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eBook Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America ePub

by Thomas W. Chittum

eBook Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America ePub
Author: Thomas W. Chittum
Language: English
ISBN: 0929408179
ISBN13: 978-0929408170
Publisher: Amer Eagle Pubns Inc; First Edition edition (January 1, 1997)
Pages: 201
Category: Social Sciences
Subcategory: Other
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 781
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Chittum has shown a very forward-looking view of post 2015 America. Several things in the book are happening or indeed are very likely to happen.

Chittum has shown a very forward-looking view of post 2015 America. The racial demographics are changing, an amnesty for illegal aliens is looming (if being stalled by the Republicans) and the military adventurism he also referenced to occurred. He did not predict 9/11 but the later invasion of overseas countries was alluded to. I believe he overstates the threat of a protracted civil war though. It's possible but only for so long.

Author profile and articles archive - America First Books.

Thomas W. Chittum is an American author, military analyst and former mercenary from New Jersey, now living in Washington state. He served in the .  . Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America Tucson, Arizona: American Eagle Publications (1997, updated 2007). Author profile and articles archive - America First Books. This biographical article related to the United States military is a stub. Chittum (Civil War Two). Perhaps the worst book I have read in years. Civil War Guerrilla War Terrorist War. "The more monoethnic a European nation is, the more likely it is to be peaceful and stable. Our courts, schools, universities, the media, many churches, and many unions have been completely or partially taken over, and politically incorrect dissidents expelled or intimidated into silence".


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Another audiobook for your listening pleasure.

Chittum, Thomas W. (1997). Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America.

Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior, 2006. Chittum, Thomas W. Tucson, AZ: American Eagle Publications.

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Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America by Thomas W. Chittum is a 1996 book by . Army veteran and mercenary Thomas W. Chittum. The book Civil War II was published in 1996 by American Eagle Publications as a 202-page paperback ( ISBN 29408-17-9). This softcover version was out of print by the late 1990's. Civil War Two reappeared as an America First Books ebook in Jan 2007 with an updated Author Foreword and Publisher's Preface.

Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America by Thomas W. Chittum Paperback 1997 9 780929 408170
digytal soul
The real conflict in this country has always been class-based, not race based. The whole idea of "race" is a fiction started up by scientific analysis of different "types" of people and their supposed characteristics. Chittum ignores this reality.

The fiction of "race" was glommed onto by early Anglo-American leaders as a useful tool for keeping the lower orders at each other's throats, rather than uniting together against their real enemy, "The Man." Even Richard Nixon (probably a saintly figure in the eyes of Chittum's fans) LIKED the idea of affirmative action because he knew it would further fan the flames of white resentment over threatening, "job-stealing" minorities.

There's no ethnic/racial war coming, but there HAS been a class war going on, ever since this country broke away from England for mostly financial reasons. Look at the tremendous rise in interracial relationships as evidenced by the recent census--most Americans LOVE Tiger Woods, in part because he embraces his multiethnic heritages. Chittum is another paranoid fantasy-weaver who's been brainwashed into overlooking the realities of class conflict; when ethnic/racial violence gets worse in this country, look around for economic strain enforced on the participants from above--it's always there. Why, for instance, would whites worry about blacks and others taking their jobs through affirmative action unless there weren't enough jobs to go around? Why, to give a more specific example, did two white Detroit autoworkers in the 1980s go after and kill a supposedly Japanese man (Vincent Chin) when they lost their jobs, rather than "The Man" above them who had mismanaged their company?

Oh, and how is race a "fiction" when you can look around and see Hispanics, blacks, Asians, and other "races"? For one thing, think about all the mixing that's already occurred--demographers and others estimate that 80% of black Americans have white blood (most whites don't know whether they do or not, as such "shameful" mixings in the family tree were typically hushed up--also, many "blacks" with "white" blood have passed into whiteness, marrying whites and making "white" families). And how can you be sure you're looking at a "Hispanic" person when the group includes people of so many different genetic types? And what does it mean to say Asian when China alone has so many different genetic types and features within it, or when Asian Indians differ so much from other Asian groups, and also include many other types? These realities aren't all that complicated, but they certainly counter the simplistic "white" versus "colored" worldview of Chittum and his fans. A mixed America will continue to mix more and more, instead of breaking down into divisive, hateful camps, despite the efforts and desires of our moneystuffed leaders.

