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eBook Where the South Wind Blows ePub

by Anne Hampson

eBook Where the South Wind Blows ePub
Author: Anne Hampson
Language: English
ISBN: 0263059480
ISBN13: 978-0263059489
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon (October 1975)
Subcategory: Romance
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 577
Formats: txt mbr lrf lit
ePub file: 1662 kb
Fb2 file: 1617 kb

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Start by marking Where The South Wind Blows as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Read by Anne Hampson. I have had a string of mediocre HP reads recently so this was a delightful surprise, especially given Anne Hampson can be rather hit or miss for me. A young woman is devastated when her sister steals her last two fiancés from her. The first time, it took years to recover.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. Where the South Wind Blows. 844 Kb. Beloved Vagabond.

Anne Hampson (born 28 November ?) was a British writer of over 125 romance novels in Mills & Boon from 1969 to 1998. Where the South Wind Blows (1975). Flame of Fate (1975). South to Capricorn (1975).

Anne Hampson 28 November ? England. Anne Hampson (born 28 November ?) was a British writer of over 125 romance novels in Mills & Boon from 1969 to 1998. She published historical romance novels under the pseudonym Jane Wilby. Although she retired in 1998, in 2005 she published two romance and a crime novel. Autumn Twilight (1975). Call of the Outback (1976). Dangerous Friendship (1976). Man to Be Feared (1976).

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Where was Malia Anne Obama born? She was born in the South Side of Chicago

Melanie considers herself plain in compared with her sister Romaine to whom she has lost the man she loved twice!! Melanie's aunt decides to take Melanie with her while she is visiting her cousin in South Africa. There enters Luke who is a distant cousin of Melanie. He has his own failure at love. Where was Malia Anne Obama born? She was born in the South Side of Chicago. When was Julie Anne Ford born? Julie Anne Ford was born on October 31, 1931, in Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia. When did Julie Anne Ford die? Julie Anne Ford died on December 24, 2012, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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Where So. Wind Blows. Mass Market Paperback. ISBN13:9780373022724.

Anne hampson call of . .Anne Hampson - Call of The Veld, . The ever-changing subtleties of grey and green and gold drew Sara's eyes unsuspectingly to the delights of the valley farther on where, ribboned by the lazy river -a tributary of the Limpopo-the fields were lush and fruitful, the trees a riot of spring colour gleaming in the African sunshine.

This was a hoot and half. I don't know whether the humor was intended, accidental or silly cheesy writing, but I was amused.

Welcome to the Veggie Tales of Romance.

Poor Melanie is only passable, her words not mine and she says it again and again and…while her evil, fiancee stealing sister is, of course, bee-you-tee-full. Romaine is her name, and stealing men is her game.

Melanie is to iceberg lettuce as Romaine is to, well, romaine, and everybody knows that romaine is the sexiest of all the green lettuces.

Romaine has stolen, not one, but two of Iceberg’s beaux. First Giles and now Robin. Romaine married Giles and is in the process of getting a divorce as she and Robin set up shop. The kiss off from both beta beaux is simply too utterly British: Giles asked Iceberg to “be a sport” and Robin says “better to find out now” Better for you maybe.

Mel weeps on her Auntie’s shoulder who is not surprised at Romaine’s behavior. Here are a few comments from her Aunt…

"…she came on Christmas Eve and brought me a tablet of soap someone had given her at the office—for a Christmas present, of course. It stank! I shredded it up and used it in the washing machine. She got nothing in return, so I don't expect she'll come this Christmas Eve.

In response to Mel’s aunt advice to get right back on that pony and ride Sally ride i.e. hunt down another Beau for her sister to steal,

"You like all men,' returned Melanie, but her aunt instantly denied this.
'There's one or two I don't like at all,' she said forcibly, 'and one of those as I've said is that arrogant nephew of my cousin's—you know, Luke Shadwell, who grows trees or cereals or something in South Africa?'

If a two time, evil, fiancee stealing woman from her po faced sister wasn’t enough fun, we now have a hero named Luke Shagwell, I mean Shadwell. Forget your Sholto’s, Max’s, and Denzil’s, please tell me the rousing sounds of Austin Powers aren’t ringing in your ears at Mr. Shagwell?

I think he looks something Doc Savage.

Iceberg is off to Africa with her scatty aunt (yes autocorrect SCATTY is the word I want to use), and the journey of true love proceeds like a glacier.

Icerbeg steps in to nanny/mother a plot moppet and the sexual banter starts off with this scintillating exchange….

Iceberg:"Oranges and lemons.' She looked at him. 'I was on holiday in Cyprus once, and saw the lovely orange groves near Famagusta. They were a very attractive sight.”

Shagwell:“Ripening citrus fruits are indeed a most attractive sight,”

Stop. STOP. No more sexy talk from you, you bad boy.

There is a seismic jump in tension when Iceberg calls Shagwell a “Cad.” Yes, she uses both "cad” and “How dare you!” wherein he kisses and threatens to spank her as he slowly strips the leaves off a Bougainville stick. He throws it aways as he tells her that his hand is much better. If he’s not threatening to spank her, he’s shaking her so at least he’s consistent..

Into this paradise of love, two snakes show up. Romaine and Robin. He grew a brain and realizes he wants the better sister aka Iceberg who spurns him only to promptly go out dancing with him every night. Romaine fakes food poisoning and wrangles an invite then slithers around the plantation making goo goo eyes at Shagwell. Auntie had spilled the beans about the nice, wealthy, handsome, wealthy, new, wealthy employer that Iceberg now has so it's another opportunity for Sister Romaine to rip her little sister's heart out.. Romaine is peeved that Shagwell knows about her fiancee theft as it puts her at a tad disadvantage. Iceberg goes out in the garden to eat worms as my dad used to say while she laments how bee-you-tee-full Romaine is and how passable she is.

The ante gets upped and sparks really fly when an equally gorgeous and unfaithful ex of Shagwell shows up so now the evil other woman has her own evil other woman. Romaine simply does not understand what is happening. There can not be another woman as lovely, beautiful, perfect, sexy as myself as Iceberg obviously doesn't count. Iceberg just sits out the competition and the catfight first with the plot moppet then later with Robin. At a dance, she gets attacked by evil OW number one aka Romaine aka her sister in a pretty vicious attack as all is not going her way with Austin Shagwell.

This was so much fun as the heroine has the intelligence and energy level of a flobberworm, thank you J.K. Rowling, but somehow manages to lasso the so much more alpha and exciting H than her two previous fiancees. The aunts were a hysterical addition.

Shagwell doesn’t understand how Iceberg was so uncertain of his feelings, and she has to remind him of all the shaking and spanking threats that were a tad misleading to a young virginal heroine with two fiancee baggage.

I really, really wish the ending had been the following morning so we could see Romaine’s reaction. Ah well. Word counts are a serious business plus we do want the heroine to survive.
"I will never fall in love again!"

Melanie had had enough. For the second time in her life, she had lost the man she loved to her glamorous but unscrupulous sister, Romaine.

She wanted nothing more to do with love, or with her sister. So Melanie flew off to South Africa, out of Romaine's life--and into Luke Shadwell's.

Against her better judgment Melanie found herself falling in love with the grimly attractive Luke. And once again Romaine turned up, prepared to work her usual mischief ....
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