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eBook Climate: The Great Delusion (Independent Minds) ePub

by Christian Gerondeau

eBook Climate: The Great Delusion (Independent Minds) ePub
Author: Christian Gerondeau
Language: English
ISBN: 1906768412
ISBN13: 978-1906768416
Publisher: Stacey International; 1 edition (June 1, 2010)
Pages: 256
Category: Politics & Government
Subcategory: Social Sciences
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 294
Formats: rtf lit azw mbr
ePub file: 1548 kb
Fb2 file: 1914 kb

Christian Gerondeau, a major figure in French engineering, was an adviser to the French Prime Minister Jacque Chaban-Delmas, and is President of the National Heritage Fund.

Christian Gerondeau, a major figure in French engineering, was an adviser to the French Prime Minister Jacque Chaban-Delmas, and is President of the National Heritage Fund. He has written 10 works on the environment and transport.

Climate: The Great Delusion (Independent Minds). by. Christian Gerondeau. There is now a raging global debate around attempts by the international community to counter what ‘consensus’ science has declared to be catastrophic climate change due to human activities. Gerondeau demonstrates the absurdity of the counter-measures to which the G8 countries are now committed.

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In The Great Illusion, Angell's primary thesis was, in the words of historian James Joll, that "the economic cost of war was so great that no one could possibly hope to gain by starting a war the consequences of which would be so disastrous.

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Thought and philosophy. Free audio motivational books downloading Climate: The Great Delusion (Independent Minds) PDF CHM ePub by Christian Gerondeau. Ancient warfare history.

Climate: the Great Delusion (Independent Minds),Christian Gerondeau. GROWING CHRISTIANS IN SMALL GROUPS John Mallison Book (Paperback).

It publishes a range of books under it's 'independent minds' imprime which are resolutely climate sceptical. Climate: The Counter Consensus by Robert Carter. Climate: The Great Delusion by Christian Gerondeau. These are: Chasing Rainbows by Tim Worstall. The Hockey Stick Illusion by Andrew Montford. The Wind Farm Scam by John Etherington. When Will the Lights go out? by Derek Birkett. Related SourceWatch articles.

An internationally renowned engineer exposes the fantasy world of global warming economics, and debunks the mythology of carbon-dioxide damage.Gerondeau demonstrates the absurdity of the counter-measures to which the G8 countries are now committed. These complex and formidably expensive measures: will be nullified by the actions of China and India, where such restrictions are economically and politically unfeasible will have no discernible effect on the carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere and climate change make no sense in the light of the impending exhaustion of hydro-carbon sources within the coming century will come to be viewed as a scarcely credible response to a global delusion amid harmless shifts in climate. Having sold over 10,000 copies in France, under the title CO2 Un Mythe Planétaire, the book has been brought fully up to date for the English edition. The endorsements of Nigel Lawson and Valéry Giscard d Estaing speak volumes for the authority of this work.
This is an excellent and very refreshing book, presented with great clarity, and with penetrating, key insights. While it does not get bogged down in details - the presented points are nonetheless far from being superficial.

First, the author points out that CO2 emissions WILL continue to increase throughout this century. NOTHING - politically, economically, or technologically will prevent the citizens of the world from exploiting cheap fossil energy to make their lives better. Clearly, the developing nations (who are already producing most of the CO2 now) are not going to stop needing and producing more energy-generation capacity. And the developed nations cannot cut back without economic disaster to themselves, and even if they did, the developing nations would gobble up the same fossil fuels the developed nations forgo. What WILL limit the increased emissions is the exhaustion of economically recoverable resources. When it's gone - it's gone - perhaps in 100 years - but not before. Reducing consumption now would delay the transfer from ground to atmosphere only slightly.

So, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere will approximately double over the next century (and then taper back), regardless of what anyone would like to see done. Fortunately this is NOT a serious problem - far far from the disaster the alarmist have been shouting about for even modest increases, and this is Gerondeau's second major point. His view that dangerous, man-made global warming is not a problem (indeed that CO2 does not cause significant warming) is consistent with what at least a dozen recent books on the science have been telling us - contrary to the IPCC. As to the IPCC, Gerondeau's third major point (should we trust the IPCC, Hansen, Gore, etc.) is an overwhelming NO. Once again, there are many books and websites consistent with this agenda-questioning view.

Is Gerondeau telling us to just go ahead and expend energy and not worry about tomorrow? Yes and no I think. Yes because the earth has an immense capacity to take care of itself, and the human race has an immense capacity to solve problems as they come up (with somewhat less predictive ability). And "no" because we will have to deal with finding new sources of energy in a hundred years. But we will adjust and adapt, not to forestall a disastrous climate consequence (unsolvable anyway, and fortunately, imaginary), but nicely tailored to solving real, sensible, economically realistic, and manageable problems with useful results for the near and far term.

Toward the end of the book we find an optimistic and sensible look at alternative energies, and adaptations to any possible climate changes. For example, he reminds us that corn ethanol is a foolish net energy loss (not to mention and destruction of food!) while other bio-fuels will eventually be developed and make sense. Overall, he nicely sets myths and trumped-up alarmist fears in the proper perspective, relative to real problems and realistic solutions.

I almost wish the author had begun his book with words like "now pay attention stupid!" and I am tempted to work in the word epiphany to my reaction to it. This book is translated from the French, so one wonders if the French was exceptionally clear and survived translation, or was it just the clarity of the issues in the author's mind that shines through. A relatively short and easy read. Essential.
I first read this book as an eBook and now wish to keep it as a reference for discussion on the vexed question of anthropogenic climate change. As a general rather than a specific climate scientist I am persuaded by the scientific evidence that Bob Taylor produces with its peer reviewed support. He has a momentous task in trying to turn around the world wide perception that human produced CO2 is dangerous. He also make the valuable point that we waste our resources combatting this threat when the naturally occurring variability of the climate poses a real threat in some areas. I enjoyed the book, it is lively, readable and intensely important. Instead of the invective he generates in the climate world he deserves credit for courage and initiative.
A fascinating and very important book. If you want to cut through all the hype of the global warming scam, this is a good place to start.
very coverage of the subject --- Kudos!
For the author to state "...harmless shifts in climate" is "laughable"! NO ONE KNOWS THAT... yet! Global climate change is an extremely complex, interdisciplinary, topic. Then they to go to ro state that no matter what the G8 does that the actions of China and India will nullify that. No, it still will be that much less pollution, etc. Plus, the author makes many definite statements that they just cannot make at this point in time. I gave it three stars becaus the book did make me think. I suggest the author study Paleoclimatology and they'll find out just how harmless climate change can be. The bottom line is that we are doing the world's biggest experiment witout any controls, that has never been done before on such a MASSIVE scale, and we don't have the slightest idea of what the outcome will be. Look at it this way. What is the worst that can happen if the climate change propronents are wrong? We create new technologies, create jobs, and we have a cleaner planet to live on (read stop polluting the air we breath, the water we need and the soil we love off of). You won't think an "intelligent" species would have to be told that. Ok, now what if the climate cange nay sayers are wrong. What's the worst that could happen? The potential "extinction" of the human race or even all life as we know it on this planet Well, that's a no braner. I vote in favor of climate change proponents and get us humans' act together...for our childrens, childrens, childrens sake.
I don't have the book yet, but I may get it. The previous reviewer asked if the author has done a service to humanity by arguing for doing nothing. The answer is an unequivocal yes. Wasting resources on imaginary problems takes those resources away from areas where they could be used productively.
How are we supposed to determine what the content of this book is when there is no way to look inside? Are the publishers afraid of what they have printed? If this book argues against the notion that an unprecedented rise in CO2 will not affect climate, we pray they are right! But what if they are wrong? Will they have helped the human race by making an argument to do nothing? Seems unlikely.
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