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eBook Soul to Soul (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories) ePub

by Donna Hill

eBook Soul to Soul (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories) ePub
Author: Donna Hill
Language: English
ISBN: 1585710008
ISBN13: 978-1585710003
Publisher: Genesis Press; 1st edition (January 1, 2000)
Pages: 179
Category: Short Stories & Anthologies
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 343
Formats: lit doc txt rtf
ePub file: 1281 kb
Fb2 file: 1768 kb

Series: Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories. Paperback: 250 pages. In my opinion Crystal Hubbard often writes female characters that are hard for me to love, and this book was no exception.

Series: Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories. Publisher: Genesis Press (March 1, 2007). But even with a heroine that rubbed me the wrong way, as Miranda often did in this book, I really enjoyed her and Lucas' story. Where the heroine's cynicism and ascerbic wit were a bit detrimental in "Mr Fix It", it didn't tank this book, as it easily could have.

Rivers of the Souls is a soul stirring love story. Still Waters Run Deep (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories). Antoinette (Toni) and Jerome were high school sweethearts who went their separate ways after high school and through fate, crossed each other's paths twenty years later. But was that love really lost or were Toni and Jerome just going through the motions? Twenty years seems like a lifetime and things have changed tremendously with their families, friends and themselves. Monica Jackson, Leslie Esdaile, Gwynne Forster, Carmen Green, Donna Hill.

Items related to Indiscretions (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories). Donna Hill Indiscretions (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories). ISBN 13: 9781885478375. Indiscretions (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories). Paperback: 261 pages. I would recommend this book to other book club's. It was a sad story turned into love story with a dream come true happy ending. Ms. Gunn definitely put her heart and soul into Nowhere to Run. From the very first sentence the reader is catapulted into the world of Cassie Lee and Solomon. 2 people found this helpful. Paperback: 202 pages. Quiet Storm tells the story of three men's very different ways of loving one woman, and shows the beautiful relationship Deanna has with her protective best friend. Aside from a few typos, Quiet Storm is a refreshing quick read, giving a flash back to what true love should look like. Some of the history and musicians, citing of things that happened in the 90's was a nice trip down memory lane.

Feb 26, 2014 Ladyamelia rated it it was amazing. Cassie Lee was fortitude personified.

I love our partnership! To Alex, Erin, Amy, the truly amazing art department, marketing and everyone at SMP who was involved in. .Rhys also found love in the arms of Lily, a human

I love our partnership! To Alex, Erin, Amy, the truly amazing art department, marketing and everyone at SMP who was involved in getting this book ready. Rhys also found love in the arms of Lily, a human. But he wasn’t the only Dragon King to do so. Hal, Guy, Banan, Kellan, Tristan, and Laith had also fallen in love with mortals. Kiril was the only one among them to choose a Fae as his mate. Thinking of the Fae turned Warrick’s thoughts to Rhi, the Light Fae who had loved-and lost-a Dragon King. No matter what Rhi said, the Kings knew she still carried love in her heart for her King. If only the bastard would realize what he was missing and take Rhi for his own once again.

