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by Tori Carrington

eBook Wicked (Blaze) ePub
Author: Tori Carrington
Language: English
ISBN: 0263844536
ISBN13: 978-0263844535
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon (2005)
Category: 4.6 out of 5 stars
Subcategory: Romance
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 227
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Wicked Pleasures (Mills & Boon Blaze) (The Pleasure Seekers, Book 2). Tori Carrington.

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Wicked Pleasures (Mill. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Wicked Pleasures (Mills & Boon Blaze). The Pleasure Seekers by.

Tori Carrington - the complete book list.

The Carringtons deliver GOLD with their newest Blaze tale - Wicked. I say it in plural because "Tori" is actually Lori and Tony Karayianni, a wife and husband writing team that is nothing short of brilliant

Will Sexton can't wait to run into his knockout neighbor every day as she leaves for work in her sexy dance costume. The Carringtons deliver GOLD with their newest Blaze tale - Wicked. I say it in plural because "Tori" is actually Lori and Tony Karayianni, a wife and husband writing team that is nothing short of brilliant so to speak. of Romance, this savvy writing duo has the pulse on what makes a story tick.

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Best-selling author Tori Carrington is the pen name of husband-and-wife team Lori and Tony Karayianni. Visit them at ww. oricarrington. net and ww. ofiemetro. Библиографические данные. You Sexy Thing! (Mills & Boon Blaze). HarperCollins UK, 2013.

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Tori Carrington is the pen name by the husband–wife writing team of Tony Karayianni and Lori Schlachter Karayianni. They have written over 28 romance novels since 1998. Tony Karayianni was born in Smila, Greece and he grew up in Athens. He immigrated to the United States in late 1976. Lori Schlachter was born in Toledo, Ohio, United States. She studied at Catholic Central and graduated with a degree in computer science from Macomber-Whitney. For years, she worked in the computer industry.

The Carringtons deliver GOLD with their newest Blaze tale - Wicked. I say it in plural because "Tori" is actually Lori and Tony Karayianni, a wife and husband writing team that is nothing short of brilliant. Their newest book is simply a "wicked" delight! The Batman and Robin, um...so to speak...of Romance, this savvy writing duo has the pulse on what makes a story tick. They create very down to earth characters, someone you might know, put them in very real situations - and then turn up the heat! Wicked is "Tori" at their best! It just does not get any better than this! They take their engaging characters, add a liberal dose of titillating, devilish humor that will have you laughing out loud, marveling at their sassy style.

Blaze is known for "Red-hot reads" and this is prime example of the series. In Wicked, Renae Truesdale lives in an apartment above sexy British doctor, Will Sexton. For months, they have been winking and flirting from a distance. Renae is not looking for a man in her life at the moment, instead trying to concentrate on her career. Down the road, she dreams of affording a home of her own. She especially isn't looking to become involved with Will. He's been seriously dating a resident at the hospital where he works. Will is hoping the romance will lead to love, however, the target of his affections has inconveniently become a "born-again virgin". This has lead Will to indulge in hot fantasies about the sexy Renae upstairs. He has a mistaken impression about her, causing him to keep his distance. But when she coming down stairs in a belly dancing costume, all his stiff upper lip Brit intentions fly out the door.

They both decide for different reasons to avoid each other after a sizzling kiss, only good intentions come to nothing when fate steps in, pushing them in each other's path. There is only so much two very healthy adults can stand, so they, against better judgment, jump into an affair, both telling themselves it's just for the physical side of the relationship. Even so, Will and Renae quickly find themselves head over heels, out of control and in love.

The Carrington team sizzles. They are dazzling writers with vivid imagery, characters that make you care. Their delightful love of life shines through their humor, showing they can do more in 250 pages than any writer around. I have enjoyed - really enjoyed - all the Carrington books, but this one is sheer perfection on wheels!

You won't want to miss the story that comes before this - Indecent. I bought them at the same time and read this one first, drawn by the Brit hero. I should have stopped when I realized Indecent came first, and switched to it, but by the time I understood Wicked came second, it was too late. I could not put this one down.
What do you get when you mix an English-born doctor who looks like every woman's fantasy with a belly-dancing woman who wears barely-there chainmail and lives with two other sexy female roommates? In one word, something WICKED.

Will and Renae live on two very different sides of the career coin, but when it comes to physical presence, they're next-door neighbors. Will can't help but notice Renae leaving for work every day-after all, the woman dresses like something out of his hottest dreams, with her almost-an-outfit clothes, her sparkling belly-button rings, and her legs reaching to kingdom come.

Ranae herself loves to bristle the hairs of her hunky neighbor-she's been looking for some bedside manner all her own for quite some time, but unfortunately, Dr. Oh-so-handsome thinks that because she lives with a lesbian, she must be one, too.

It doesn't take long for the sparks flying between these two to light into a bonfire. But casual sex is for beginners, and neither Will nor Ranae are novices in the sexual department. With Ranae's troublesome roommates, Will's almost-relationship with an intern, and a whole lot of flash-fire hormones raging around, these two aren't sure that what they've managed to ignite is a fire that can last.

Tori Carrington has once again delved outside the traditional romance lines, creating a story that's hot enough to singe the pages, and yet touching enough to make you want to root for this unlikely couple. Will's English upbringing brings an unmistakable charm to the story, and Ranae's forced casualness with the fact of falling in love, let you know that the story is oh-so-real.

A quick, hot read, WICKED is definitely one story that you won't feel guilty about indulging in.
Surgeon Will Sexton engages in wicked fantasies about his presumably lesbian neighbor Renae Truesdale while coping with abstinence because of his born again virgin girlfriend. Five months without sex has him nearly out of his mind when he encounters Renae enticingly dressed as belly dancer at eight in the morning. Sexy banter leaves them both desiring more than a searing kiss, however. Moreover, avoidance tactics only thrust them irresistibly into one another's orbit and lands them in marathon sex.

Both Will and Renae convince themselves that their sexual exploits will leave them sated and allow them to get on with their lives. Renae dreams of becoming more than just a sales clerk at the women's only store where she sells erotic clothing and teaches belly dancing. Will hopes that his relationship with an intern with lead to love. Certainly their relationship seems destined to end almost as soon as it begins, but something keeps pulling them together anyway.

Characteristic of writing team Tori Carrington's inestimable style, WICKED delivers an illicit, erotic read that absolutely sizzles. With a seamless blend of this writing team's voices, WICKED springs to life with its passionate and memorable characterizations. Carrington's ability to present both the male and female point of view makes every book they write a treat, and remarkably unique, especially for series romance. A delightful and memorable read, WICKED comes very highly recommended.
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