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eBook His Chosen Bride ePub

by Alexandra Bassett

eBook His Chosen Bride ePub
Author: Alexandra Bassett
Language: English
ISBN: 0821777866
ISBN13: 978-0821777862
Publisher: Zebra (July 1, 2005)
Category: United States
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 871
Formats: azw mbr mobi rtf
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On the verge of bankruptcy, Nathan Cantrell is blackmailed into marrying one of Sir Harlan's three daughters and finds his choice hampered by an unforgettable encounter with a mysterious beauty. Original.
I truly do not know what to say. Looking at the other reviews (which I went by when I purchased this book) it is like I have read an entirely different book. I am an extensive reader. I read an average of a book a day. I love a variety of authors - Thea Devine, Anne Rice, Emma Holly, Lisa Kleypas, and Cheryl Holt. My favorite author is Robin Schone.

I think I have a very wide variety of taste when it comes to books.

But this book was so very awful. I always finish a book. No matter how bad. Usually a bad book will take me at least 2 days to finish though, as I am not into it but only trying to finish it and can be easily distracted. This book has taken me at least a month to finish. I started it, but after about page 100, when the book didn't seem to be getting any better at all, I put it down and read others. Well, I finally finished the book and I have to say that it was the most torturous thing I've read in quite a while.

I've never wanted to smack a woman so much as I did Abigail. What a TOTAL bitch. I prayed for her death and dismemberment.

As far as Nathan, he seemed like a decent sort. Someone you might like to know. But apparently he's a bigger idiot than one first thinks. I prayed he'd just tell Abigail to go *%#* herself. Especially by page 295, but no such luck.

If you feel that you really must read this book, I suggest checking it out of the library and not wasting the money.

Though if you like the same authors I mentioned above, RUN! Don't even make eye contact with this book. I think I would have much rather ate a bowl of pig vomit than to have gone through what I did with this book.

But this is just my opinion.
I loved this book. The hero, Nathan Cantrell, has come back to his estate after the war to find it mortgaged to the hilt by his late father, and about to be lost to the mortgage holder, Sir Harlan. Sir Harlan has three daughters he's been unable to marry off. He offers to tear up the mortgages if Nathan will marry one of the daughters, a deal that Nathan perceives as blackmail, and that he initially finds repugnant. Then he realizes that one of the daughters is Abigail, the beautiful girl he happened upon earlier in the day, swimming in the pond. The earlier encounter had been embarrassing (neither of them were wearing much) and delightful.

In fact, the whole book is delightful. The characters are bright, interesting and light-hearted. There are plenty of quirky, lively secondary characters. The hero and heroine fall in love, but have trouble trusting each other, given that both are keeping secrets. Nathan has hidden the details of the blackmail scheme. Abigail has hidden that she is secretly a successful author of gothic romance novels. The hero is confident, strong, and very attractive, but not as overbearing as many romantic heroes. I find it a nice change of pace that he is unsure that he will ever win the hand of the heroine, and has to keep trying. But rest assured, all ends happily for the couple in this imaginative and clever story.
I am an avid reader of historical romance novels, as well as a former high school English teacher, and when I read junk I know it. This book is simply a waste of time. What could the author have been thinking? Or the publisher for that matter? After "slogging" through this thing for almost 3 days, (when I usually finish a book in a day) I finally got to the predictable, and unexciting ending...need I say more? Save your money.
you will love this book. I got my copy in the mail yesterday and read it right through. Hilarious plot, lighthearted, and really funny dialogue. It's so great to find an author who knows how to create a really truly spunky heroine. You will actually believe in her and like her!! The hero is adorable and you'll enjoy their scenes together. The chapter intros will make you laugh out loud. You'll enjoy this book. I did and I'm already waiting for the next book from this great new author. So excited!!

Wow, can't wait for the next book by this exciting new author. Loved it!
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