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by Stef Ann Holm

eBook Pink Moon ePub
Author: Stef Ann Holm
ISBN: 0739446444
ISBN13: 978-0739446447
Publisher: Mira (2004)
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Romance
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 117
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USA Today Bestselling Author. But Lauren knows the pain of never being allowed to stay in one place long enough to grow roots and vows to stay and help Nick and his so. t least until the Pink Moon. Nobody writes families like Stef Ann Holm.

USA Today Bestselling Author. New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Crusie. a sigh-inducing romance that’s virtually irresistible.

by. Holm, Stef Ann. Publication date. ark:/13960/t82j7c67d.

This page is dedicated to "Pink Moon", the third book of the Single Moms, Second. She knew Bella Luna had given her son those things, but now the town and the damn moon wanted to take it all away. She tried to pick the flower, to save Billy, but when she did the stem withered in her hand. She gazed at it, the flower gone. Pink Moon by USA Today Bestselling Author Stef Ann Holm. 23 November 2015 ·. Nick lowered his face into the crook of Lauren's shoulder, closing his eyes and breathing in the skin at her neck.

Moon' by Stef Ann Holm is great novel. Pink Moon - A Hit In My Book. Published by Thriftbooks

Moon' by Stef Ann Holm is great novel. I was apprehensive because most single parent novels tend to forget about the children are part of the story. This novel tells a love story of two single parents with six-year boys. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 14 years ago. I love this author's books - but this was one of her best! Nick a single father and Lauren a single mom are raising their sons after being deserted by their respective counterparts. Now Nick's ex-wife wants her son back and Nick has a fight on his hands. He meets Lauren in Bella Luna and their boys who are so different become fast friends.

This book was a deep and sweet read. Lauren and Nick are both single parents just trying to get by. They both worry about what’s best for their children and worry about losing them. When their paths cross they realize how close they have become and how, by taking a chance, they may just have a chance at a future together.

Stef Ann Holm jumps from writing historical romance to contemporary romantic comedy with a yummy, exuberant splash-in-the-latté in Girls Night. Jillene McDermott is a widowed mom with few assets except her struggling coffee shop on Blue Heron Island, Java the Hut; her late husband's car, which she refuses to drive; and a winsome zest for success that defrosts the iced-over heart of true-crime writer Vince Tremonti. Single working moms will be drawn to the fairy tale element of Stef Ann Holm's Girls Night, which depicts the relationship between a wealthy true crime author and a middle-aged widow who owns a failing coffee shop. A pink moon meant something unexpected was going to happen. People's lives would be affected, and the tides, while strong and steady, would crawl more slowly onto the shore as if cautious about the outcome. Awards & Accolades. Dunk couldn't help thinking that this woman and her funny-looking little boy might change Bella Luna in some way.

Single mom Danalee Jackson owns the Blue Note-an Alaskan bar offering nightly jazz and a cocktail of regulars who have an opinion about everything. Between dealing with her son's dad, a failing float-plane business and her bar's code violations, Dana has no time for romance. When Truvy Valentine read aloud a text on human reproduction, she didn't know that she was breaking the strict code of conduct followed by the St. Francis Academy for Girls.

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and vows to stay and help Nick and his so. New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Crusi. sigh-inducing romance that's virtually irresistible.

This is a lovely, heartwarming story, with wonderful people you're instantly drawn to, a family and community you want to belong to, and a precious, hard-won happily-ever-after romance. I think I've read this once a year since I bought it - I bet you will too!
This was a lovely story about two families coming together. Although the story is predictable in its outcome, the journey is one that keeps you reading. You laugh, cry and fall in love with the people and the place.
I read this book years ago. I marked it on my book list as a favorite. .When I saw that it was available on the kindle I had to purchase it. I liked the story line a lot.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Wicked Reads.

