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by Robert A. Parker,Stendhal

eBook The Charterhouse of Parma ePub
Author: Robert A. Parker,Stendhal
Language: English
ISBN: 0679602453
ISBN13: 978-0679602453
Publisher: Modern Library (February 9, 1999)
Pages: 528
Category: World Literature
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 789
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The Charterhouse of Parma book With beautiful illustrations by Robert Andrew Parker.

The Charterhouse of Parma book. Stendhal narrates a young aristocrat's adventures in Napoleon's army and in the court of Parma, illuminating in the process the whole cloth of European history. As Balzac wrote, "Never before have the hearts of princes, Richard Howard's exuberant and definitive rendition of Stendhal's stirring tale has brought about the rediscovery of this classic by modern readers. With beautiful illustrations by Robert Andrew Parker.

Stendhal narrates a young aristocrat's adventures in Napoleon's army and in the court of Parma. The Charterhouse of Parma has never sparkled in English with such radiance as it does in Richard Howard's new translation. superb new translation. an action-packed narrative.

The Charterhouse of Parma (French: La Chartreuse de Parme) is a novel by Stendhal published in 1839. Telling the story of an Italian nobleman in the Napoleonic era and later, it was admired by Balzac, Tolstoy, André Gide and Henry James. The novel has been adapted for opera, film and television.

The charterhouse of Parma/Stendhal; translated from the French by Richard. Upon returning to Paris, Stendhal immediately resumed la chasse au bonheur (the pursuit of happiness) and writing. He quickly finished the l treatise On Love (1822), the critical study Racine and Shakespeare (1823), and Life of Rossini (1824). Armance, the author’s first novel, appeared in 1827.

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The Charterhouse of Parma often contains a whole book in a single page. Henri Marie Beyle, known through his writing as Stendhal, was born in Grenoble in 1783 and educated there at the École Centrale.

The Charterhouse of Parma. one sees perfection in every detail. Stay informed about books like The Charterhouse of Parma and more from Penguin Random House. His most famous moniker, however, was Stendhal, which he affixed to his greatest work, The Charterhouse of Parma.

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Balzac considered it the most important French novel of his time. André Gide later deemed it the greatest of all French novels, and Henry James judged it to be a masterpiece. Now, in a major literary event, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and distinguished translator Richard Howard presents a new rendition of Stendhal's epic tale of romance, adventure, and court intrigue set in early nineteenth-century Italy.        The Charterhouse of Parma chronicles the exploits of Fabrizio del Dongo, an ardent young aristocrat who joins Napoleon's army just before the Battle of Waterloo. Yet perhaps the novel's most unforgettable characters are the hero's beautiful aunt, the alluring Duchess of Sanseverina, and her lover, Count Mosca, who plot to further Fabrizio's political career at the treacherous court of Parma in a sweeping story that illuminates an entire epoch of European history.        "Stendhal has written The Prince up to date, the novel that Machiavelli would write if he were living banished from Italy in the nineteenth century," noted Balzac in his famous review of The Charterhouse of Parma. "Never before have the hearts of princes, ministers, courtiers, and women been depicted like this. . . . One sees perfection in every detail. . . . [It] has the magnitude of a canvas fifty feet by thirty, and at the same time the manner, the execution, is Dutch in its minuteness. . . . The Charterhouse of Parma often contains a whole book in a single page. . . . It is a masterpiece."        This edition includes original illustrations by Robert Andrew Parker and Notes and a Translator's Afterword by Richard Howard.
Let me start by saying that The Charterhouse of Parma is an excellent read. I was surprised at some of the reviews that called this work "uneven" and "sloppy". What standard could anyone possibly have for this work to not be a highly recommended read? The descriptions of places, like the lake by the castle, the description of his experience in a battle, these are pieces that you will enjoy and remember. This is what makes a novel.

If you are a romantic, and you surely are if you are reading Stendhal, then it is the romance that you will love the most. The relationships between a number of the characters are poignant and simply beautiful at times for their simplicity and at times for their complexity.

