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eBook The Prince's Virgin Wife (Modern Romance) ePub

by Lucy Monroe

eBook The Prince's Virgin Wife (Modern Romance) ePub
Author: Lucy Monroe
Language: English
ISBN: 0263848256
ISBN13: 978-0263848250
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon; New Ed edition (2006)
Subcategory: Romance
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 549
Formats: azw mbr doc docx
ePub file: 1956 kb
Fb2 file: 1752 kb

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If I find you naked in my bed, I will fire you on the spot. Maggie didn't need warning . Books related to The Prince's Virgin Wife. The Bride Fonseca Needs (Mills & Boon Modern) (Billionaire Brothers, Book 2).

I love to read romances of every variety of character and storyline, but this is the first one in years that truly disgusted me and made me want to ask for my money back. And I even paid full price for it! I'm just hoping "The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain" is better!

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Author: Lucy Monroe ISBN 10: 0263851125. Title: The Princes Virgin Wife (Modern Romance) Item Condition: used item in a good condition. Will be clean, not soiled or stained. Read full description. The Prince's Virgin Wife by Lucy Monroe (Paperback, 2006). Pre-owned: lowest price.

The millionaire's forbidden virgin. Grant Cortez is rich, famous and seriously sexy. especially having discovered just how determined he is to possess her!

Though being naked in the prince's bed is no longer a firing offense - it's a requirement! .

Though being naked in the prince's bed is no longer a firing offense - it's a requirement! Impression.

The Prince's Virgin Wife. 120 Pages · 2016 · 974 KB · 494 Downloads ·English. Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. Maggie doesn't know exactly what her new royal duties will be. Though being naked in the prince's bed is no longer a firing offense-it's a requirement! Továbbiak. Továbbiak tőle: Lucy Monroe. május 1. Értékesítő: Harlequin. The Greek's Christmas Baby: A Secret Baby Romance.

Find nearly any book by LUCY MONROE (page 2). Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. The Shy Bride (Mills & Boon Hardback Romance). ISBN 9780263213379 (978-0-263-21337-9) Hardcover, Mills & Boon, 2010.

Sadaron above the Gods
I started reading this book because first, it's a Lucy Monroe novel and I love her writing. Second, it has great reviews and the back cover sold me. And I have to agree, this book was good. It grabs at you from the very beginning, however I found it lacking in some things. Like, the romance and his decision to let her walk away from him six years before. He never actually romanced/courted her at all. He just convinced her with words and sex, I would have liked to have read more on that but I get there can only be so many pages. And, his explanation at the end kind of didn't make much sense to me. He married a different woman knowing he loved Maggie? What kind of love it that, that he was willing to live his life with someone else while loving another and this was all by his own choice, not out of some sense of duty as prince. No, it just didn't make sense to me. Maybe some of you readers will understand him better and like him more than I did. I'm not being negative about this book, I loved it! But I felt I had to express myself on these couple of things I found lacking. Overall, its a well written book and I fell more in love with Lucy Monroe's style of writing. (:
Maggie was his housekeeper through college. Tomasso, a prince, was living under an assumed name while finishing college. They developed a friendship and never forgot each other but moved on. Tomasso decides he wants her back in his life and as his , and sets plans in place to make it happen.

Delightful storyline, both characters are believable, with a happy ending for all.
I am picky about my story lines and characters. If you're like me, andv you like for the hero and heroine to remain faithful once they meet, you will be disappointed. Once I got to the part where he knew she cared for him but decided to marry someone gorgeous and flashy, and never see her again, I quit reading.
Liked how the story was building but then
it became rushed and unclear. Some of the dialogue was hard to get through. Still an interesting story but it needed more development and depth.
I was recently introduced to the books of Lucy Monroe and up until this book enjoyed every one of them. I even bought this book after reading the reviews and praises on this page!

Maggie had to be the most pathetically weak character I have ever encountered. When she parts from Tomasso at the age of 20 it seems that the six years in between before they meet again are spent in a void. She seems to have never even attempted to make friends or date during this time. It was like she was waiting for her life to start again when Tomasso came back into the picture. Then to top it all off when Tomasso made it clear that he didn't love her, she decided that she could live without him loving her back (as she deserved and should have expected in a healthy relationship)as long as she could marry him and have his children! After all, he treated her with respect and loyalty and what else could a woman ask for.' Major gag!!!

As another reviewer mentioned, I also felt that the ending was rushed when Tomasso suddenly realized he had always loved her and they fell feverently into each others arms! I was too disgusted by then by Maggie's grovelling and pathetic devotion to a man who not only didn't deserve her, but never came across as truly loving her to me, especially to stoop so low as to use his two children as emotional blackmail to get her to marry him. That may have been okay, if underneath it all he was really doing it because he loved her and needed her with him, but I still felt at the end of the book that he just wanted the convenience of a woman who would adore and take care of him and his children and if she loved him all the better, since then she would never leave him!

Monroe's follow up book "His Royal Love-Child" had an equally innocent character in Danette Michaels, but she had a backbone and enough healthy respect for herself that it was okay with me when her lover Marcello didn't return her feelings at the beginning of the book.

I just felt that Maggie needed some serious counseling on learning to love herself in spite of her shortcomings, before she tried to find validation through a man. She just seemed to need Tomasso to convince her that she was worthy of him. And Tomasso needed to grow up and become a real man! Alpha male? I don't think so. Arrogant pig is more like it.

I love to read romances of every variety of character and storyline, but this is the first one in years that truly disgusted me and made me want to ask for my money back. And I even paid full price for it! I'm just hoping "The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain" is better!
I liked the fact that their relationship was based on friendship plus passion but I think more attention should be paid on the story. there's a lack of tension between the characters which started on a pretty lame "misunderstanding" from college days.
The story kept me enthralled. I could not put down the book.Enjoyed the book from start to end..can't wait to read it's a keeper
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