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eBook The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer (5 Volume Set) ePub

by Francis A. Schaeffer

eBook The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer (5 Volume Set) ePub
Author: Francis A. Schaeffer
Language: English
ISBN: 0891073477
ISBN13: 978-0891073475
Publisher: Crossway Books (February 1985)
Pages: 2250
Category: Religious Studies
Subcategory: Religios
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 664
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Francis a. schaeffer. A christian worldview. A division of good news publishers.

Francis a. VOLUME THREE A Christian View of Spirituality. Crossway books wheaton, illinois. First published in 1982 by Crossway Books, a division of Good News Publishers, 1300 Crescent Street, Wheaton, Illinois 60187.

Recognized internationally for his work in Christianity and culture, Schaeffer passed away in 1984 but his influence and legacy continue worldwide.

Francis Schaeffer will be remembered as the best Christian philosopher, who saw many things in western culture .

Francis Schaeffer will be remembered as the best Christian philosopher, who saw many things in western culture that so many missed, yet he managed to APPLY what he saw to practical Christian living, and is therefore more than a philosopher. He is a sort of prophet, using his God given mind to explore a massive range of subjects (including Art, humanity, Jesus, ecology, popular culture, schools and philosophy being just a few).

Book in the The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer a Christian Worldview Series). by Francis A.

This series of the complete works of Francis Schaeffer is certainly a worthwhile read. At the end were two topical sermons to complete the set. The book was designed for the reader to complete one chapter at a time. Most of his ideas were generated before I was born, and most of his writing was done when I was a young child. It was interesting to see how relevant much of his writing still is 40 years after they were written. As a series of books, these had far too much repetition. As a result, it took me a considerable amount of time to complete. The sermons are all excellent, and I especially liked the very last one on materialism, which is just as relevant today.

The Francis A. Schaeffer Institute at Covenant Seminary – By modeling respectful dialogue with those who are not Christians . To mark the occasion, I am giving away two sets of The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer. Schaeffer Institute at Covenant Seminary – By modeling respectful dialogue with those who are not Christians and training Christians to observe and understand the culture in which they live, the Schaeffer Institute helps people break down barriers to Christianity and become more faithful and effective in evangelism. Win the Complete Works. This includes all 22 of the books he wrote in a beautifully-crafted 5-volume hardback set. You can enter below. Schaeffer (1912–1984) authored more than twenty books, which have been translated into a score of. . Volume 1: A Christian View of Philosophy and Culture. The God Who Is There. He Is There and He Is Not Silent. Back to Freedom and Dignity

Schaeffer was one of the 20th century's champions of reasoned faith. Though he died in 1984, his influence continues through his writings. This affordable set contains all 22 of Schaeffer's books.

Schaeffer was one of the 20th century's champions of reasoned faith. Five indexed 6" x 9" softcovers, from Crossway Books. Titles include: The God Who is There.

This is a collection of the works of Francis Schaeffer from ies.

This is a 5-volume compilation of Francis Schaeffer's 21 books written between 1968 and 1981. The work was authorized by Dr. Schaeffer and he participated in the reediting and updating.
There are few writers with a real vision of the state of human affairs in our time. Schaeffer traces religious and secular history in science, music, arts and literature, and shows us where our path left the one God would have us walk. Schaeffer discusses the most difficult subjects like abortion and infanticide in the past and present.

Humanism is the religion of the 21st century. Humanism elevates mankind to godlike status. Humans have no power to save themselves or the earth. I challenge anyone to read Schaeffer and not discover new facts and dynamics about the deathspiral of Christianity's relevance in the world.

Frances Schaeffer does not offer pablum to the masses and pulls no punches allowing us to feel better about ourselves apart from Jesus Christ. God is there and makes Himself known. Schaeffer is a great tour guide on a literary pilgrimage of faith.

Five volume set. Very readable type and of good quality for paperbacks. If you're a serious student of society, history, or the absolute truth of God - add this set to your book shelf.
I had to read the whole thing for a reading course I did. Although it was manditory I enjoyed it. If you read all the books, although it is a lot you'll remember a lot because Schaeffer repeats his themes...a lot.
But even around 30 years later you'll encounter much that is still relevent today.
He's been called a 'popularizer' and I think that can fit. Not sure how well researched and founded all of his historical findings are. Take a look inside, it's worth it.
He may be somewhat difficult to read for the average reader, but is well worth the time spent digesting what he has to say. He explains what has happened in my lifetime (70 years) to Christianity and Christian morals, why it has happened, and why it seems impossible to communicate with my grandchildren. Then he explains, complete with precautions, how to communicate with the younger generations to try to save them from the hopeless philosophy of humanism & existentialism..
Deep thinker. Finished my first of the five volume set. Dr. Schaeffer will stretch you but ultimately build your faith in Christianity generally and Jesus Christ specifically.

Dr. Schaeffer will help you realize that Christianity is not just "A Choice" but it is the ONLY choice.
I read The complete Works of Francis Schaeffer maybe 20 years ago, and was glad to see them offered again at a good price, since I had given away my first set.
Francis Schaeffer was an insightful Christian thinker and his insights are still quite relevant. I thoroughly enjoyed The Complete Works and highly recommend them.
This series is a must read for any Christian or anyone exploring the Christian faith or anyone puzzled by the question, "How did we get to this point? What's really going on?" Francis Schaeffer's remarkable research and his presentation of the big picture of history is such a good read that you can't put it down. This should be part of everyone's library.
Gift for my wife, who liked it.
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