Lauren and Nick are both single parents just trying to get by. They both worry about what’s best for their children and worry about losing them. When their paths cross they realize how close they have become and how, by taking a chance, they may just have a chance at a future together.
This book was a deep and sweet read. I really like Stef Ann Holm’s character development and the family love in this one is very evident. They are real people with real fears and struggles. So far this was my favourite book of the series. It was deeper and more emotionally captivating than the others were in my opinion. I really liked these two families coming together and would recommend this story to anyone who likes a somewhat suspenseful happily ever after.
~Wicked Reads Review Team~
Lauren is a single mom ready to start over after suffering through one low paying job after another. Spying the town of Bella Luna on a postcard, she is enchanted and packs up her son Billy and moves there on impulse. Billy thrives in Bella Luna, immediately making a new friend, and in turn, she does too - with the boy's dad, and he's the resident local hunk. Nick's wife abandoned him and his son Nicky Junior 6 years earlier, so the thought of a friend is enticing, though neither counts on falling in love. But when ex-wife Debbie suddenly decides she wants her son permanently, Nick must do every thing he can to protect the son who means the world to him even if it means giving up the woman that could occupy his heart.

I have yet to find a novel by Holm that I don't like, and this was is charming, romantic, and even a little suspenseful with regard to the custody issue. In a plot reminiscent of the film "Kramer versus Kramer," Holm keeps her cards close - you aren't sure who'll get custody, though you know who should.

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Lauren Jessup sees a postcard of the town of Bella Luna and is compelled to move there with her young son Billy. Lauren has been searching all her life to belong. She meets Nick DiMartino who really needs a friend.

Nick DiMartino is raising his son alone after his wife left them. He and his son Nicky J. are thriving with his family near by. But his ex decides she now wants her son. Nick is in for the fight of his life.

Lauren and Nicks relationship is barely started when Nick's court case rears its ugly head. Nick is torn between his growing feelings for Lauren and being on the straight and narrow for court. Lauren feelings for Nick are put to the test when he needs to cool things for a bit.

Pink Moon is a very emotional book, the family and friends dynamics will bring you to tears. Lauren and Nick are characters who will make you believe in fairy tales. They have an amazing connection as friends and as lovers. This book will stay with you long after you are done reading it.
In Bella Luna, California renovation expert Nick DiMartino is pleased with the single life he has raising his six-year-old son Nicky Junior amongst his extended family. Although he wishes the best for Nicky's recently remarried mom Debbie living in Los Angeles, he will not forgive her for abandoning their child when Junior was one years old. Now Debbie wants Nicky permanently.

Newcomer Lauren Jessup knows she needs to find a permanent home for her son six-year-old Billy, but travels from one low paying job to the next job. She came here because of a post card she saw, while waitressing in a dump. She is a great cook, but has no diploma so no one takes a chance on her. Billy wears a red superhero cape that he says magically protects him. At the Wharf Diner, Verna Mae hires Lauren as a part-time waitress.

As Billy and Nicky become best friends, Lauren and Nick begin to fall in love. However, she trusts no one ever since her son's father deserted them the moment she mentioned she was pregnant and he has a custody suit that means he must not allow even a whiff of scandal.

The characters of PINK MOON are incredible as readers will feel the fiery attraction between the lead couple, enjoy the delightful antics of the matchmaking support cast, and even empathize with Debbie, who knows she blew it several years ago. Although the final solution to the complexity of child custody in extended families seems too convenient fans will appreciate this charming contemporary once they taste the magic of Stef Ann Holm's whimsical (with serious undertones) romance.

Harriet Klausner
In, "Pink Moon", Lauren is a struggling single mother who finds constant obstacles thrown her way when searching for a good paying job. She shifts from several low paying jobs, only to find herself in another low paying position as a waitress. A postcard attracts her attention where she decides a change is needed. It is during this transition that her son befriends another six year-old boy. His father, Nick DiMartino, is needing a friend. What the both find is much more than friendship. For they began to fall in love.

The strong display of love with a zest of romance between Lauren and Nick, along with the obstacles that each face helps mend them together.
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