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eBook Introduction to Probability and Statistics, 3rd Edition, 1971 ePub

by William Mendenhall

eBook Introduction to Probability and Statistics, 3rd Edition, 1971 ePub
Author: William Mendenhall
Language: English
ISBN: 0878720049
ISBN13: 978-0878720040
Publisher: Duxbury Press; 3rd edition (1971)
Pages: 466
Category: Mathematics
Subcategory: Science
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 168
Formats: lit mobi azw txt
ePub file: 1424 kb
Fb2 file: 1227 kb

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. INTRODUCTION TO PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS is one of the first texts published by Duxbury and has been blending innovation with tradition for over thirty years. by William; Beaver, Robert . Beaver, Barbara . Ahmed, S. Ejaz Mendenhall (Author).

Published February 14th 2013 by Nelson Education (first published 1971). Introduction to Probability and Statistics. Numbering conventions are all wonky.

Introduction to probability and statistics for engineers and scientists. Chapter 1 introduction to statistics. This approach ultimately results in an intuitive understanding of statistical procedures and strategies most often used by practicing engineers and scientists.

for beginning courses in probability and statistics. Anyone writing a probability text today owes a great debt to William Feller, who taught us all how to make probability come alive as a subject matter.

edu/˜chance, and is part of the Chance project, which is devoted to providing materials for beginning courses in probability and statistics.

to this day, An Introduction to Probability and Statistics is now revised to incorporate new information. 69 MB·8,425 Downloads. Inferential Statistics and Probability Models. Introduction to Probability and Statistic. to this day, An Introduction to Probability and Statistics is now revised to incorporate new information. Probability and Statistics by Example: Volume 1, Basic Probability and Statistics. 08 MB·1,938 Downloads·New! Probability and statistics are as much about intuition and problem solving as they are about.

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William Mendenhall, Robert J. Beaver, Barbara M. Beaver.

introduction to Probabilty and Statistics - Third Edition. Owner name / Date on FEP. Some edge wear. bumped corners. Pages are clean and binding is tight. Solid Book.
Assigned problems for class were often accompanied with professor's corrections. The material isn't easy, and the author doesn't make any attempts to break down the concepts. You'll read the concept, learn of some applicable uses, and shown how problems are solved. However, explanations aren't very clear, intermediate steps are left out, and I was often left guessing on how to get from point A to point B. With no answers or thorough step-by-step solutions, I gave up on this book. The consensus of my class mates and from other classes was that this book is awful and not worth learning from. I ended up picking up Statistics for Dummies and Head First For Dummies for more clarity, and then using various free online video resources to study and try sample problems.
"Introduction" to Probability and Statistics. Don't you believe it. This book is not for those who have not had any exposure to probability and statistics. Like a lot of upper division mathematical textbooks it is written in almost pure "Mathenese" with a lot of implied teaching and assumptions that you already know the basics. This book is fine for a math major nearing the completion of their degree but definitely NOT the green horn statistician. If you looking for an introduction look elsewhere.
I had to buy this book for an introductory graduate stats class. This book assumes you have some knowledge of stats and so provides very brief explanations for most concepts. This is a big problem for students with little or no stats background.
Another problem is that there are too few examples. Considering their meager explanations, one would hope they would at least provide enough examples to help students understand the concepts. But they usually provide only one or two problems, which are woefully inadequate.
Also, the CD is totally useless. Most of the practice is multiple choice, which I think is pretty silly for a stats class. In addition, there is no explanation for how they got to the answer, so if you can't figure it out and choose the wrong answer, you're out of luck for any explanation.
I stopped using this book for my course and instead began using Elementary Statistics, A Step by Step Approach by Bluman. This book is excellent; it explains everything from step 1. There are also many, many examples and lots of pictures to help you further understand stats. Also, they explain very clearly when you should use the different formulas, which I found extremely helpful in bringing all the concepts together.
Simply put, the book is awful. The book is filled with mistakes and errors. This makes it very hard to learn new mathematics ideas. The text and formulas are heavy and dense, which is to be expected from a math book at this level, but with so many errors you can't trust anything the book says. If you're taking a calc based stats class then you already know that having one symbol omitted or in the wrong spot in a formula will completely change it. How are you supposed to learn new math when you can't trust any of the formulas you're reading? Even the problems at the end of the chapters have many errors, so problems will give absurd answers even if you do them right. But since you're a beginning student, you have no idea if it is your technique that was flawed or if there was a typo in the problem; and this happens EVERY time you try to do a problem set. I could go on about how the descriptions in the chapters are also uninformative, with many steps left out and no explanations about how the ideas relate to each other, but the bottom line is DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK.
This textbook is by far the worst textbook I ever used in college. The text is almost entirely just words in paragraphs rather than examples with guided headings. There are no solutions to any of the homework problems. And some of the homework problems make you refer to data sets from previous chapters. Trying to learn from this book is not possible.

Also I rented this book and I sent it back a week before it was due, it was sent back to me two weeks later and I was charged a late fee.
Purchased for a class. The chapters are well illustrated with real-life uses of the math you are studying. For the self-learner I would recommend and for the student I would look forward to it.
The screen shots of examples and formulas from the book are cropped really lazily and have portions clearly cut out of the image. Makes them useless.
We all know how it goes:

You get lost in Stats class because A) your professor isn't communicating well, B) your professor is smart but his accent is unintelligible or C) you missed the previous day to do an observation for one of your major courses... you crack open the way-overpriced textbook to catch up, right?

Wrong! At least not with this awful one.

Almost everyone in my class (including the professor's other sections) failed both midterms and nearly failed the final exams. Now, I don't have a problem with not stopping for questions in class as long as I can catch up while studying on my own... but it was damned near IMPOSSIBLE with this textbook.

I don't know what Mendenhall and the Beavers are smoking out at UC Riverside (which happened to by our professor's alma mater), but so many of the examples given in each section wouldn't make sense, were completely different, were not preceded by actual instructions or paragraphs explaining what you were about to do. Talk about being thrown to the wolves with no explanations!

Some of the applets on the CD were interesting (playing with graph results, etc) but unnecessary. I would rather have cut the CD out of the book and had more pages of INSTRUCTIONS!

We all know textbooks are overpriced, but this was one of the only times where I genuinely felt like I had wasted my money.

If your professor requires this book, BEWARE! You had better show up to every class meeting, take meticulous notes, and ask lots of questions... because this book will be of NO help to you.
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