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by Guy Duty

eBook If Ye Continue ePub
Author: Guy Duty
Language: English
ISBN: 087123243X
ISBN13: 978-0871232434
Publisher: Bethany House Pub; Clean Contents edition (June 1, 1966)
Category: History & Criticism
Subcategory: Photo
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 899
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If Ye Continue
Guy Duty went out on a limb when he wrote If Ye Continue, firing one of the most colossal broadsides at Calvinistic Predestination and unconditional salvation the world has ever seen. For this reason even the publisher, Bethany House, a publisher not normally afraid to undertake the release of blunt and unpopular messages, felt compelled by the tide of popular Christian opinion to suppress this book. It has never been re-released and its publication rights have been tightly controlled since 1966. For all these reasons it has become the most well-known and the most legendary defense of Arminianism ever written. Comprehensive in its breath; covering the Augustinian roots of Calvinism and the contradictory arguments of its most intractable defenders; with its invaluable appendix, the "Eight Rules of Interpretation"; tracing the conditional aspects of salvation from Genesis through Revelation; employing logic, sound hermeneutics and clear diction; If Ye Continue is the perfect cure for the confusion wrought by the extreme Calvinists in their irrational defense of the "once saved, always saved" predestination view of salvation, a view Calvin himself admitted was a "horrible doctrine." If its a doctrine that gives some a vain hope while convincing others of their permanent unworthiness for salvation then it is more than just a "horrible doctrine," it is virtually diabolic. Free will means any sinner can be saved and no rebel can be forced into heaven by predestination. I write this review not to force others to embrace Arminianism but rather to convince people to read the contents of this book. Its too important to pass by and too good to be left forgotten by Christendom. Find it on-line and purchase it before there are no more left in circulation!
I read this book back in mid 70's and didn't think I'd be able to find it as I had to special order it from a Christian Supply even then.
It is very informative and brings many things to light that Christians take for granted. Funny, how one little word can change everything.
Good read and I'd recommend it to all Christians. Glad to have it back in my arsenal.
Freaky Hook
This book should settle once and for all the question of eternal security. I don't think the debate will end; there are those who create and embrace doctrines that make them feel better about sinning. People want to think they will go to heaven even though they don't repent of their sins. But Jesus said, "He who seeks to save his life will lose it."

For those willing to read and accept what the Bible says on this issue, Guy Duty's If Ye Continue will make it utterly clear that the eternal life spoken of in the Bible is a relationship between two free parties and is a conditional covenant. He meticulously applies sound Biblical hermeneutics (principles of interpretation) to many of the passages throughout the Bible that pertain to covenants (including the new covenant) between God and man.

It's a quick read. And it contains an appendix titled "Eight Rules of Interpretation."
I recommend this book to anybody willing to read it! Very clear easy to understand language is used. The author backs his statements by the Scriptures, giving references and many verses are printed in the book. Very good read!
He deals quite well with a subject that many do not want to talk about these days. A well written book.
Great book on an important topic. Tells it like it is.
While taking a course on "Major Bible Themes" by Lewis Sperry Chafer (chapter 34) about election didn't give me enough information about man's freewill and predestination. Guy Duty addresses this issue in his book. He begins with the origin and historical church figures that are involved with this doctrine: Augustine, Pelagius, Calvin, and Arminius. Duty goes through the Bible, Genesis through Revelations presenting the if, then covenants and gives the best explanation on election and predestination I have found, based on the eight rules of interpretation: definition, usage, context, historical background, logic, precedent, unity and inference. In reading this book, I hadn't counted on the question of eternal security.
The premise of the book is "Salvation is of the Jews." Because it was founded on Jewish covenants and they were conditional therefore, salvation is conditional. Read it for yourself. It will definitely leave you thinking and looking for another reference on eternal security but your questions on predestination should be answered.
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