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by Louis L'amour

eBook The Lonely Men ePub
Author: Louis L'amour
Language: English
ISBN: 0553110764
ISBN13: 978-0553110760
Publisher: Bantam Books (1977)
Category: Genre Fiction
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 638
Formats: lrf doc mbr lit
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Читать онлайн - L'Amour Louis. L'Amour Louis. The Lonely Men Louis L'amour Chapter 1It Was Hot. The Shallow Place Where I Lay Atop The Desert Ridge was like an oven, the rocks like burning coals. Out on the flat below, where the Apaches waited, the heat waves shimmered and danced. Only the far-off mountains looked cool. When I tried to push out my tongue to touch my cracked lips it was like a dry stick in my mouth, and the dark splashes on the rock were blood.

The Lonely Men. Louis L'amour

The Lonely Men. Louis L'amour. When those Apaches hit us it was every man for himself, and Billy Higgins and me, we taken out a-running, heading for the rocks where we could make a fight of it. An Apache with . 6 Spencer reared up from behind a greasewood and shot Billy right through the belly, opening him up as if it had been done with a saber.

The Lonely Men Tell Sackett had been lured into the Apache's mountain stronghold by the icy beauty of his brother's wife. The Sacketts They are the unforgettable pioneer family created by master storyteller Louis L'Amour to bring to vivid life the spirit and adventure of the American frontier. The Sacketts, men and women who challenged the untamed wilderness with their dreams and their courage. From generation to generation they pushed ever westward with a restless, wandering urge, a kinship with the free, wild places and a fierce independence.

L'Amour Louis - скачать бесплатно все книги автора. Книги 1-6 из 6. Lonely On the Mountain. Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее. In, Louis L’Amour’s solitary wandering Sackett brothers make a stand together-to save one of their ow. he rare letters Tell Sackett received always had trouble inside. And the terse note from his cousin Logan is no exception. Logan faces starvation or a hanging if Tell can’t drive a herd of cattle from Kansas to British Columbia before winter.

In The Lonely Men, Louis L’Amour spins the tale of a man who must elude an Apache trap-only to discover . So in the previous Tell book, L'Amour had to pack her off back East for some mysterious reason and that sucked.

In The Lonely Men, Louis L’Amour spins the tale of a man who must elude an Apache trap-only to discover that his greatest enemy might be very close to home. The story is good and I've always liked Tell Sackett.

L'amour, Louis - Sackett's 14. Out on the flat below, where the Apaches waited, the heat waves shimmered and danced

L'amour, Louis - Sackett's 14. off mountains looked cool.

Chronicles the fate of the Anasazi, a race of pre-Navajo cliff dwellers who inhabited the ancient American Southwest and who vanished from the face of the Earth centuries ago. Read online. He came to the valley of the whispering wind, a man who rode with the caution born of riding long on strange trails in a land untamed and restless with danger. Kilkenny could find no peace in the valley, for he came with a reputation for a lightning draw. Eager gunmen arose like coyotes to test him.

In The Lonely Men, Louis L'Amour spins the tale of a man who must elude an Apache trap-only to discover that his greatest enemy might be very close to home. Tell Sackett had fought his share of Indians and managed to take something of value from his battles: a deep and abiding respect. But that respect is lost when Apache braves kidnap his nephew, forcing Tell to cross the border into the Sierra Madres to bring the boy back. What troubles Tell more, though, is the boy's mother: Could she possibly be inventing a rescue mission to deliver her husband's brother into an ambush? Tell knows that the only things he can depend on are his wits and cold steel. But against such adversaries, even these formidable weapons may not be enough.
Orrin's estranged wife makes up a huge lie then calls on Tell Sackett for assistance, feeling certain that he knew nothing of Orrin and Laura's Marital situation. Tell, being a loyal brother and a loyal Sackett in general, goes to aide his brother and Laura with this supposed horrible situation that could easily get him killed. Afterwards, he is arrested and is to hang for a deed of mercy in which he discussed wth the Wiley and hate-filled Laura Pritts Sackett! The most difficult of all the Sackett books to read since Tell has already lost so much in previous situations. Also, note how loyal he remains to his Country even when they are on the brink of lynchpin' him!
All of Louis L'Amour's "Sackett" books are great. I've read them all, but am now in the process of getting them all in Audible format. He has researched the areas he talks about not only using maps and text, but has been there and seen it, usually spending time in those places, learning and living the life of the characters he writes about. I love Westerns, and I've enjoyed reading every book by L'Amour that I have picked up. The visual aspect of the audible version is enhanced as you don't have to read the text, and can sit back and enjoy just listening.
Wooden Purple Romeo
Look I have the worst case of "Sackettitis" I devour this books. I mean I love the regular cowboy stories, BUT Sacketts a whole new ballgame. They are Great. There are more than the listed series. I Write on them showing connections or what order to read. I am a FAN.
I think who ever likes L'amour will like this and want to read more.
I'm still thoroughly enjoying these Sacketts. Louis L'Amour has the true gift of placing your mind into the story. And it just keeps you involved. I still find it difficult to stop reading each time I start. I'll miss the Sacketts when I finish the series. I believe you will too. Enjoy!
This Louis L'Amour CD was terrific. A fascinating story involving Tell Sackett( picture Sam Elliot), as the protaganist. The story is relatively straight froward as Tell and 3 friends, he met on the road, are off on a chase for his kidnapped nephew in Apache held Sierra Madre mountains. Needless to say this story is full of Loius' fabulous Western prose and development of multiple story lines. Highly recommend for those Western buffs who enjoy a good yarn while driving .Very typical of the Sackett series that Louis constructed.
Louis L'Amour is a good writer, who's books are predictable and fun to read. If you want unexpected plot twists and bad guys to be heros pick another author.
I like Louis' stories. I read a number as have a lot of folks who enjoy a recreation of the West as told by a Sacket who lived it. But, I have to shuck a long now 'cause these books empty my money belt too fast for the time 'bein. Maybe later. Vaya con Dios. Gene, Aberdeen, SD.
Great adventure story. Another fun Sackett read for Tell Sackett fans.
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