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eBook Desire's Captive (Bestseller Romance) ePub

by Penny Jordan

eBook Desire's Captive (Bestseller Romance) ePub
Author: Penny Jordan
Language: English
ISBN: 0263776212
ISBN13: 978-0263776218
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon; New Ed edition (March 13, 1992)
Pages: 192
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Romance
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 109
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ePub file: 1778 kb
Fb2 file: 1974 kb

It started off with a bang and then just fizzled.

It started off with a bang and then just fizzled. 2 people found this helpful.

Book Condition: Good Edge Wear Wear Spine Creases Front Cover Crease Check Mark on First Page. Contracted: A Wife For The Bedroom by Carol Marinelli Harlequin Presents Romance Love Novel Book. ISBN-10: 0373106092 ISBN-13: 9780373106097.

Penny Jordan needs no introduction as arguably the most recognisable name writing for Mills & Boon. Being kidnapped by political terrorists was the realization of Saffron's worst nightmares. And to be taken to an isolated primitive farmhouse and subjected to the volatile dangerous temperments of her captors was worse than she could have ever imagined

Desire's Captive book.

Desire's Captive book.

Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. Penny Jordan (Author).

Penny Jordan has been writing for more than twenty years and has an outstanding record: over 170 novels . Virgin for the billionaire’s taking. Captive at the sicilian billionaire’s command.

Penny Jordan has been writing for more than twenty years and has an outstanding record: over 170 novels published, including the phenomenally successful A PERFECT FAMILY, TO LOVE, HONOUR AND BETRAY, THE PERFECT SINNER and POWER PLAY, which hit the Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller lists. Penny Jordan was born in Preston, Lancashire, and now lives in rural Cheshire. Recent titles by the same author: Taken by the sheikh. The sheikh’s blackmailed mistress.

Injured Innocent Penny Jordan Harlequin Presents Book 0373108834. Wendy's Bookstore, Used Books and Second Hand Stuff Items on eCrater Online Store. Elizabeth's Library Of Romance. Held captive in the desert!Stranded in the sands, Katrina is rescued by the Sheikh and taken back to his lavish desert camp. She has to marry the. What others are saying. Product Details.

By (author) Penny Jordan.

until his body tells him otherwise. He'd thought she was a gold–digger, but her unexpected innocence has stirred his senses. So, when it's proved that the child is not one of his family but that Julie is the boy's aunt, the forbidding Sicilian changes the rules. He'll keep this inexperienced waif and make her his wife! Read on the Scribd mobile.

Penny Jordan Etc Captive at the Sicilian Billionaire's Command (Mills & Boon Historical Romance). ISBN 13: 9780263206029. Captive at the Sicilian Billionaire's Command (Mills & Boon Historical Romance).

Formula story about a girl caught up in political intrigue while on her vacation. I'm collecting Penny Jordan eBooks so I can clean off my bookshelf for more room.
Saffron Wykeman lost her mother when she was younger and tried to get her father's attention by acting out. She has finally started to settle down at the age of 20-21 and works for her father's company in the charity side of things. She meets Nico Doranti at a party and she becomes enamored of him. They begin to spend time together and she believes she is falling in love with him. There seems to be a special connection between them. Then he kidnaps her and this is NOT like those heroes kidnapping the heroine because they love them kidnappings either.

SPOILERS: Saffron is severely traumatized in her ordeal. She is kidnapped, smacked around a few times, even by Nico/Dom, there are two attempts at rape by one of the kidnappers, she has a permanent scar because of one of the attempts, she is taken to a drunken surgeon, emotionally abused, and scared to death that she will not survive her ordeal, oh yes and let's not forget that her father NEVER comes through with the ransom.

My problems with the book are that Nico/Dom is ex-military and he uses a civilian for bait, he leaves her alone several times with known murderers, no closure with her father, they couldn't even seal the deal with the criminals without her testimony, Nico/Dom has no gut instincts about anything, in the beginning it is remarked that Saffron and her father's relationship has improved but then at the end it is like that never even happened, Saffron gets absolutely no counseling, and Nico/Dom's and her father's biggest concern was Saffron having fallen in love with Nico apparently they had no problem with everything else, from her first meeting with Nico/Dom everything was planned out - so how can she let alone the reader trust that anything was real?

The following really got me: he had just got her back and after a period of time with no counseling, mind you, he thinks: "she looked enchanting, but privately he thought she looked heartbreakingly fragile and vulnerable, and he wished he knew what brought the shadows to her eyes and the droop to her mouth, but he was too wise and understanding to probe; their new relationship to precious to withstand any rough handling." What did these two think would happen to her?

I guess overall I liked it because the author really tapped into Saffron's emotions. You got the pain and hurt that Saffron felt, the need for revenge, but I can't understand her letting her father off so easily not after all that she endured just so that Nico/Dom could get revenge. I needed that scene with her father. I needed the emotions displayed by her to him and his regret shown to her for all that he put her through. I also needed the blow up scene from dear old dad with Nico/Dom as that man didn't protect his baby girl. I'm left wondering how Nico/Dom explained the attempted rapes and the scar to her father since he was supposed to be protecting her yet continually left her alone with these people. I also needed more from him, Nico/Dom. I needed more remorse for what he put her through. I can't even begin to imagine how he and 30 something year old and her father could fathom that this would be a good idea with an innocent let alone a "rumored to get around girl", it would make more sense if Saffron was an operative and could protect herself with some sort of military training. As it is I don't truly believe it was love between the two lead characters I have to go by what the S.A.S. officer said: One of two ways - either a deep abiding hatred develops in the victim or an intense sense of dependency. This is NOT love.
I actively hated this book and would give zero stars if that were an option.


The fact that her father KNEW she would be kidnapped and gave her no warning is utterly horrifying. The repeated attempted sexual violence was also repugnant. Ugh. I do not recommend it, needless to say.
From the back cover:

Her worst fears had come true.

Being kidnapped by political terrorists was the realization of Saffron's worst nightmares. And to be taken to an isolated primitive farmhouse and subjected to the volatile dangerous temperments of her captors was worse than she could have ever imagined.

For Nico, the man she loved, the one man to whom her whole being responded, had manipulated her descent into hell.

Though calculating and callous, he was her only hope for escape - and for future happiness.

***Not only is the heroine deceived by the hero [and I do use that term loosely], she has been betrayed by her own father. They allow/assist in her very real kidnapping by terrorists so the terrorists can be caught redhanded. She is menaced by her captors, nearly raped and seemingly abandoned by her father who fails to make contact with her captors let alone pay ransom for her. She, of course, forgives these unspeakable acts perpetrated by the people who 'love' her. Not worth it!!
I must disagree with the former reviewer. The book is NOT that bad a read! So, ok, it's not a 5 star but it is enjoyable and it keeps you hooked.
Saffron is kidnapped by a group of people and she has to go through some really nasty experiences before she is released (it's for you to read how). I thought the characters are developed quite nicely and have some depth. I particularly enjoyed the last chapters and the fact that it does not end in the last 2 pages. Also Ms. Jordan took her time in developing an introduction to the story, how they met, they spend some time together and so on.
One thing I didn't like is the relationship with her father- it goes from nothing to... well, nothing minus. No confrontation, no arguments, nothing! He seems a puppet in the book only to be brought in at some particular moments.

To sum up, if you read more books by Penny Jordan, this one is a usual.
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