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eBook Breakthrough to Higher Psychism (Vision Series #1) ePub

by Torkom Saraydarian

eBook Breakthrough to Higher Psychism (Vision Series #1) ePub
Author: Torkom Saraydarian
Language: English
ISBN: 0929874153
ISBN13: 978-0929874159
Publisher: TSG Publishing Foundation, Inc. (June 8, 1990)
Pages: 136
Category: New Age & Spirituality
Subcategory: Religios
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 567
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Breakthrough to Higher Psychism book. Higher psychism is the ability to use the developed powers of your soul.

Breakthrough to Higher Psychism book. Breakthrough to Higher Psychism (Vision Series by. Torkom Saraydarian (Goodreads Author). You are able to exist in higher planes and contact true spiritual knowledge. Only in higher psychism is the true Teaching contacted and given for the regeneration of life and for the manifestation of a glorious future.

by Torkom Saraydarian. Select Format: Paperback.

Breakthrough to Higher Psychism. Buddha Sutra - A Dialogue with the Glorious One. Challenge for Discipleship. Christ, The Avatar of Sacrificial Love. Courses of study begin with a focus on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings of Torkom Saraydarian, and slowly expand to include reading and study from the books of Alice A. Bailey, Helena Roerich, and H. P. Blavatsky and others from a wide variety of scholarly literature in comparative religions and spirituality.

4. Is protected from interferences - τσrкσм sαrαy∂αriαท. ØỮŘĆ€: Breakthrough to Higher Psychism, Chpt 6: Higher Psychics, Pg: 53-54. The Ageless Wisdom Teachings By Torkom Saraydarian. 14 October at 01:35 ·. Once you find a true Teacher, respect him and follow his instructions given to you to lead you into the path of perfection. A true Teacher challenges you to more striving toward spiritual attainments.

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Breakthrough to Higher Psychism by Torkom Saraydarian, June 8, 1990, TSG Publishing Foundation .

Breakthrough to Higher Psychism Close. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Breakthrough to Higher Psychism from your list? Breakthrough to Higher Psychism. by Torkom Saraydarian. Published June 8, 1990 by TSG Publishing Foundation, In. .

Vision: Breakthrough to Higher Psychism Vol. 1 by Torkom Saraydarian (1990, Paperback).

Using dense and well written narrative and cogent analysis of cause and effect, Professor Evans has provided another excellent contribution to series. Vision: Breakthrough to Higher Psychism Vol.

Book by Torkom Saraydarian
Torkom Saraydarian was a great teacher, and his books are a good read for the seeker. Having said that, this one isn't his best by a long shot. The book discusses the elements of psychism - both higher and lower. However, it is predominantly definitional. There isn't really any "breakthrough" per se, nor is there a path outlined to the reader to truly achieve breakthrough. Instead, the general concepts are discussed, there are significant and important caveats and general guidelines for the seeker, and a good overview of psychism and the constitution of the spiritual entity. It is a decent book for the beginner, and being the first volume in the Vision Series might be written at the right level for a novice. However, it truly needed more depth to be useful.
I bougth this book in order to learn about lower psychics and what to avoid!Instead, Torkom talks about how to achieve higher psychism not what to avoid!!Of course, he analyses lower psychics and how they work but this book is another gem showing the way to higher achievement!
In this greatly needed and highly informative book, Torkom Saraydarian tells his readers the TRUTH about psychism, both higher and lower, and explains the differences between them.
Nowadays, lower psychism is so blatantly advertised on TV that people can call a given number and are told that they "will find out their future" - only to be erroneously "counseled" and misguided, sometimes, from then on, depending upon how gullible the inquiring person may be. Some lower psychics are only interested in making money and a lucrative career for themselves; still others may honestly THINK they are helping people, when in reality, their TRUE service should be to "help others to help themselves." It is a sad situation.
The general public, by and large, is profoundly ignorant regarding psychism. All too often what information is available is misinformation given by those who are ill- informed and/or misguided themselves. Often it is a case of the "blind leading the blind." This is why this book is so important, as it is informative, educational, wise, and replete with helpful guidance; especially for those in grief or in a state of confusion a- bout their relationships, goals, or purpose in life. For these reasons and more this book is a reading MUST for those seeking true guidance, and for a better understanding of life on the physical plane and beyond.
As one proceeds into this book, Torkom Saraydarian wisely advises HOW to advance; to depend on one's OWN logic and reason, to avoid dependence upon astral entities, so-called "masters" and guides; to develop thinking, build the antahkarana, study, meditate, serve, and develop psychic energy. These are the SAFE ways to unfold the powers of the soul. The "way" is always to be found within, by seeking one's Inner Core, the Self, and striving to be all-inclusive in one's life expression. But there are pitfalls along the Way, and the author points them out throughout this book. There are helpful exercises given for self-actualization, and there is a wonderful chapter about the Solar Angel and how this glorious Being can lead one to higher levels of awareness and beingness SAFELY.
Referring to higher psychics the author explains that: "High quality means that the psychic is pure physically, emotionally and mentally, in contact at least - with the Intuitional Plane and is protected from interferences," and says further that the higher psychic is accepted by Hierarchy and the Plan, while the lower psychic is not.
For those who have been drawn to lower psychism, not knowing what it is all about, this book offers them TRUE guidance and an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of life on the physical plane and hereafter. The author teaches the wisdom of independence and the importance of taking responsibility for one's own spiritual advancement. This book is designed to help lead humanity out of its present condition of chaos.
Reminding us to be more balance and self aware as we continue on the path towards perfection and mastery, by not being a victim of other higher forces that deceives but to be more cautious and be healthy spiritually .
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