There are novels that you fly through because you can't bear the suspense and there are others that let you savor and read and reread passages because there is clearly beauty on the page. Charterhouse is a novel you will remember for its beauty. Take your time with it and enjoy it.
Recently I wanted to re-read Stendahl's the Red and the Black because I had enjoyed it many years ago. Then I looked to see what else he had written and discovered the Charterhouse of Parma. I felt this novel was even better than the Red and the Black. Such intrigues. People working at cross purposes to one another without realizing what the other person is thinking. Politics, royalty and the poor. A lot of historical information. I truly enjoyed it.
This is an unconventional novel by the very unconventional Stendhal. Many have commented on the unusual structure of the narrative, the frequent and apparently random plot twists, and the frivolous nature of the principal character. Stendhal reportedly dictated this novel in the period of a few weeks, presumptive evidence of mania, and the brief period of composition is an often cited explanation for the sprawling nature of the narrative. This is only partially correct. The structure of narrative and the twists of the plot reflect a design aimed at making a clear point. The story begins with the broadest canvas possible, the Battle of Waterloo, and concludes with an covert and adulterous love affair and the hero's retirement to a monastery. This progression is a metaphor for Stendhal's view of Europe in the throes of Reaction against Napoleon and the ideas of the Enlightenment. Almost verything in this book is a description and indictment of Reaction. The provincial Italian society depicted by Stendhal is hermetically sealed against any novel or dissenting ideas. This is done in the interest of preserving Christian religion and the virtues of traditional society, including the rule of the aristocracy. The consequences demonstrated by Stendhal are almost the exactly the opposite of these intentions. Marriage is a hypocritical sham, religion exists either as a form of superstition for the masses or to provide careers for the aristocracy, politics is a cynical game of preferment and personal feuds. The ignoble career of the hero, and lives of other main characters, are shown to be the result of the deliberate attempt to wall off the ideas of the Enlightenment. Stendhal also takes the opportunity to ridicule the Romantic movement in a very astute manner. The Charterhouse of Parma is long, has a plot worthy of a modern soap opera, and is written in a peculiar style. It is also witty, tremendously shrewd, and at times hilarious. A remarkable book.
This was a great book and I can see why Balzac called Stendhal a genius. Stendhal's writing reminds me of the Russian writers because he illuminates the emotional states of all the characters that he describes.
"The Charterhouse of Parma" is a classic of French Romanticism. It's author is Stendhal (a pseudonymn of Henri de Bayle) who was present when Napoleon entered Moscow. Bayle came from Grenoble and is famous for this work and "The Red and the Black" his earlier written masterpiece. This novel was written in a marathon time of only 53 days and has been a bestseller ever since.
The Plot: The long novel of over 500 pages (well translated into English by Richard Howard in the Modern Library Edition) is one long romp of adventures, escapes Machiavellian styled political intrigue at the post-Napoleonic court of a fatuous prince of Parma. The hero of the piece is callow Fabrizio Del Dongo. Fabrizio is a somewhat dim witted lad who is present at the battle of Waterloo (one of the best descriptions of the horrors of war in all French fiction). Fabrizio grows up at his distant father's villa at Grianata on Lake Como. Stendhal's novel takes place in Parma and Lombardy and he was infatuated by the Italian way of life.
Fabrizio is mentored by two key characters: His aunt Gina Pietranera and Count Mosca her lover and a power at the Parmesian
court. Fabrizio is often in love with such luscious creatures as Marietta an actress and Clelia Conti. Clelia is the daughter of the jailer who keeps Fabrizio imprisoned in the Tower of Farnese. He is incarcerated because of his killing of Giletti a rival in love. After many complications, Fabrizio ends his day in quiet retirement at the Charterhouse of Parma.
The book is difficult to read! I found Stendhal's style to be dry and difficult to follow. He was an early experimenter at interior monolgue in the minds of his characters. The book has plenty of action, romance, intrigue and excitement. It is an essential book in one's literary appreciation of great clasics. Stendhal wrote for what he called the "happy few." Enjoy!
I usually love historical novels but this one does NOT make sense it just rambles on and on. Don't waste your time with it.
Ah! Stendhal! In French, in English! Forever!
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