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eBook Decoding Darkness: The Search For The Genetic Causes Of Alzheimer's Disease ePub

by Ann B. Parson,Rudolph E. Tanzi

eBook Decoding Darkness: The Search For The Genetic Causes Of Alzheimer's Disease ePub
Author: Ann B. Parson,Rudolph E. Tanzi
Language: English
ISBN: 0738205265
ISBN13: 978-0738205267
Publisher: Basic Books; 1 edition (December 2001)
Pages: 304
Category: Medicine
Subcategory: Medical
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 530
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Rudolph E. Tanzi and Ann B. Parson. University of Melbourne, Department of Psychiatry, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville, Australia. Published online by Cambridge University Press: 10 January 2005. Export citation Request permission.

Authors and Affiliations. Kristin Baker Niendorf. assachusetts General Hospital, Center for Cancer Risk AnalysisBoston. CSF Memory and Aging CenterSan Francisco. Cite this article as: Niendorf, . 1023/A:1013876600582.

Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ann B. Download PDF book format. Dewey Decimal Classification Number: 61. /31042 22. Personal Name: Tanzi, Rudolph E. Choose file format of this book to download: pdf chm txt rtf doc. Download this format book. Publication, Distribution, et. Cambridge, Mass.

Statistics from Altmetric. Rudolf E Tanzi, Ann B Parson. With the help of scientific journalist Ann Parson, Dr Tanzi has documented the major discoveries made in the molecular genetics of the disease, including his own work.

Tanzi and Parson ultimately reveal that Alzheimer's, like heart disease, may be effectively treated-even prevented. Rudolph E. Tanzi is Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital's Genetics and Aging Unit. Science journalist Ann B. Parson is co-author, with Isaac Schiff, . of Menopause, and until recently taught in Boston University's graduate program in science and journalism.

Tanzi and Parsons have written the best science-hunt book since The Double Helix.

the cause or causes of Alzheimer's, a neurogenerative disease similar to Huntington's.

Rudolph Tanzi, Ann B. For nearly a century the cause of Alzheimer's-as well as an effective treatment-has eluded scientists.

'It's a real kick for a scientist to have a trade book in the stores,'' said Dr. Tanzi, who trained at Harvard and is now a professor of neurology at its medical school and the director of the Genetics and Aging Unit of Massachusetts General Hospital.

International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 2001 December; 16(12): 1183. Tanzi, Rudolph E. and Parson, Ann B. (2000). Related Items in Google Scholar.

Working from the intriguing hypothesis that Alzheimer's dementia is the result of a renegade protein-beta amyloid-Tanzi and others set out to find the gene responsible for its production. Decoding Darkness takes us deep into the minds and far-flung labs of many a prominent researcher, offering an intimate view of the high stakes of molecular genetics, the revolution that propels it, the obstacles that threaten to derail it, and the families whose lives are so dependent upon it. Tanzi and Parson ultimately reveal that Alzheimer's, like heart disease, may be effectively treated-even prevented.
Dr. Tanzi takes us into the fascinating and complex world of Alzheimer's Disease research--and shows us how imperative it is that better treatments and a cure be found for this horrible disease - and soon. Current treatments only delay the inevitable and with a Baby Boomer turning 65 every 13 seconds (10,000 a day for the next 18 years) the `Silver Tsunami' is fast approaching. The problem is by age 65, one in eight is afflicted with AD, and by age 85 (the fastest growing segment of population) nearly one in every two. Businesses lose multi-$billions a year due to AD, partly from absenteeism and lost productivity from employees' need to care for loved ones. Since there are 37+ million Seniors now and in two decades there will be 70+ million more - more funds are desperately needed for AD research. Dr. Tanzi has shown us how the research works and what needs to be done - now!

-Jacqueline Marcell, Author 'Elder Rage, or Take My Father... Please! How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents', International Speaker on Eldercare & Alzheimer's
I am lucky enough to be the son of a scientist who works with Mr. Tanzi, and I can tell you that you will not find many scientists who are as passionate about their work as Mr. Tanzi. His search for the cure for Alzheimers has been hard and tiring, but somehow Rudy came through. I am only a 14 year old, and I know I want to be a scientist when I grow up because of the work of both my father and Mr. Tanzi. They both teamed up from the beginning to create a better world for people devestated with these diseases, and hopefully in the future there will be a cure for these diseases which plague humanity. This book is inspirational for anyone who wants to know that the future has in store some good for mankind, and even though my opinion is not weighed very heavily against men and women who have read this book, I will tell you anyway that this book is an unbelievable look into the world of Alzheimers. If you were to read one book about the disease, read Mr. Tanzi's, for it is good for all levels of knowledge about the disease.
Decoding Darkness takes you on a fascinating and humorous journey into the world of research. Rudolph Tanzi and Ann Parson have put together an interesting and entertaining book on a very serious subject, Alzheimer's Disease. The book takes you from Tanzi's graduation from University of Rochester to his graduation with a PHD in neurogenetics from Harvard University, to the early days of his research to the present. Decoding Darkness is a must read for anyone's family who has been afflicted with this horrible disease to anyone who is interested in the fascinating world of research and the "heroes" such as Rudolph Tanzi who dedicate their lives to cure these deadly diseases.
Decoding Darkness provides not only the scientific facts about what is known about Alzheimer's disease, but also the historical aspects behind it. This book is a very interesting book to read. I thought it would be another textbook-like format explaining about Alzheimer's disease, but it was more like a detective novel developing into the current state of Alzheimer's disease research in reality. This book was written by one of the very first in the frontiers of Alzheimer's disease research. The information should be accurate and most current.
Tanzi and Parson tell a fascinating story of medical discovery with great excitement and clarity. The science was not sugar coated, but was very clearly explained and written in a very literary and often amusing manner. The descriptions of the human genome project in this book were in many ways superior to those that have appeared in books prepared specifically on the topic. My interest in this book was prompted not so much from an interest in Alzheimers disease but originally came from a recommendation from a friend who actively reads books about the human genome revolution and gene research. After reading the book, I would definitely agree with her opinion that no other book in the genre explains the goals behind the human genome project (and especially how they relate to disease based research) as well as "Decoding Darkness". Also, the story of the family with inherited Alzheimers that runs parallel with the main story about the research was quite touching and provided a very nice break the excitement and hustle and bustle of the research discoveries described. Overall, I would have to say this is one of the best science genre books I have ever read...maybe the best after "The Double Helix". HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
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