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Leon Weathers, restaurateur and nightclub owner, has her life together until her bandleader hires Ray Taylor, the "mouthwatering," womanizing sax player, for the nightclub band.
Soul to Soul tells the story of a divorcee, with a teenage daughter who has survived a bitter divorce, built up her own successful business and has come to a point where she feels restless in her life. She makes a couple of mistakes, which impact on her relationships with her daughter and her significant other. She overcomes those mistakes in her voyage of self-discovery and self-healing.
Ms. Hill's books are often filled with real, yet complex inter-woven issues and this one is no different. Leone, the heroine, is real-to-life multi-faceted lady who is forced to come to terms with herself, her many emotions and the impact they have on the people around her and with whom she must interact. She makes her mistakes and she recovers from them. Just like real life.
Overall the story was a good read. I was a little disappointed at the length of the story - I much prefer Ms. Hill's lengthier novels in which the plots and issues explored tend to be more intricate. I was also disappointed that the one love scene, (very sensuous, as I have come to expect from Ms. Hill) did not happen between the two persons who eventually got together. I have to admit that in a romance novel, I prefer to read the details about the two main protagonists.
I don't think it's her best novel, but an enjoyable read nonetheless.
As usual, what can you say about Ms. Hill's novels, after all she's recognized as one of the hottest Author's of Romance writing. SOUL TO SOUL was written for all of us, emphasizing, sometime we don't miss what we have until its gone. Ms. Hill did a wonderful job portraying mid-life crisis. Noted the novel was only 179 pages, short in comparison to her other novels.
Sometimes in our lives we all experience an urge for something different or new, the driving force behind this urge is so strong, all common sense thrown aside, causing conflict and confusion, allowing for things we wouldn't normally consider. In today's society we call it Mid-Life Crisis...but we know better. Finally, appeasing this urge, all said and done, we're back to where we began, realizing we had it all alone. While reading SOUL TO SOUL, considering this scenario, I could relate with Heroine, Leone Weathers, and knowing that this novel is a lesson learned.
SOUL TO SOUL is a story about an independent strong woman, with dreams, Leone Weathers. Working as a Registered Nurse, and marrying the man of her dreams, Steven Weathers. Growing up, Leone wasn't allowed to date, attend school dances, and participate in school functions as other young people. Meeting Steven, proved to be an experience, exciting and romantic, she was blessed to have so much love, shortly afterward they were married. Things changed, Steven's insecurities, lack of faith and verbal abuse, fell upon Leone, taking something away, being raised as an obedient daughter, and now an obedient wife, she would not rebel, but endure. Subsequently, the abuse took its toil, leading to a divorce.
Leone, divorced and owner of SOUL TO SOUL, restaurant and nightclub, hires Cole Fleming, Bandleader/Manager. The growing attraction between the two is apparent, they soon become friends and lovers. Cole, being the first man Leone dated and slept with since her divorce, doesn't know how to introduce him to her daughter, Raven. Cole not liking the secrecy put Leone on the spot, stating its time for Raven to know about their relationship. Raven was taken with Cole, his knowledge of hip-hop music overwhelmed Raven, and this was the beginning of a fatherly friendship, which eased the tension for Cole and Leone.
SOUL TO SOUL needing a Saxophone player, Cole notify Leone of the wonderful Sax player, Ray Taylor, and insisted that Leone come down to the Club for an interview, walking to the Club,Leone thinking she has interviewed so many Sax players, she hope this is the one. When arriving, Cole introduced Ray Taylor, to Leone, an immediate desire surfaced, and after hearing Ray play the Sax, the desire increased. Not having these feeling before, Leone knew she would not respond to them. After hiring Ray, and seeing him everyday, catching him watching her, the attraction to each other was growing stronger. Granted, Ray was definitely musically inclined, handsome, and drew crowds in every night, including searching young women, but the most obvious was the age difference, which meant Leone would do nothing about this attraction.
Leone, thinking how secure and stable her life is with the Club, Cole and Raven, still has a growing restlessness. Something is missing. She realizes that every time Cole approaches the subject of permanency in the relationship, she would change the conversation. Cole was a good, decent man, and was always there for her; any woman would love to have a man like that. So what was the problem?
After another one of Leone and Raven's confrontation, Leone decides she has to get a way from the house. She has no particular place in mind and drives for hours until she comes across a beautiful subdivision she'd passed many times before but never paid much attention. Leone pulls her car over and park to think about the argument she had with Raven. Raven had accused her of running Cole off, just like she had with her father. As Leone rests her head, she looks up and finds Ray Taylor standing before her; she has no idea where he came from. Ray walks over to the car and smiles. He's surprised to see Leone, but also glad. He too was restless because he did not know what to do about the growing attraction he feels for Leone. He invites Leone in, they drink, talk and because of their building attraction, the two exercise their feelings.
Cole is aware of the attraction between Ray and Leone so he decides to step aside and leave Leone to make her own decision. Cole announced plans to leave SOUL TO SOUL and the band, leaving Ray as Bandleader/Manager. Feeling confused and guilty, Leone regrets her obvious betrayal and indiscretion, regardless of the briefness.
SOUL TO SOUL ending is typical of most romance novels, but coming from Ms. Hill you will find it very enjoyable, I did.
Okay! First off this book is nothing like it preludes to be. I was confused at first, but I really dug it at the end. I will not spoil the book for you but while I was reading it I was really feeling Cole and Ray. I was torn between the two as to who I liked best! Go get a copy then yoy will see what I'm talking about. Much Love Hill!
Donna, you did it again, I really enjoyed this book, and looking forward to you latest novel. You go Girl !
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