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by Penny Jordan

eBook Love'S Choices ePub
Author: Penny Jordan
Language: English
ISBN: 037383327X
ISBN13: 978-0373833276
Publisher: Harlequin; No Edition Stated edition (November 1, 1996)
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Romance
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 100
Formats: lit lrf doc mbr
ePub file: 1139 kb
Fb2 file: 1195 kb

Seriously, Penny Jordan put everything in Love's Choices including the kitchen sink.

Seriously, Penny Jordan put everything in Love's Choices including the kitchen sink. Convents, virgins, rapes, suicides, kidnappings, secret babies, exotic Islands, gloomy French chateaux, scarred henchmen, parents who eat their young, revenge, escape, and of course that staple, The Great, Terrible, Big Misunderstanding (that could have been resolved, oh about twenty-two times with a couple of lines Delightfully trashy and delicious! All aboard the crazy train, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Penny Jordan is an award-winning New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author of more than 200 .

Penny Jordan is an award-winning New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author of more than 200 books with sales of over 100 million copies.

Show Penny our love is real! (❤ +Sweetheart). Choice 3 (Beautiful Contestant). This is a timed choice! But our love will get us through any obstacles! (+Sappy). We appreciate it. But it's my way or the high way! (+Dramatic). She's always been a softie! (❤ +Sweetheart). I've got more game than Hasbro. Once she saw me dominate the competition. Choice 3 (Handsome Stranger).

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Don’t look so worried, Hope. I’ve got some good news for you. You are to leave us and join your father, who apparently is in France at the moment. A friend of your father’s, the Comte de Serivace is calling to collect you tomorrow and he will escort you to your father.

By (author) Penny Jordan. We can notify you when this item is back in stock. Revenge had been Alexei's burning desire and Hope his means of attaining it. Her sheltered upbringing had only made the challenge more sweet.

Sheltered Hope Stanford had once become the victim of Alexei Serivace's vengeful plot, and now that Alexei is back, asking Hope for her help again, she makes sure that he will be the one to pay the price. Reissue.
Great Story!!

I must vehemently disagree with the negative review of this book!

The kidnapper in this novel was much kinder and more sensitive to the heroine's needs than someone who would take her innocence because of lust. And, certainly he cared for her more than the evil that her father had planned for her.

I loved the sensitive nature of this book, and I couldn't put it down. It is by far one of Penny Jordan's best, and I give it five stars! If more husbands were one fourth as wonderful as Alexei, the divorce rate would be much, much lower. Wow!
Hope Stanford is an innocent, convent raised young woman of 18, when Alexei Serivace had virtually kidnapped her from the convent. Alexei is seeking revenge against her father for the loss of his sister to suicide. He wants to punish Hope's father through Hope by putting a halt to that man's machinations of obtaining something that he wants . . . a MOC between his daughter and a rich family. However, Alexei had no idea of the volatile relationship and secrets cooking up in the Stanford household.

Hope literally was innocent and her character was completely played that way. Alexei came in and took over throwing out all her preconceived ideas about sexuality and her place in the world. He liked to tell her that other people wouldn't judge her by the role she was to play in his life - as his mistress, but even he judged her by this and he was so wrong about the other. Once she is no longer in his orbit then perhaps he is right.

He does rape her at least twice in this story. The first time she puts up a fight and the second she felt that he was looking for her to fight it. Instead she laid there and took it as punishment because she felt that she deserved it because after all she is just his "mistress" and needed to be put in her place and punished for what she did. Mind you Alexei told her that people wouldn't judge her by that, but he was so WRONG!

Alexei wanted her to look like a woman that came to him of her own free will, and not a ravished child when she is to be seen by her father - that is part of his revenge. However, I wondered how she was to look as though she had come to him of her own free will when it was never that to begin w/.

She does spout off to him a few times and yet she is also resigned to her fate as well. She appears to be looking forward to the time when she will be free of him and she does come to believe that what her father had in mind for her was far worse than what Alexei had done to her. I did like it when she uses his words against him it seems to bring him up short a few times.

Alexei thinks he is so smart. He tells her there is no shame in finding pleasure in someone's caresses - but only HIS he means because it would seem he doesn't like the thought of her finding said pleasure in OM's caresses. He tells her they are equal partners, but they really aren't. He holds her there against her will.

I liked that Hope learned to stand up for herself; the Alexei was so wrong in all that he did; and okay I liked that he suffered for what he did as well. I know it wasn't all laid out for readers, but it was in there if one thought about it. He truly had started caring for her and then she disappeared and he didn't know what happened to her. He thought for a bit that perhaps she had followed the path of his sister. That had to hurt because it would have been all Alexei's fault.

I could have done w/out the secondary character love story that lengthened this book out quite a bit, as well as their interference. But I truly believed if they hadn't meddled, then these two knuckle heads would have never gotten together. He would have never suspected Hope's little secret as that didn't jive w/ her character. However she is now different thanks to him and what he taught her. So he will get to reap what he has sown over the years, IMHO.
If only I could give this book ZERO stars. I don't ever throw a book away. I'll donate them to libraries if I don't like them or can't keep them...but this book was thrown into the GARBAGE with all speed.

I've read & enjoyed Penny Jordan books before, but this novel is really, really awful. She fell flat on her face with this one.

The hero, Alexei, despite all his handsomeness, suave manners, & money, is nothing but a rapist, pure & simple. First, he KIDNAPS the heroine, who is completely innocent & convent-bred (and a dope, but more about that later), because: his sister was the mistress of the heroine's father and the sister committed suicide when the heroine's father wouldn't marry her. Alexei doesn't seduce the heroine, (despite what Penny Jordan wants the reader to believe), he just takes her to his big country estate and he RAPES her. And despite Jordan's attempts to gloss this over with her heroine's half-felt "attraction" to the hero from the instant she meets him, it comes down to this: it's a rape, because she's completely inexperienced and he isn't, and, he takes her against her will. AND THE HEROINE NEVER LIFTS A HAND TO HIM! SHE JUST LETS HIM DO IT! And I just could not get over that. No amount of the author's sugar-coating the hero's rationale for his behavior can overcome that fact. And making her heroine SO wimpy as to just let it happen, with NO fight...and for her to still feel ATTRACTED to this man? Oh, but after all, Alexei bought her pretty clothes, and it took place in a nice soft bed, in a rich country was just disgusting. A really low point, one of the lowest in any romance novel I've ever read!

So this book made the garbage bin. I think I would have burned it if I could have. It's really repulsive & creepy that a "romance" novel could sink to these lows. I really hate this book. It tries to gloss over a rape! It's awful books like this one that give romance novels a bad name.
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