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by Melissa Field

eBook The Good Luck Knot ePub
Author: Melissa Field
Language: English
ISBN: 146642365X
ISBN13: 978-1466423657
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 20, 2012)
Pages: 162
Category: Literary
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 365
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The Good Luck Knot book.

The Good Luck Knot book. A book about love, friendship, family and self-exploration. Even though the story is about Jordan, the heroine, it is not hard for a lot of people that will read this book, to see some aspects of themselves in her.

The Good Luck Knot (Paperback). Published March 20th 2012 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Paperback, 266 pages. Author(s): Melissa Field. ISBN: 1475037473 (ISBN13: 9781475037470).

That's all Jordan wants.

Select Format: Paperback. That's all Jordan wants. But above all, she wants to love herself.

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See contact information and details about Good Luck Knot.

Jordan frightens those closest to her when she announces she’s taking a job in Antarctica. It isn’t the destination that worries them. It’s Jordan, and what she’ll do when she’s alone and far away. It’s been over a year since she hit rock bottom and ended up getting her stomach pumped.

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"The good luck knot is a classic Chinese knot. It is created by tying in alternating directions to form a square with a cross in the center of it. This formation symbolizes the relationship between Earth and Sky, between the known and the unknown, the physical and the spiritual." Love. That's all Jordan wants. Family love. Friend love. Romantic love. Love for the world. Love for life. But above all, she wants to love herself. And if she could figure out how, all the rest would probably fall into place. Unfortunately, loving and accepting herself feels as attainable as walking on the sun. Over the years Jordan has become quite adept at hiding her self-loathing. She lies to her friends, hides cuts from her classmates, and smiles at strangers with the help of a cocktail of prescription and street drugs. Her efforts to get by thinly mask the fact that she's secretly falling apart. When Jordan runs out of energy to just keep pretending, she gives up all hope and prepares to check out for good. She can no longer fight the fear that what she wants most will forever be out of reach. She doesn't know who to turn to or what to do. She only knows that with her last ounce of strength, she's going to fight for the inner light she once had. The answers she seek can only be found somewhere beyond her past and current realities. The cold, untamed land of Antarctica is her first destination. Slowly her strength rebuilds and she travels further to such places as the beautiful yet barren steppes of Mongolia, the serene rolling hills of Italy, and the ancient city of Istanbul. As much as each place inspires her, it's the people she meets that open her mind and heart to new ideas about hope and love. Jordan returns home rejuvenated but aware her journey isn't over. She's realized that what she was looking for isn't anywhere out in the world. It's inside her. All she has to do is face herself and her struggle will be over. Looking inside promises redemption, but also comes with a risk. She may find that she isn't strong enough to face her biggest foe: herself.
Sometimes I liked this book and sometimes I didn’t. There were odd spaces here and there and minor errors that were distracting. The story is basically about Jordan, a young woman who morosely travels the world. The narrative is told in a detached way going back and forth in time which was confusing. There are many depressing elements including a suicide attempt, a rape, and a death. I found the story heavy and oppressive. Jordan reflects on her life and struggles to understand it. It was difficult to relate to or sympathize with her. I’d hoped for more insights and resolution. The description shows 164 pages, but I read 264 pages. I may have liked a shorter version better.
There is nothing more than a superficial similarity to the referenced book "Eat, Pray, Love", but I mention these two books together because Melissa Field's book, the Good Luck Knot, is similar in that it explores a young woman's journey to find meaning in life. That's about where the similarities end. The Good Luck Knot is a darker tale, and Melissa isn't afraid to explore more complex themes--I love a story that acknowledges there are no universal "truths" when it comes to finding wholeness. People have been on a quest to find wholeness since the beginnings of civilization. Some use religion, some find community or family helps, but it seems to be an increasingly hard thing to find in American society.

And Jordan is no different. A young woman who battles depression and bad relationships throughout her life, she doesn't so much set out to make things better for herself as to escape the terrible circumstances of her current life. Jordan is like a Glen Campbell song, you know--she won't stick around anywhere for too long, if someone starts closing in on her then off she goes. She's like the Wichita Lineman, off working alone and trying to figure out what "it all means." It doesn't matter where she goes--she might go to the next state, or down to Antarctica for a much needed vacation from others. It's an interesting story of a young woman who can't find what she wants, but she refuses to stop searching. The relationships with men seem to often be the source of conflict, but her friendships help keep her grounded in this world.

And keeping Jordan grounded is a difficult thing as the book starts out on a particularly dark note. But that's what I love about the character of Jordan, and Melissa's ability to write about these moments without making things seem hopeless. Jordan has a running commentary on things going on around her that she never physically voices. When bad things are happening her mind is continually throwing out observations about the absurdity of it all, and essentially what is a "smart ass" attitude, becomes very endearing and helpful in keeping the reader connected.

This is the only book I've read by Melissa but I look forward to seeing more of what she has to offer. This is a book that explores the craving to find a sense of purpose in the world, and this is a book that doesn't tiptoe around the notion that some of us may not have a special purpose. It's honest, true, and a great read.
Jordan is tormented by her need to be loved. When most young women of her age are embracing life, she is running from it. After a suicide attempt, she begins to hide away and travel to numerous locations around the globe. She meets Noah and slowly takes a step in the right direction. She begins to see herself in a positive light and accept life, love and happiness.

From the beginning it is easy to feel Jordan's pain and desperation. Depression and self loathing are two evils that many women battle with and as such the reader is really brought up front and center into Jordan's life. One can truly identify with her. A very deep character with a look into her psyche and touching on many subjects such as religion also gives her richness. The story roams back and forth from various time periods which I found slightly confusing and the deeper story with Aviva to be very intriguing but not explored enough to my taste. The characters are engaging and the locations in which she travels to, an absolute winning aspect. I would recommend for those who enjoy a read with substance.

3.5 stars

I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.
The Good Luck Knot is about Jordan's journey - which is sort of split into three parts. First, there is her literal journey. I loved the ever-changing settings and I learned so much about so many different cultures represented in the story: the customs in Bali, the reality of life as a nomad in Mongolia, etc. Second, there is her emotional journey. Jordan has a load of issues to work through about her self-image and self-worth, as well as issues with her family, her friends and the men in her life. And finally, Jordan's spiritual journey is a constant throughout as she searches for answers and prays for guidance. Quite often, the spiritual bits lean towards the philosophical, which makes for some fascinating reading.

The characters are all well-developed and realistic, and Jordan is very relatable. The story is told in vignettes, which is a tad confusing at first as the story jumps around in time, but after the first few scenes I got the hang of it and I'm glad it was structured in this way. I was pleased with the ending too. Without giving anything away (I hope) during her literal journeys, Jordan makes a lot of progress on her emotional and spiritual journeys. Two thumbs up!
This book deals with depression and the story did not move along with enough interest to hold my attention. The artwork on the cover seemed interesting and the description too, but I quit reading about 1/3 of the way in as it never captured my interest to keep reading and find out what happened.
Book Title: "The Good Luck Knot"
Author: Melissa Field
Published By: Self-Published
Age Recommended: 18+
Reviewed By: Kitty Bullard
Raven Rating: 4.5

Review: This is wonderful story of finding yourself, figuring out where you belong and pulling yourself up from the mire. Even though the story is about Jordan, the heroine, it is not hard for a lot of people that will read this book, to see some aspects of themselves in her.
A really great read and a powerful story of a woman's journey to rise back up and gain her place in the world again.
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