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eBook Day After Night (Thorndike Press Large Print Basic Series) ePub

by Anita Diamant

eBook Day After Night (Thorndike Press Large Print Basic Series) ePub
Author: Anita Diamant
Language: English
ISBN: 1410422054
ISBN13: 978-1410422057
Publisher: Thorndike Press; Large Print edition (January 6, 2010)
Pages: 422
Category: Genre Fiction
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 947
Formats: mbr rtf lrf mobi
ePub file: 1685 kb
Fb2 file: 1637 kb

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Book by Diamant, Anita
A great story for a setting in time that I did not know much about: Israel right after WWII. The background of the characters is revealed as the story moves along which gives you perspective for their actions. It also caused me to think: how would you continue in life after experiencing such horror? Do you try to forget or exact revenge? A little of both I think...
I really wanted to read this book and I really wanted to LOVE this book but somehow, it was ok. It was not the "page turner" that I thought it would be. I'm still stuck on "The Red Tent" that I could not put down, telling a riveting Biblical tale that to me was a part of history. I felt the same about this storyline, a story to tell about the Jewish refugees from Europe surviving the concentration camps as if they haven't been through enough, yet another "camp", more humility, more oppression this time by the British commanders running the internment camp. I guess I wanted more. More of a story of the main characters, more of the drama of their escape and more of what happened after they were all separated to their final resettlement Kibbutz. At the end here was a paragraph mentioning about each of the main characters after their permanent resettlement. It was a nice story but not terrific for me. For those who survived being Jewish in Europe, the journey seemed to never end, kept alive by hope. I would recommend as story of a continuation of what happened next to the ones who actually did arrive in Palestine, before it was known as Israel.
This story of an unknown bit of the post-WWII Jewish struggle is a delight to read.

Anita Diamant writes, in this character-driven story, about a British-run concentration camp in Northern Palestine shortly after WWII. Saying "concentration" camp, sets off all sorts of emotional triggers for many, but this camp was really a safe place for displaced European Jews. It was a place where they could learn to be Jews. It was a stopping point for those traveling to Palestine after surviving the Holocaust. But none-the-less, it is a camp, from which the internees were forbidden to leave until the Brits could obtain entry permits and placements for them.

Still, many entering the camp did not know what it is, and having experienced atrocities during the war, and they thought (as they entered the camp) that this was another of the same.

The four women Diamant portrays have been through hell. One was a prisoner who was raped on a daily basis. Another a resistant fighter who killed and raided as necessary, but doesn't understand that what she did made her a hero to many. A third lost everything and everyone while being shuttled from hiding place to hiding place. And the fourth. There is a suggestion that she survived a camp. It was bad enough that she cannot even think of it.

As history runs its course, the camp is eventually liberated. There is one death. The women gather together for one final moment, then all are dispersed. There is a final glimpse that they survived and flourished.

I give nothing away by telling this much. It is history, and I suggest doing a Google search of the camp to learn the skeleton of history from which Diamant wove this story. Diamant has a wonderful voice from which we previously heard in The Red Tent: A Novel. This book is also a gem that is worth reading.
Mr Freeman
This was compulsively readable. The personal stories of the young women are told in a somewhat haphazard and piecey fashion. You never get a clear picture of their histories, but I think that's the authors aim, to tell their post-Holocaust stories, not to recount the war itself. As for the characters struggling to attempt to forget their traumas while remembering their loved ones, it leaves that open and seems easier with some characters than others.
This book was my first by this author. I was drawn to it by the subject which is a part of WWII history that was not familiar to me.
I struggled with keeping each character distinct from one another particularly in the beginning. As the book progressed, the characters' stories became more defined by their back story details which made the characters easier to distinguish.
At times the writing seemed very one dimensional with a lack of depth and strength, just writing words on a page, not living the words with commitment.
About halfway through the book, I did feel a connection with the characters. I must admit I was more connected with Esther and Jacob than the four main characters, perhaps because I am the mother of a son. That may be why I was crying when I read the epilogue.
I've read many books set in the era of WW2 and concentration camp stories. At first I wasn't sure I'd like this book, but as I progressed, it began to feel like I was a fly on the wall, observing everyone having this post-rescue experience that wasn't all that liberating for them. I don't recall if this was based on a true-life experience, but it was an interesting perspective of camp survivors' lives prior to being allowed to enter Israel (Palestine at the time) which in and of itself was a surprise. By the time I read the last paragraph, I realized I wanted more. IMO, it was that good.
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