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eBook Feynman's Lost Lecture ePub

by Judith R. Goodstein,David Goodstein

eBook Feynman's Lost Lecture ePub
Author: Judith R. Goodstein,David Goodstein
Language: English
ISBN: 0393319954
ISBN13: 978-0393319958
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company; Pap/Com edition (February 17, 2000)
Pages: 192
Category: Astronomy & Space Science
Subcategory: Science
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 275
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Caltech physicist David L. Goodstein and archivist Judith R. Goodstein found the notes and tape amid another professor's papers and set to work making sense of them; unfortunately, photographs of the blackboard drawings didn't survive. The book briefly covers their find and recovery work, then presents the proof as l reading if one is to follow the lecture. There's nothing easy about it, as Feynman acknowledges in the lecture: I am going to give what I will call an elementary demonstration.

David and Judith Goodstein live in Pasadena, California.

1996 Feynman's lost lecture: the motion of planets around the sun (David L. Goodstein and Judith R. Goodstein). Singapore: World Scientific Publishing

1996 Feynman's lost lecture: the motion of planets around the sun (David L. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing. 2012 Climate Change and the Energy Problem: Physical Science and Economics Perspective (David Goodstein & Michael Intriligator).

Feynman's Lost Lecture: The Motion of Planets Around the Sun is a book based on a lecture by Richard Feynman

Feynman's Lost Lecture: The Motion of Planets Around the Sun is a book based on a lecture by Richard Feynman. Restoration of the lecture notes and conversion into book form was undertaken by Caltech physicist David L. Goodstein. Feynman had given the lecture on the motion of bodies at Caltech on March 13, 1964, but the notes and pictures were lost for a number of years and consequently not included in The Feynman Lectures on Physics series.

Feynman's lost lecture. by. David L. Feynman, Richard Phillips, Celestial mechanics, Planets - Orbits.

Feynman's Lost Lecture book.

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David L. Goodstein, Judith R. On 14 March 1964 Richard Feynman, one of the greatest scientific thinkers of the 20th Century, delivered a lecture entitled 'The Motion of the Planets Around the Sun'. For thirty years this remarkable lecture was believed to be lost.

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"Glorious."―Wall Street Journal

Rescued from obscurity, Feynman's Lost Lecture is a blessing for all Feynman followers. Most know Richard Feynman for the hilarious anecdotes and exploits in his best-selling books "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!" and "What Do You Care What Other People Think?" But not always obvious in those stories was his brilliance as a pure scientist―one of the century's greatest physicists. With this book and CD, we hear the voice of the great Feynman in all his ingenuity, insight, and acumen for argument. This breathtaking lecture―"The Motion of the Planets Around the Sun"―uses nothing more advanced than high-school geometry to explain why the planets orbit the sun elliptically rather than in perfect circles, and conclusively demonstrates the astonishing fact that has mystified and intrigued thinkers since Newton: Nature obeys mathematics. David and Judith Goodstein give us a beautifully written short memoir of life with Feynman, provide meticulous commentary on the lecture itself, and relate the exciting story of their effort to chase down one of Feynman's most original and scintillating lectures. Photographs and diagrams
It was a fun read, It's really neat to think of how to prove celestial mechanics using only geometry. Nowadays that seems like a handicap, but it was interesting to see just how Newton could have explained his research to those who knew no calculus.
easy read
This is an awesome explanation of Newton's proofs that were the foundation of modern math and physics. Every physics student can benefit from this kind of fundamental explanation of the universe. Though the concepts are complex and the author does an imperfect job of translating the lecture to book form the math is no more complex than high school geometry so that untrained laymen can follow it if they apply themselves.
After years of detective work, Feynman's friends reconstruct his lecture on the motion of planets around the sun. Forgoing calculus, Feynman makes a geometrical argument starting with Newton's geometric proof. But he quickly diverges away from Newton to complete his original proof in his own enlightening manner. An impressive proof clearly written.
Arrived fast and I love everything by Feynman.
Perfect condition. Arrived on time. Should be a very interesting read.
Dr. Feynman is a great read.
This is awesome. Very well written. Very clear explanations.
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