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eBook Physics, , Tutorial (Volume 1) ePub

by John D. Cutnell

eBook Physics, , Tutorial (Volume 1) ePub
Author: John D. Cutnell
Language: English
ISBN: 0471193542
ISBN13: 978-0471193548
Publisher: Wiley; Volume 1 edition (August 5, 1998)
Category: Science & Mathematics
Subcategory: Other
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 283
Formats: txt lrf mbr lit
ePub file: 1230 kb
Fb2 file: 1238 kb

John D. Cutnell is currently Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physics at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. John D. Cutnell is currently Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physics at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Kenneth W. Johnson is currently Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physics at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

John D. I bought this book for my High Schooler in AP Physics - algebra-based class. This book is fantastic - loads of examples and solutions - very easy to read. clear path from start to finish. The picture on front is honoring the olympic athlete and the company that designed the prosthetic. One person found this helpful.

Physics, Volume One: Chapters 1-17. Student Solutions Manual to accompany Physics, 10e. Cutnell.

Physics, Volume 1. Physics, Volume 1. Cutnell, Kenneth W. Johnson. Download (pdf, 6. 6 Mb) Donate Read.

Real-world physics applications, including many biomedical applications, show how physics principles come into play over and over again in our lives.

This bestselling book helps readers understand the interrelationships among.

Find physics cutnell from a vast selection of Books. Physics Volume 1 by John D. Cutnell and Kenneth W. Johnson (1997, Hardcover). Customs services and international tracking provided. New-Physics by John D. Cutnell 10ed INTL.

ISBN: 9780470879566, Publisher: Wiley, Authors: John D. Cutnell, Johnson. Find your textbook below for step-by-step solutions to every problem. Cutnell & Johnson Physics Volume One. Cutnell & Johnson Physics Volume Two. Student Solutions Manual to Accompany. Student Study Guide to accompany.

Mobile version (beta). Mobile version (beta).

"Cutnell and Johnson's 9th edition of Physics continues to offer material to help the development of conceptual understanding, and show the relevance of physics to readers lives and future careers"--
So useless it's baffling. It's supposed to be an accompaniment for the textbook (which to be honest, isn't much better - it's hands-down the single worst written textbook I've ever used in my entire college career), yet it contains so few solutions to the point of where it's insulting. This is the first product review I've written in over 6 years (I usually don't care enough to do so, even for products that I dislike), but this "solutions" manual has pissed me off enough to warrant one, because it's not just bad, it's downright dishonest. Maybe it might help to give you an idea of what I'm talking about by comparing the number of problems in the solutions manual to the number of problems in the textbook .

Here's what I'm talking about:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Mathematical Concepts
Total # of problems in the textbook - 71
Total # of solutions in manual - 17

Chapter 2 - Kinematics in One Dimension
Total # of problems in the textbook - 91
Total # of solutions in manual - 18

Chapter 3 - Kinematics in Two Dimensions
Total # of problems in the textbook - 82
Total # of solutions in manual - 21

Chapter 4 - Forces and Newton's Laws of Motion
Total # of problems in the textbook - 122
Total # of solutions in manual - 31

And it's not just those beginning chapters, it's later chapters, too:

Chapter 10 - Simple Harmonic Motion and Elasticity
Total # of problems in the textbook - 94
Total # of solutions in manual - 18

Chapter 16 - Waves and Sound
Total # of problems in the textbook - 113
Total # of solutions in manual - 29

It's like that for the whole of it. It's deceptive and underhanded, offering the premise of help, when the reality is that it couldn't be less helpful. There's already so many financially predatory shenanigans revolving around higher education, and sadly, this publisher appears to be happy to be a part of the problem.

Students, please do not buy this book. Your money is better saved and spent on a tutor, or another textbook, or really just about anything else. To buy this is to throw your money away.
The text book doesn't teach the concepts with clarity. You will be lost and you will have more questions as you read through. Barely any solved problems to explain the concepts. . Physics is a subject where you learn the concepts with solved problems. Along with the book I bought this manual and study guide to prepare for MCAT but I found these books are useless. odd problems are easier and even problems are harder.
This methodology is disgusting and shame on all the authors and and teachers who abashedly adopted this methodology. This is half baked teaching and half baked book which is not helping the students. On the other hand, there ARE professors who are NOT scared to give away all their techniques, and ideas such as Professor Rober Blitzer. Neither he 'weeds out' students nor his books are half baked.His books have same techniques in the Odd and even problems with different numbers to practice. Thus the students can grasp all the concepts completely.
I bought the study guide and the solutions manual along with the text book in hopes of preparing for MCAT. This book is NO GOOD for preparing for MCAT. Even though the book has all the necessary chapters, the concepts are not well explained.
What's good about this book? It's a book.
What's bad? Everything.
Explanations are lacking, answers have some odd rounding, Questions are confusing at times, The questions themselves expect that the individual is already knowledgeable in physics and other areas ( such as the mass of the earth). There is no in depth explanation of any concept and this book relies heavily on equations that it will derive 15 times before showing you the actual equation. I had this for my Physics 1 course and ended up using physics for dummies, and google.
If your textbook came with WileyPlus, you are better off going through the digital textbook itself to the problems section and finding more answers and explanations there. The explanations provided in this manual are not for every problem or odd numbered problem either. They are random and scarce and not worth the buck.
I gave the solutions manual one more star than this forgetful, generic physics book (annoying to follow, BTW).
Written like an eighth grade book compared to what I can get online for about $10 to $15 overseas.
Cutnell and Johnson, WHY EVEN WRITE THIS - - you never challenge the student in a significant way.
Typical illustrations. Barely promotes student interest in the subject.
Put down the Starbucks, write dozens of detailed examples for everything you discuss, THEN go further than that so you will get out of the mediocre physics textbook crowd.
Cutnell and Johnson, please write something substantial independently next time, because your publisher will always be content collecting checks off of you anyway.
Do not waste your money on this book, I implore you.
Great and inexpensive book! Perfect for a Physics class that’s split into two different semesters, since they usually only cover the first half of the book content in the first physics class anyways, so instead of buying of the entire brand new $300 textbook you can get this one which has everything you need, it’s great. Also like a million times lighter which is so nice! Amazon comin’ through again ????????
Only gives some of the odd answers to the questions in the book. A+++ on the explanations. Good to help understand problems in regular text book. I wish it gave all answers to the text book questions.
Excellent text book! Every section concludes with a "Check your Understanding" set of questions, and also a "Focus on Concepts" sections. These can be done in class and reviewed by the instructor; the calculation problems at the end of the chapter can be assigned for homework.

The solutions manual is also excellent!
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