See Michael Moore's insightful and hilarious film, _The Big One_, if you want a more realistic vision of what's tearing this country apart. And read Omi and Winant's _Racial Formations_, or Ted Allen's _The Invention of the White Race_, or Ignatiev's _How the Irish Became White_, or Brodkin's _How the Jews Became White Folks_, or so many others that show so clearly how silly we've been to let the idea of race occupy so much of our time and energy.
This is a "What if?" type projecting of present trends into the near future. Given the far-out title, I expected a book with lots of wild speculation. Instead, the book duns us with facts, facts, facts . . . until by the time the near-future projection is made, it is usually (though not always) virtually inescapable.

The book's descriptions of the projected future sound almost familiar today in 2006. But surprisingly, the book was written 10 years ago. So, its projections (up to this point) are right on track. Its future projections should be taken seriously.

The book shows numerous parallels between the situation developing in America and the situation in Bosnia and other places. The parallels are chilling.

The most glaring omission is Islam. The author mentions Islam several times and recognizes its militaristic and vicious propensities. For instance, he says that the government gave 20 million dollars to the "Nation of Islam" to try to buy it off. But he did not foresee 9/11 and the formidable plans now obviously in place. How this will affect the other developments described here--the Chicano domination of New Mexico, Arizona and California; and the Black domination of the Deep South and Southeastern seaboard--is unclear. Certainly, there will be no White safe zone for whites to flee to. And in the showdown between Islamists and Blacks and Chicanos (and Whites if they choose to fight), it is unclear who will win.

The author rightly says that civil war can be averted only if certain changes are made: (1) outlaw the teaching of anti-Americanism in schools and colleges, (2) end racist affirmative action, (3) deport all illegal aliens and stop further immigration from third-world countries. Since none of these is likely to occur, the author ends the book with several chapters on how citizens can prepare themselves to increase their individual chances of survival. If you want to know what saddled America with these three seemingly insane conditions, read While America Sleeps: How Islam, Immigration and Indoctrination Are Destroying America From Within, another unpopular "incorrect" book that lets more than a few cats out of the bag.

Why is this subject taboo? As soon as anyone starts talking about citizens defending themselves, someone starts screaming about vigilantes. But there is a difference between (a) vigilantes and (b) vicious acts done by vigilantes. "Vigilante" means groups who keep a vigil, who keep watch. Neighborhood crime watch groups are vigilantes. There is nothing wrong with citizens meeting together, making contingency plans and stockpiling food, munitions and other supplies. (The movie "Red Dawn", if you substitute Islamists for the Russians, is a plausible picture of near-future America.)

Self-interest dictates that every individual should read this book. Indeed, your life may depend on it.
White Americans are evidence of multiculturalism working. How many white Americans do you see with the name "John Greenberg" "Steve Bjornsen", "Richard O'Neil", "Daniel D'Amico" and so on? Lots of them. We didn't get those last names by accident, but rather by multiple cultures melding with each other, adopting the main culture, and discarding the old culture as incompatible with their new life.

Our multicultural society has worked and it will work once the new immigrant groups assimilate into ours. However, he does have a point that some of these immigrant groups resist assimilation.
I am not one to overreact, but this book could have been written today.

If Obama wins and we have a super majority of Democrats, we will become a socialist nation--by Executive Order.

If Obama loses, riots are going to take place--and possibly the beginning of a civil war.

I am a McCain-Palin supporter and many of my friends are Obama supporters. In all my discussions with them, they cannot tell me what Obama means by change. I tell them the change he is talking about is socialism.

They are deaf and dumb about Obama. Facts do not have any room in their thought process. And any questions I bring up about Obama's association with Rev. Wright, Ayers, Acorn they put their hands over their ears.

Civil War Two? Probably sooner than 2020.
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