapters I recognized a plot premise that dates back as far as horror novels go.

House of Reckoning is John Saul's thirty-sixth novel. His first novel, Suffer the Children, published in 1977, was an immediate million-copy bestseller. His other bestselling suspense novels include In the Dark of the Night, Perfect Nightmare, Black Creek Crossing, Midnight Voices, The Manhattan Hunt Club, The Right Hand of Evil, Guardian, and Faces of Fear. I'm a big fan of John Saul, but "Black Lightning" was a disappointment. Anyone who has ever seen an episode of Twilight Zone will know what's going to happen w/in 50 pages.

John Saul knows how to make the blood run cold and the heart race wild with fear. Now the author of the New York Times bestsellers Creature and The Homing delivers his most chilling novel yet, a gripping story of a convicted serial killer sentenced to death--and hell-bent on revenge.For five years Seattle has been seized in the terrifying grip of a monster as black as evil itself: a sadistic serial killer who methodically lures his victims to grisly deaths in order to satisfy a twisted passion.For five years journalist Anne Jeffers has pursued this horrifying story like a woman obsessed--following the killer's capture, trial and appeal--crusading to keep the wheels of justice churning toward the electric chair, never believing the prisoner's steadfast denials of guilt.Now the day of execution has come. A convicted killer will meet his end. Anne believes her five-year nightmare is over. Until, within days, a similar murder stuns the city, forcing Anne to face some disturbing questions: Was the wrong man put to death? And is she to blame? Or did he have an accomplice who longs to continue a bloody legacy? Is a copycat killer at work? But how could any imitator so uncannily re-create all the gruesome hallmarks of a murderer's modus operandi, details kept completely secret from all but the police? As the murderer stalks his next victims, creeping ever closer to her, Anne cannot help but feel an icy unease, a haunting sense of connection to these unspeakable crimes. And, relentlessly, she hears the eerie echo of the dead man's last words to her: "Today won't end it. How will you feel, Anne? When I'm dead, and it all starts again, how will you feel?"In Black Lightning, John Saul strikes with a novel as electrifying as a jagged bolt from a pitch-dark sky, proving once again his inimitable genius for suspense.
I'm a big fan of John Saul, but "Black Lightning" was a disappointment.
Within the first few chapters I recognized a plot premise that dates back as far as horror novels go. Anyone who has ever seen an episode of Twilight Zone will know what's going to happen w/in 50 pages.
Think I'm being overly critical? Try this: Anne Jeffers is at a prison to witness the electrocution of serial killer Richard Kraven. At the exact moment of Kraven's death, Anne's husband has a near-fatal heart attack and is brought back from the jaws of death by use of a defibulator.
If you can't tell what happens next, then buy this book.
I have been reading John Saul's books for quite some time. However, I found this one to be rather long and not up the usual standards I've set for John. Nor was the book as suspenseful as some of his others.
A really good book, got a little confusing at first but then it really took off. Love his writing, keeps you on edge and into the charactures You sort of become a bystander so to speak.
I loved this book! John Saul is my FAVORITE!!! An awesome writer and story teller. Even though this was a little different, it was still a great one from the master.
I was not sure about this book but purchased it anyway, I ended up loving the book!!!! Would read this one again!
Was a very y intense book kept me interested and ok n the edge if my seat through the whole book. Very good reading!
it takes awhile to get moving but once it does this book is one of my all time favorites - the impact of some of the subject matter will always be on my mind
A serial killer is executed at noon in Seattle, and reporter Ann Jeffers is covering the highly controversial event. Across the country, at exactly the same moment, Anne's husband suffers an all but fatal heart attack, requiring multiple efforts at resuscitation. Anne flies home, relieved to discover that Glen will recover. When he's well enough to go home, Anne rejoices, but little by little, it becomes evident that this is not the man she married. The doctor reassures her that some personality changes are to be expected, but Glen sure is acting weird. Meanwhile, although the killer is now dead, there seems to be a copycat starting his own rampage, following the same MO. Did they execute the wrong man?

There are some very gruesome scenes in Black Lightening, and if grisly were all it takes to make a thriller, Black Lightening would be a winner. But much more is required, and this novel misses the mark. Yes, mutilated bodies are discovered, all people that the Jefferses know, and the police think the killings are carried out by more than one person. So far so good. But Saul stretches credulity to the breaking point, and doesn't do it well. Creepy does not equal suspenseful, and in sections, Black Lightening is almost laughable, especially at the end. Preposterous.
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