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eBook Mother To Be (Family Blessings) (Silhouette Special Edition) ePub

by Cheryl Reavis

eBook Mother To Be (Family Blessings) (Silhouette Special Edition) ePub
Author: Cheryl Reavis
Language: English
ISBN: 037324102X
ISBN13: 978-0373241026
Publisher: Silhouette (April 1, 1997)
Category: Historical
Subcategory: Romance
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 376
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ePub file: 1361 kb
Fb2 file: 1618 kb

She has also won the RITA award for her novels, PATRICK GALLAGHER'S WIDOW, THE PRISONER, and THE BRIDE FAIR.

Other novels by Cheryl Reavis. A Crime of the Heart. Patrick Gallagher's Widow. Lillian frowned again, not at all certain she wanted to be the most insufferable incentive his mother could devise. Maybe he just needs more time. It hasn't been that long since – ".

ISBN 13: 9780373241026. ISBN 10: 037324102X ISBN 13: 9780373241026. Publisher: Silhouette, 1997.

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The Bartered Bride, another Harlequin Historical, was a RITA finalist, as was her single title Promise Me a Rainbow.

Mother to Be by Reavis, Cheryl. Free US Delivery ISBN: 037324102X. To Be a Mother : Mountain Rose a Family of Her Own by St John, Cheryl ". Free US Delivery ISBN: 0373828330.

Berkley books, new york. This novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. A Jove Book, published by arrangement with the author. Praise for the bestselling novels of. LaVyrle Spencer.

Cheryl Reavis Author. Sergeant Josh Caven is a Marine, through and through. He's also a single dad who's about to be deployed again-soon!

Cheryl Reavis Author. New releases/current releases/backlist books/awards/author news. He's also a single dad who's about to be deployed again-soon! He has to come up with a family care plan for his little girl, and he's desperate. He tells himself that's the only reason he shows up on Grace James's doorstep up for adoption all those years ago.

Book 7 of 7 in the Navajo Family Blessings Series. Cheryl Reavis takes her time with this book, allowing us to get to know Bugs very well. The book is mostly in his POV - which is unique in romantic fiction. Kate remains distant through most of the story because of this, but it's believable since she's a tough woman trying to keep up a strong front to deal with the pain of her past. Mass Market Paperback: 256 pages. Publisher: Silhouette (January 1, 2002).

Cheryl Reavis is an award-winning short story and romance author who also writes under the name of Cinda .

Cheryl Reavis is an award-winning short story and romance author who also writes under the name of Cinda Richards, describes herself as a late bloomer who played in her first piano recital at the tender age of thirty. We had to line up by height–I was the third smallest kid, she says.


Knee-deep in her forties, attorney Lillian Slinger long ago left her Navajo ways behind. And tribal lawman Johnny Becenti despised her for it. So why had their People selected her to cajole Johnny out of his sudden self-exile? All she could do was bother him senseless! But aggravation soon sparked passion. And the lifelong warriors made love. But could they make peace? For they'd already made a baby…

And Coyote howled with glee!

FAMILY BLESSINGS. One big family. One proud People. Beset by Earth's "Trickster"—but blessed by love!

This as all cheryl Reavis books was wonderful. She has a extraordinary talent and I am thankful she has shared it with us.
Loved the book and it arrived quickly and in good shape. Thanks very much. I highly recommend the seller as I was pleased.
Another Reavis hero to love. This story was great. I enjoyed the whole thing. I also learned a lot about the Navajo people. It was very entertaining. I love Reavis heroes. They are always strong, no-nonsense men but gentle and caring. This one was no different. The heroines are always strong independent women with a spine and a brain!

In this case, the heroine leaves the reservation to live in the white man's world. She is a successful lawyer and living what she feels is the good life. However, when she gets dumped by her current love interest she needs some place to hide. The hero's mother has asked her to intervene with her son because he has slipped into a deep depression because of the death of his wife and she fears for his life. These two do not get along and seem to fight over everything and nothing. But, she goes to check on him and to hide at the same time. She discovers him deathly ill and she takes over. he still fights her.

There is a lot to this story. It is interesting how not communicating leads to so many misunderstandings. But there is a HEA and I recommend this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
From the back of the novel: "Knee-deep in her forties, attorney Lillian Singer long ago left her Navaho ways behind. And tribal lawman Johnny Becenti despised her for it. So why had their People selected her to cajole Johnny out of his sudden self-exile? All she could do was bother him senseless! But aggravation soon sparked passion. . ."

Poor Lillian Singer! In her forties and secure in her career and chosen life, suddenly her world is completely overturned and she finds herself in a relationship with a man she has butted heads with all her adult life--and pregnant. Everything she thought she knew is no longer true. What's a clear-headed career-focused woman to do? Poor Johnny Becenti! He's Lillian's brother's boss on the police force, and her brother wants to know Becenti's intentions toward his sister--but how is Johnny supposed to know what his intentions are when his life seems like one big ambush and he has never thought of Lillian "that way"? He is a cop and she is a lawyer and they have been on opposite ends of a case; she is wholly non-traditional and he has dedicated his life to the People. How can any "intention" he may have make sense?

Cheryl Reavis is one of my favorite romance authors and this novel is one of my favorite books. The romance of Lillian and Johnny is complicated by their past loves, their careers, their pride, and their differing views of how best to negotiate their Navaho heritage in a white-dominated world. All this "baggage" adds dimension to these characters and their conflict, moving this novel beyond the usual plot line of "boy-meets-girl, boy-and-girl have a 'misunderstanding', big kiss makes the 'misunderstanding' insignificant." No, nothing comes easy for Lillian and Johnny--except the lovemaking.

One of the pleasures of this book is the dialogue, which snaps and sparkles, especially between heroine and hero, but not just between them. Lillian and Johnny don't live in a vacuum. Their lives are interlaced with other people who have an opinion and a point of view that they are not hesitant to express. The main characters' interactions with these secondary characters are appealing and often amusing, adding texture to the story. Reavis is excellent at inserting light, dry wit into her tales. Reavis also know how to bring the tears.

This book is the third in Reavis's Family Blessings series and, in the end, is about what it takes to create a family and be part of a family and part of a larger context. There is some humor and some wisdom here, and a compelling story.
Mother to Be by Cheryl Reavis
Silhouette Special Edition # 1102 - May 1997

4 Stars! ~ Johnny Becenti is Captain of the Navajo Tribal Police. His wife has recently died after a very long illness, and Johnny decides to retreat to his family sheep ranch. He refuses to see anyone or to return to his home in Window Rock. Lillian Singer is a lawyer living off the reservation. She's known Johnny pretty much all their lives, and has clashed with him a time or two professionally. Johnny's always disapproved of her choice to be off the res, so she's surprised when her mother brings Johnny's mother to see her, to convince her to go to Johnny and talk sense in him. Lillian doesn't feel it's her place to interfere, until the night her long time white boyfriend dumps her for a prettier and younger woman. Then all Lillian can think to do is leave town, so she's off to save Johnny. When she arrives, he's ill with a terrible fever. Giving Johnny the help he needs, only brings him into her life. They had always irritated each other, now that irritation has become unwanted attraction. One thing leads to another and Lilian finds herself pregnant with Johnny's baby. But everything is so complicated. Johnny's wants marriage and life on the res; Lilian wants her career and life in the city; and Lilian's old boyfriend keeps popping up.

Another awesome story. Ms. Reavis knows just the right words to bring her characters to life. Both Johnny and Lilian have to face the paths their lives are on. Choosing to take the path together took courage and alot of soul searching.
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